Saturday, December 26, 2009


This was taken about six months ago from the public landing down Haven Beach way.

Due to the 15-20 minutes necessary to upload each and every photo posted here, I have to stockpile photos. So, for example, on Saturdays when I'm doing a load of laundry and praying to win the lottery so I can pay someone else to do my work I'll press the button, walk away, and return later to an uploaded picture. Rinse, repeat. The end result is a stash of uploaded pictures completely unrelated to whatever I sit down to write about each night. It also results in pictures that might have been taken years months ago, like the one above.

Welcome to ADD and dial-up internet Life in Mathews, where random words accompany unrelated pictures.

These past several days have been too chaotic for words and it's nice to have a day to do nothing. Except wait for Middle Sister's arrival and the Chesapeake Bay Family Wii Challenge that will take place this evening.

The day I'm really looking forward to is tomorrow. That's when Big Hair Envy, Noe Noe Girl and Ghostless will be coming over for a visit. Here's my weather prediction: it will be sunny with a 100% chance of laughter.

What are your plans for the weekend?


Ann Marie said...

I am looking forward to what she said.... LOL

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Last one there is a rotten egg!

mom x 2 said...

I LOVE days when I have to do nothing but wait for family and good friends to arrive! They are the BEST!

Grandma J said...

Just when I thought I couldn't get any jealouser..ummm more jealous? Can't wait for the pictures!

big hair envy said...

Obviously, you already KNOW what I'm doing this weekend;)

Today we head to Mom's to finish up the Christmas celebrations. Then I plan to come home and crash!!

Country Girl said...

Today I'm heading back to NJ to see a movie with relatives, then go to dinner at an awesome restaurant where I hope to meet up with my youngest son. Tomorrow is up in the air.

Mental P Mama said...


kaffy said...

Maybe just maybe changing out of the pajamas I've been wearing for the past two days. Now that's a plan.

Daryl said...

I am with Grandma J except that I suspect we wont see pix posted much before BlogFest '10

I can make a suggestion you can ignore if you want .. but if you shoot at a lower resolution they will upload faster AND look good on your blog .. IF you were to want to print them you'd need to shoot at a higher resolution and get a faster computer

WVL depres .. what you do when you upload .. you depres da button