Friday, July 9, 2010

Four Thing Friday

Because CBW is ready to jump off the Coleman Bridge is on vacation/staycation this week preparing for next week's Blog Fest, she completely forgot about feeding her children Three Thing Thursday.

Therefore, I hereby declare today Four Thing Friday, where I share four things and you share four things. Whatever you want. Anything at all.

Let's go

1. The photo above is from the public landing down below the court house. I've always liked this sign post, it's so weathered and worn. I identify completely with weathered and worn.

2.Since I've been off the paying job this week and the kids are out of school, I've been sleeping until nine every day and don't know how in the world I'll get up at 5:30 on Monday.

3. Cornhole. There, I said it.

There's a "new" fad goin' around the county/local area but because I live under a rock I had not heard of it and it's a game called cornhole. Yes. Cornhole.

Do you know how badly CBW wants to share with you the myriad of words that come to mind when she says the word "cornhole?" Really, is there a person on the planet who doesn't crack up at the word "cornhole"?

We will be playing cornhole at Blog Fest. It's OK, it's a perfectly tame game. Please visit Ann Marie's blog post about her July 4 weekend to see a photo of her cornhole equipment that she hand-painted.

I could have a field day with that last paragraph sentence but won't since I try to keep this PG-13. But just so you know, I could really have a field day.

4. A tentative, probable, flexible, but mainly tentative and flexible (emphasis on tentative) schedule for Blog Fest is now on the website. More info will be shared as soon as I can stop thinking about the word cornhole possible.

Tentatively speaking.

Now it's your turn.

Please share four things or more things. Whatever you want, anything at all, but let's laugh nervously and pretend we never for one instant thought cornhole might be anything other than an innocent bean bag game.

Tentatively speaking.

Cornhole Tournament
Sandpiper Reef Restaurant

Hallieford, VA
June 2010


TSannie said...

I simply cannot get past the word ~cornhole~...

OK, I can - only to add CAN'T WAIT till next Thursday!

foolery said...

2. I may be addicted to "Intervention." But I can quit any time.
3. If you drop a beanbag in the cornhole, does that make you a winner or a loser?
4. "Shuddup, Beavis"

Mrs F with 4 said...

1. Conrhole? CORNHOLE? Snigger.
2. More sheep sheaaring today.
3. I may never stand fully upright again.
4. I have met a meaner goose than Gustav, and bear the scars to prove it.

Mathews Mark said...

1.Downheur in mafuse We play deliervance mussic when we play CORNHOLE!
2. For those of you that don't speak BUBBA, interpretation, down here in Mathews we play the Music from Deliverance when playing Cornhole.
3. If you drop the bag on the board it is called a WOODY!
4. Cornhole was invented, for safety reasons, after several trips to the emergence room," the slightly intoxicated horse shoe players" with broke jaws and feet and stitches in there head said there has to be a better way, instead of hitting each other with horse shoe's, they drank a few more beers and came up with bags full of corn you throw in a hole.I mean come on people how wrong can a bunch of intoxicated horse players be? I think we should ask them to solve some more of the worlds problems, they can't do any worse!
5.Youall hav fen at bluggerfist i's got ah dete with a fishin pole.(I love bubba talk!!!)MM

Mathews Mark said...

I just have a felling that my buddy Daryl is going to have a field day with this one!!!MM

Ann Marie said...

1. MM left out the fact that cornhole was invented by a bunch of softballers...


3. I have girl boards.. i adore my girl boards.

4. If you land a BEAN bag in a Hole you are playing Bean Hole not Corn HOle.. just saying.

5. I am ready for next weekend..

Daryl said...

Bud's got some form going there ... looks like he's going to pitch a home run .. oh .. a cornhole run ...

What is that noise .. is it that one of those horns from the soccer games?

I didnt know Mrs F met Gustav ...

And what is that noise?

Oh hey MM . had no idea you were a banjo music lover

Jamie said...

1. For the rest of the day I will be saying "I am Cornholio I need TP for my bunghole.." thanks so much. Like I wasn't juvenile enough already.

2. After the past week, I could use a game where I throw objects at a cornhole.

3. To compensate for a crappy week, I bought an iPod touch. It will be delivered today if my teenage daughter is awake enough to hear the UPS guy knock on the door.

4. I have "Dueling Banjos" on a CD somewhere, I will make sure I bring it.

Mental P Mama said...

Cornhole. sigh CANNOT WAIT!!!!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

1. My camper is ready.
2. EZ up and Shrimp cooker packed.
3. I cant wait till Thursday.
4. I'm shutting my cornhole now.
ps MM is a sissy if he does not show for blogfest!

Caution Flag said...

1. Aha! I blogged about corn hole today, too.
2. Growing up stinketh and getting up at 5:30 stinketh more
3. NEXT YEAR I will be at Blogfest.
4. That gives me a year to get in shape and hone my corn hole skills

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Mathews Mark WILL be at BLog Fest!

CF-Are you sure you can't load up the camper and head east this week? There's plenty of space for a camper out in the yard and we'd love to have you.

Breezeway said...

1. I stink at cornhole because I'm good at horse shoes! Makes sense? Not really, but I can't seem to throw the bags more gently than I throw shoes. Oh well!

2. Thank God for Ann Marie (and who hasn't said THAT once or twice!) and her FB page. I would have forgotten all about blogfest because my life has been hell lately and I haven't gotten on here to brighten my day!

3.Heading to Gwynn's Island this weekend, just to see if it always does.

4. REALLY looking forward to attending at least some portion of blogfest. No softball games next weekend, so it's looking good :)

WV -Mictalia - Think that might be the Mathews version of Metallica...what do you think MM?

deborah said...

From my phone
Ill be there (next year)
Ill be there (next year)
Sing along now
Ill be there (next year)

Played cornhole for the first time yesterday. Redneck it!
Banjo with a little mandolin thrown in perfect music for cornhole.

Country Girl said...

1. I don't want any woody's.
2. I'm wondering what a King and Queen tour is exactly?
3. I'm realizing I don't care. Just to be there with you will be enough.
4. I'm realizing that sounds a little gay.

Ellen said...

1. I really dislike going to the eye doctor and getting my pupils dilated.
2. I can't come to Blog Fest and play the corn hole game - boo hoo.
3. Love having Nurse Nancy and Junior Birdman visiting - TSannie and MPM know them!
4. Don't know what I would have done without the pool this past week - can you say HOT!

Looking forward to Blog Fest reports.