Monday, July 12, 2010

Incomplete Sentences

A photo of Beelzebub Gustav. Stressful.

A photo of a Mathews water scene. Peaceful.

A photo of my neighbor's dock. Relaxing.

Having to return back to work today after being off for over a week. Stressful.

Cutting hand while assembling a cheap margarita machine purchased for the Blog Festivities. Painful.

And now over to you. What incomplete sentence best describes how you feel right now? Complete sentences are perfectly acceptable too, if you're able to string one together.

p.s. I am excited to report that over the weekend two more people signed up for Blog Fest. If any of you out there are still contemplating attending, please do join us. E-mail me at so I can send you directions and details, including tips on how to avoid attacks from a killer goose known as Gustav. Heavy artillery is involved.


Aspiring Carrie said...

Riding my stationery bike to nowhere. Redundant.

Ann Marie said...

Having to work for four days this week. Frustrating.

Thinking of this weekend. Excited.

Thinking about what the children will do all weekend. Worry

Country Girl said...

Reading AC's statement here. Hilarious.

(sorry about your hand!)

Mathews Mark said...

1. goose training classes $25.00
2. goose prozac $50.00
3. shotgun rental $10.00
4. goose bodyguard (with happy ending) $75.00 (see big guy in black shirt)
5. dealing with Momma CBW,

after messing with her goose, YOUR OWN YOUR OWN!!!!
6. MARGARITAS with blood $4.00
7. Margaritas with out blood $3.00
8. Margaritas with happy ending's (a good story ok get your mind out of the gutter)FREE see the big guy in black shirt.
9. good weather no problem (HEAR ME LORD A LITTLE HELP HERE)
10. LAUGHTER, PICTURES, LIES (I mean good story's) GOOD LOCAL FOOD, FRIENDLY PEOPLE NO CHARGE!!! happy ending's are up to you!! (get your mind back out of the gutter agian!!!) maybe its my mind thats warped. oh well its monday I'm allowed. MM

Jamie said...

MM you make me laugh, can't wait for the weekend!

Anonymous said...

MM has got his funny on today.


Mental P Mama said...

Shopping for tequila and cider. Hiccup.

Karen Deborah said...

hitchinking to blogfest--too hot--

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

Happy Ending Margaritas? Promising!

Returning to work after a week of partying at Dewey Beach? Um. Yuck.

Anticipating a road trip on Thursday? YEZZZ!

~Ashley~ said...

I would love to attend blogfest however, I already had previous engagements that were planned months ago. I'm sorry. Can't wait to hear about it though!

Daryl said...

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, BlogFest!!!!!!!!!!

VW: busica .. bus is came (Channeled MM for that)

Mathews Mark said...

UPDATE: Mrs Pookie and Mr.Pookie oops Winfred the MASTER story teller (just don't let him try and sell you something) will attend thursdays cookout and we have visitation rights to 3 of her home place's (one CBW has not been in)on friday so bring some film.MM

Ann Marie said...

Update from Update of MM..
I think Hounddog will be present for Thursday's events.. we need to ensure CBMom's shoulder stays safe. He still has those killer blue eyes.

MM has just dated himself... FILM???? who does that anymore???

Diane said...

Packing must occur when? Working too much before flight. Excited to see my blisters again. Must find plane ticket somewhere in my email.

Mathews Mark said...

Its not nice to mess with father nature or is that father time in my case

Ann Marie said...

awww you will be ok MM you can take it.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Have Corona and lime
(and camper)...will travel.
Is it Thursday yet??

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

Coronas, limes, tortilla chips & salsa, box of wine, bathing suit, muu muu cover-up, submit time worked and expense report and set my out of office email and... oh, wait, sorry, are these the comments? I was writing my pre-blogfest packing and to-do list.

foolery said...

Pick a sentence, any sentence, and end it with STRESSFUL.

Mrs F with 4 said...

I cannot shear any more sheep, nor repair any more drysrone walls. Not even MM's legendary, dare I say, infamous, margaritas can revive me. Nay, not EVEN served with a side of crispy goose. Also, one perfectly healthy-looking lamb glared at me this morning, then laid down and died.

My goose is metaphorically cooked. Unlike Gustav's. I'm sure he's going to miss me this weekend. Sigh.

Mrs F with 4 said...

Also? those would in fact be drystone walls, not drysrone....

wv..horadyle... how I'm feeling right now.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Mathews Mark, thank goodness you are here to tend to things, and I personally cannot wait for the margarita with the happy ending.

Pookie and Mr. Pookie are coming? Awesome! Thank you so much - be sure to ask the old guys if they want to come Thursday or any other part, and don't forget Junior Mathews Mark and any other family members/friends. They're all welcome to join us Thursday or any other part of the festivities. Hopefully I'll get to Sandpiper Wednesday for the FREE TACOS at happy hour.

and Ann Marie, HOUNDDOG will be in attendance? This is going to be the best night of my life.

Mrs. F., although it's at your expense, I am laughing and laughing at your comments. At this crucial stage of the game, getting me to laugh is nigh on impossible. Thank you!

To everyone - thank you for commenting. Posts and my visits here will be slimmer than usual (hold down the applause) due to the paying job and a small party I'm throwing this weekend.

I am leaving Mathews Mark in charge of the comments until further notice, but rest assured I will be checking and do love to read them.

Have a great evening.

deborah said...

duck duck goose. fowl

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