Sunday, July 4, 2010

Silent Sunday

Have a fantastic Sunday.
Happy July 4th.

Yes, I'm being lazy today and plan to stay that way all day long.

p.s. This was taken from Milford Haven near the Sea Breeze on a recent gorgeous evening.


Anonymous said...

Happy 4th of July!

Retired Postcard Cindy

PS...Took my first nap today, as a retired person should I think. Good thing as the party going on next door seems it will keep me awake far later than I am used to. Hey, it's ok I am now retired.

foolery said...

Spent part of the morning on Google Earth, at the request of the Foolery kids, "traveling" up Rte. 198 toward Gwynn Island. When they finally get there they'll totally have deja va.

Oh crap, I forgot to make the ice cream. Happy Independence Day CBFamily!

Mathews Mark said...

Ah, Lazy days, Imagine you are waken by the soft sounds and delightful breath of your bed mate. You cloths are all laid out and pressed. you then take a perfect shower,you look in the mirror and wonder who is that gorgeous person. You walk into the kitchen and the smell of flap jacks, bacon and fresh coffee,is over powering. Your kids have been up for hours and have clean there rooms and the whole house, they have breakfast ready for you with the internet turned on to MM's new blog.Imagine you walk outside to find the yard fairies have cut your grass and pulled your weeds. You jump in your boat to go fishing, there is a cooler full of goodies ready and waiting. The motor starts the first time you hit the key. You get to your fishing hole there is no one around except the occasional sailboat full of naked collage kids that pass by every 20 minutes or so .Your bait jumps on your hook, your fish fall off your hook right into the cooler. You are getting a great suntan but the cool breeze does not let you sweat. You head back in to find a chilled bottle of Kendal Jackson waiting for you and rose pedals leading into the bedroom ! Now imagine your sleeping! WAKE YOUR BUTT UP TO THE REAL WORLD AND FIX ME SOME BREAKFAST. and brush your teeth while your at it. LOL everyone have a great 4th. MM

Daryl said...

MM is still clearly possessed... but in such a nice way.. I have been up for hours wasting, spending time visiting friends on line all of whom seem to have gone away .. oh well... see you in oh about 11 days depending on who is counting

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Mathews Mark: Will you marry me? Although I did swear off marriage approximately three years ago...WAKE UP!! QUICK! You're having a nightmare!

OK, now that you're awake, very nicely done, Mr. Mathews Mark. You keep that up and you'll have ladies lined up for miles waiting to take you out. I do think there's something in your coffee, and I need to know what it is...

Happy 4th to y'all.

deborah said...

MM, you are amazing! Will you marry CBW? and be her grass fairy? and will you send me a gallon of the stuff you're drinking? Really a 55 gallon drum of the stuff would be better.

My grandmother's birthday was July 4, 1899. I miss her.

Happy Birthday!

Karen Deborah said...

wowzas with an imagination like MM has got maybe CBW better snatch him up quick that's pretty good stuff. So what's he drinkin anyway? Can ya'll bottle that stuff?

Anonymous said...

Mr. MM
Did,you know that calls
1-Handyman 2-Flowerman 3-Maid