Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Glimpses Into the Past

This week's Gazette Journal had a couple of entertaining entries in the Glimpses Into the Past section, which is always my favorite aside from the Best Value and Food Lion weekly flyers.

Here are some highlights:

Snow crab clusters are on sale for $4.99 per pound at Food Lion! This is cheaper than deli ham. Without MVP Card $6.99.

100 Years Ago
Thursday, July 7,1910
from the Mathews Journal
"The Rev. J.A. Winn of the East Mathews Methodist charge is not only a worker in in the 'Master's Vineyard,' he seems also to be a very good truck gardener. On the first day of July he was seen gathering his first dish of roasting corn ears, which puts him ahead of the majority of his neighbors."

Around here you cannot underestimate the competitive spirit of neighborhood corn growing, not to be confused with cornholing, which is practically an Olympic sport.

80 Years Ago
Thursday, July 3, 1930
from the Mathews Journal
"Lightning struck the home of Mr. W. L. Diggs near Diggs post office early this morning during a severe electrical storm and did considerable damage to the home. Paint was burned from the iron rails of the bed in which Mr. Diggs was sleeping as if by a blowtorch. Lightning played about his room but beyond being slightly dazed he was unhurt."

Doesn't it just ruin your day when lightning plays about in your room? The last time it played in mine, my internet was down for five days.

1 Day Ago
Monday, July 12, 2010
from the Mouth of CBW upon arriving home from a long, long day at the paying job

"Why is there a carrot in the bottom of the dishwasher, and even more importantly, why is it floating in an inch of standing water when I haven't even used the dishwasher in a month lately?

Oh well, I suppose it matches the one inch of standing water in the broken down hot tub, which sadly will not be working for Blog Fest. I can buy some baby pools if that would help assuage the disappointment.

Food Lion also has bags of shrimp on sale, buy one get one free. You can't beat the price. Not with a stick.

The Gazette Journal is such a treat; there are nuggets of information all throughout. If only I had time to share some of the other highlights, which include the fact that an independent filmmaker has moved to town....can you say Blog Fest movie?

Have you read anything interesting in your paper lately?


Ann Marie said...

Three Weeks ago the Canned Turtle made an appearance in the Gazette..
One Week ago he made another appearance..

As much as he does not like his picture taken he LOVES being in the paper apparently.. he has been in there no less than 2453243254 times in his life.

I have only been in there once.. we won't talk about that.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

I'd like a pink pool if you can find one. (to match my suit)
And you are right...you can't beat the Food Kitty shrimp!

Daryl said...

Apparently Hef wants Playboy back ...

And my WV is galomix .. apropos to my MY Times headline .. I lie, it wasnt a headline ...

Trisha said...

Sadly, our paper is too "big city" to post such interesting tidbits. However, I did learn about a jazz violinist - Regina Carter - she is awesome!

deborah said...

We have a local paper that publishes whenever they can get their stuff together and get it printed,usually at least 6 weeks after the events promoted have happened. It always has news from 100 years ago, the only interesting stuff in that 4 page paper. Big town here:)
I digress...can you pick me a few bags of that shrimp? You can't beat that deal with a stick!

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

Have you alerted the media of this weekend's festivities? This is the kind of stuff that makes news in a small town newspaper!

I love my hometown weekly - I still subscribe, even though by the time it arrives in my mailbox, it doesn't contain anything that could really be called "news." It's all ads for church suppers and firemen's carnivals and card showers for old people's birthdays...

Mathews Mark said...

SWF looking for rugged 45-55 year old country boy OOP's wrong paper.MM

foolery said...

One of our local papers (tri-county area, they all overlap) has gotten a 3-year-old explosion death reopened as a possible murder investigation. The deceased in question was a relative of my best friend, who says that the newspaper editor is positively crackers. This is big news in our area, avoidable only with copious quantities of wine and by not subscribing.

Independent filmmaker, did you say? Think he needs a wild-eyed casting director?

big hair envy said...

I enjoy reading our local papers. My uncle used to call the "Tidewater Review", "The Weekly Wiper", for obvious reasons!

I am always anxious to receive the weekly specials from Food Lion. Don't hate me because I'm glamorous like that!!

Mathews Mark said...

Headline of the past: 40 years ago the local party liners (todays blogers ) met at tin can alley for there annual party line get together. They discussed what each person heard while ease dropping on the local party lines (remember them). Some of the more notable stand out where, Otis don't notice, Big Moma, Will Fat,Boozo, John Eger, and Scrooch. Just to name a few. Entertainment include, crab races, crab steaming,crab picking, crab eating and crabbing. Main discussion was about the 3 people on Gwynns Island who had purchased private phone lines. This was very upsetting to the crowd because the line of information (gossip) would be breaking down ! Meeting ended when the tide came in.
were do I come up with this stuff? Hey it could be true? MM