Tuesday, July 6, 2010


This past weekend I went to a baseball game in Deltaville, which is the sailing capital of the world. Maybe.

Or probably maybe I just made that up. But in other news, can you believe the irony of a glorious wooden boat--in the middle of a field--still sporting her blue and red colors, with an old tire leaning in a most unusual appropriate location? Can you believe that I took about 25 shots of this boat and had all sorts of plans for her, including converting her to a quirky spot for eccentric types folks to sit for some nachos and beer?

Do people even eat nachos any more? If so, would they do so on the stern of a boat parked on land?

Deltaville boasts boatloads of boats, numerous world-class marinas and one wonderful baseball stadium made of crab pot wire and wood.

I've come to a conclusion here lately about houses, boats and baseball stadiums: the best ones are made of wood.

The other night, I had the privilege of going out on a work boat, a very special one that has lots of meaning for last year's Blog Fest attendees...

...who will recognize the captain.

Work boats, for the unfamiliar, are solid wood, complete with incredible sounds and smells that can never, ever, be experienced on a fiberglass boat.

My eternal thanks to Ms. Ann Marie and The Captain for this excellent excursion and the opportunity to experience the sights and smells of a way of life that, like the old wooden farmhouses and baseball stadiums, is goin' away from here.

p.s. I'm having problems with the Comment Section today. Comments are being made and I see them in my e-mail inbox, however they aren't posting to the blog. Thank you for commenting even if they seem to be evaporating - I can read them and do appreciate them.


Anonymous said...

don't forget PINOCCHIO!

TSannie said...

I can't WAIT to be back!

WV is fecib...it's late, I'm tired, and all my creativity, if there ever was any in the first place, is gone!

foolery said...

Pretty sure that top boat was The Minnow.

Little buddy.

Country Girl said...

I wrote about our captain here:

(i am getting excited)

Not about the captain. or the wood (i have a dirty mind). but you know!

Ann Marie said...

you are very very welcome!!!!
We all enjoyed it.. would not have been the same with out you there.

Ann Marie said...

my comment was eaten by Gustav!!!
Anyway I said you are very welcome and it would not have been the same without you guys there.. and ANY time you are up for a little cruise around the greater New Point Area you let me know I will hook you up with a stinky.. I mean a wooden boat ride.

WV Ovenesqu.... a new cleaner we will use on the oven after we squer Gustav...

Jamie said...

Deltaville was once hailed as the Boat Building Capital of the Chesapeake so said the sign there at the entrance of Jackson Farm Lane (where the Deltaville Assoc. building is located). But they took down that sign a few years ago.

Karen Deborah said...

I would eat nachos any where!

Caution Flag said...

I can never believe how many boats end their days sitting in the middle of a field. It's always sad.

Go on now, and convert that boat. I'll come eat nachos on it when you're done and are sure all the snakes and other things are gone from it.

Ann Marie said...

CGK... you can get excited about the captain if you like... he won't mind but your hubby may :)

Daryl said...

The comment thing is everywhere .. its Blogger's version of ... getting too close to Plumpkin ...

anyway ..

Yes, people do eat nachos and a boat parked on land would be a great place to eat them

LOVE the Sharon H and Re and The Captain!

Mental P Mama said...

I cannot wait!!!!

Diane said...

I totally remember that boat! And that water.... and that captain!

And Binky, who wanted nothing to do with me.

I can't wait to see everyone again and make new memories!

WV- dusip. Phonetically, it would be used in a sentence such as dusip on a cider while floating in Bud's Bay!

deborah said...

Oh my! What a boat! Convert that into a little bed/breakfast and it would be rented the year 'round.
Darn, I'm hating that I won't get to come to your Blogfeast, oops, Blogfest. I would eat nachos and drink beer in front of Gustav, even..

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

I am soooo excited! Can we tour that boat site this year?