Thursday, July 22, 2010

Three Things

Welcome to Three Thing Thursday, where I share three things and you share three things.

Today my three things are about this man, Mr. Henry.

1. Mr. Henry is good looking, isn't he? used to hang out with Chesapeake Bay Father "back in the day." This I discovered when he came over to help set up a camper for Blog Fest. The twinkle and the glimmer in both men's eyes told me there are many, many years' worth of blog stories about the hijinx and frivolity of their youth, just waiting to be told.

2. Back when I was playing county league softball during the summers of my high school and college years, I remember Mr. Henry being one incredible player. Summer league softball was the equivalent of major league baseball in Mathews at the time; people lived and breathed it. You've never seen a more competitive spirit. I lived at the ball park and would often stay to watch my new crush Mr. Henry the men's games. Seeing Mr. Henry on the ball field is not something you easily forget.

3a. Mr. Henry and his daughter Ann Marie are kin to the man who built the New Point Comfort lighthouse. He would be a wealth of information on his ancestors, but don't ask him to remember details about the Chesapeake Bay Family.

You see, at Blog Fest, he was absolutely convinced that there were four girls in my family. He listed them all out: CBW, Chesapeake Bay Middle Sister, Baby Sis and Jill. The only thing is there isn't a Jill. But it doesn't end there, because not only does this nonexistent sister have a name, but she's left-handed! He knows because he watched her play ball.

Well, this whole Jill thing has taken on a life of its own. My Blog Fest name tag said "Jill's Sister." Then I started blaming Jill for everything that went wrong in any given day. It's really kind of fun and very therapeutic. It also sort of takes some pressure off Gustav. Someone even created a Blogger account so she can comment.

3b. The last day of Blog Fest was Ann Marie's birthday. Her father came over and handed her a card. She let me read it.

Mr. Henry is a very thoughtful, loving father.

And isn't he good looking? photogenic?

Now it's your turn to share three things--whatever you want. Anything at all.


Anonymous said...

but we did have a left-handed Jill on our ball team! remember baby sis? She just wasn't your sister, but she did exist!

She's the reason I was happy when my son first exhibited his left-handedness. I thought, "cool, he'll be tough to guard"


Ann Marie said...

1. Left handed Jill has nothing to do with the Left Handed Jill that AMN discussed. I thought the same thing and did something questioning and was told nope.. there was a VOGEL Jill that Jill was kin to a Hammock.

2 That dude is not only my daddy he is my best friend.. always has been always will be.

3. He is extremely photogenic and handsome and all that other stuff... He got Levis and I got LevAs some off name brand from dollar general.

4. When we were first introduced to Jill I don't think that we realized how useful she could be to us. It didn't take long to figure it out. It is similar to when a guy farts in the room and then tries to blame the dog! Jill is the dog.

5. I think we have a love hate relationship with Jill but we both LOVE LOVE LOVE MY DADDY.. like me loving the CBrents. remember how half the kids when they were little wanted to be a Brady Bunch kid.. not me I wanted to be a Vogel!

6. I really can't count but I love you for this post! There is just so much I can say about this man and the things he has caused in my life! He is beyond the most wonderfulest!

Jill said...

Are you KIDDING ME???? What do you MEAN I AM NOT REAL... I AM VERY VERY VERY REAL and you should be very very very afraid. I will teach you a think or two if you let me!

Jamie said...

1. Headed back to the Tidewater on the 31st for the family vacation...

1b. I wish all the Blisters were heading down too

2. I miss playing softball

3. I wish I had an imaginary relative I could blame thing on. I would name her Daisy (I wanted to name my sister Daisy when she was born after the character on Dukes of Hazard, my parents didn't go for it)

Ann Marie said...

oh man.. Jill is posting again!!!!
How did she get out of the closet.. sigh

Mrs F with 4 said...

1. I really, REALLY miss my Dad. He died nine years ago, exactly two weeks before my eldest child was born. He was 51.

2. On to more positive things.... there are precisely FOUR days left until Day Camp starts for 3/4 of the children. Run by the church ... to which I seldom go, but should.... it costs (wait for it) $25 per child. PER WEEK. But here's the thing.... the cost is capped at $60 per family per week. Hm. This was a hard decision. Not.

3. Just in case you were wondering, it's just regular Anglican, not some bizarre steal-your-children-and-brainwash-them sect.

3a. Although a little brainwashing of the POLITENESS and NOT BICKERING kind would be quite welcome.

3c. I am quite envious of your large families.... I have one mother, one stepfather.... one ancient great-aunt and a few distant and bizarre cousins. That's it.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

AMN-When I talked to him that last day of Blog Fest, he did say something about the other left-handed Jill, and I thought he said maybe he had confused them, but he felt very strongly that there was a Jill who was a sister in this family. And now, there sort of is!

AM-I wore clothes from Dollar General too and was quite bitter about it. Some of my pants were plaid polyester.

Jill - What are you doing playing on the internet when there are chores to be done? I'll do the laundry and clean the house. YOu can feed the cats and Gustav. Gustav likes it when you get in the pen with him and hand feed him. Good luck!

Jamie-Would love to see you while you're here. Let me know if you want to get together at some point. But if we do anything on the water you must promise to bring the rubber ducky.

AM-Gustav will fix her.

Mrs. F. - Is it too late to register for that Day Camp?

Linda said...

Am I the only one that thinks he looks like Paul Newman? *sigh*

Diane said...

1. It's 59 degrees. We're having some freak July weather that will probably cause locusts in the fall and monsoon/blizzards in the winter. If my luck holds out, perhaps next spring we will break 60 degrees. That ought to cause some mad rattlesnake egg hatching bonanza.
2. Do I sound bitter and resentful? Perhaps if I hadn't just had a 95 degree sauna to wallow in???

3. Ann Marie's daddy is one handsome gentleman. He sounds like a swell guy too!

3b. I miss all y'all so very much! Anyone that would like to visit points west is welcome.
Except Gustov.
And Jill.

These Nine Acres said...

1. I am so confused about this Jill chick.

2. I am eating breakfast while I read this.

3. Mathews has the best (and most photogenic) bunch of people on earth.

How did I do?

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

1.Smooches to Mr Henry!
2.Love his eyes!
3.Re is a lucky lady!

Phyl said...

1. Um, why are all these ladies kissing all over my Daddy?

2. I know he loved every second of it.

3. I wish I was there to kiss all over him too.

4. Jill . . . I think she might have been responsible for alot of things that happened 'round town.

Trisha said...

1. If you walk to a swimming pool you should spend more time in the water than what it takes to do two laps!

2. Blueberry scones are super for breakfast.

3. So is cold pizza!

Daryl said...

I love Ann Marie

I didnt get to meet her daddy and I am sad about that .. if I had, I would have said he raised a fine woman

I think I need a Jill ...

Missing you .. and Jill ...

mom x 2 said...

1. I think I need a Jill. I sure would make things easier to explain.... NOT.

2. I've started blogging again. Lots to talk about and it will take me forever to catch up.

3. I'm sorry I missed so much of blogfest, I sure would like to have met Mr. Henry.

Breezeway said...

Linda - right there with you on the Paul Newman thing...must be the eyes!

I am so sad that I was in a complete fog during Thursday night's festivities! Missed my chance to really TALK to most of you. Back and forth to Cooperstown,NY from Gloucester in a 72 hr window really did me in.

But glad to be able to put at least SOME faces with "names"! Ya'll are a hoot!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like your sister Jill just might be the girl of my dreams....everything I've ever imagined a woman could be.

Is there any way you'd consider introducing me to her?

....hmmmm, I wonder if she is as charming, witty and pretty as all the other CBW women?


Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

1. 59 degrees, Diane? Try 99 in DC, between now and Sunday, every day. Ugh.

2. It's easy to see why anyone would be smitten with Re's daddy. Have mercy!

3. Let's make sure Jill Vogel gets invited to the next Blogfest. I've heard she's cheeky!

foolery said...

1. I met Mr. Henry and Miss Pookie but didn't spend any time with them. I'm sorry for that, but they had their plates full with loved ones and that's totally how it should be. Re, you have a great family, from what I've seen. : )

2. Drinking my coffee black due to bad planning. I can handle it, but I sure miss my leche.

3. Melanie the unaccounted-for (almost) pet outside cat (who has been spayed and had her shots so she's an investment) SHOWED UP this morning! We thought she was a goner since we lost three other cats this vacation. We are all relieved. So is Melanie.

Mrs F with 4 said...

CBW -No, not too late to register at all!

And, is 'Jill' supposed to feed Gustav BY hand, or A hand?

And one more thing... did MM meet his dream woman at blogfest?

Jamie said...

CBW would love to get together for whatever. I will have the whole fam damily with me (well 2 kids and my mom, maybe my sister Daisy I mean Carrie and possibly my dad) not that any of them have to join us... I will ask Ethan if I can use his rubber ducky, he was not happy I used it last weekend

big hair envy said...

I still haven't seen a photo of Jamie and her rubber duckie:(

Re's Daddy knows my sister! That means we're practically related!!

I miss you guys:/

WV: demins I believe it's reffering to Gustav.

deborah said...

1. Everyone in Mathews is gorgeous!

2. Jill called and said she was going to come and visit me for a spell.

3. Re's daddy is very handsome!

4. Did anyone see the 'plus-size' model on the Today Show? She wears a SIZE 10! I've been in a fit about that all day (my family is happy it isn't one of them..) Mercy..

Country Girl said...

1. Lawsy mercy on Re's dad. Whoa, Nelly.
2. I sound like a hick.
3. Wish me luck on this next road trip.

nativedevil said...

I played catcher on the St. Paul UMC church team with Henry for several years. Sometimes in practice, he would do some fast-pitches. What an arm, what control, plus a great attitude and competitive, a winner who did not talk alot, let his play do the talking. he was also a great neighbor, and a real Godsend to my parents in their later years.

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

Just posted a rubber ducky shot in my Facebook Blogfest photo album...

Anonymous said...

Interesting post! I agree he is very photogenic

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