Saturday, August 7, 2010








A Royal Pain:

The End.

p.s. What word best describes how you're feeling today? And what one word would you use to describe a killer goose? I can't seem to designate just one word, it must be an entire string.


Gustav said...


Kate said...

Nostalgic. It's how I feel everytime I hear about the rainstorms back home. And when I see your pictures that just exude that Mathews charm!

Anonymous said...


Country Girl said...

Excited is my word for the day. I will be attending my twin brothers' 50th surprise b-day party in NJ and my family is flying in. I cannot wait to see my sisters and brothers, my nieces and nephews, and most of all -- my sons. I'll be taking photos all day and hopefully will have some good ones to make a photobook for my brothers.

The Gustav word: Enraged.

PS -- Luv this post. I enjoyed the different weather moods and of course, the beautiful location.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Gustav-An excellent choice, one we can both agree on.

Kate-This time of year there is always a chance of a storm or shower towards evening, but they're usually brief. Glad I can provide you a glimpse into this little world, it's a wonderful one.

funk-a-rea- That is a beautiful song. There was actually a time when I spoke Portuguese (rather, I studied it for four years, and then promptly forgot everything I learned). Thank you for sharing it.

CG-Have a wonderful time and enjoy your family.

Hope everyone has a relaxing Saturday. I will be celebrating the survival of the teenager party here last night.

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

Frankly, today I'm Melancholy. For a number of reasons not to be gone into here. Blech.

Daryl said...


I cant settle for one word when 20 or 100 will do as well .. LOL ..

I am soon off to beautify™ I am hoping (hence the hopeful) the local hair place can replicate the BIG salon style .. who am I kidding I know its gonna be straight again ..

Gustav ... he also defies a single descriptor .. Cantankerous

What you didnt tell everyone was those photos were all taken in an hour ..

WV aparin ... we are aparin this down to one word

deborah said...

Gustav: scary
Me: bleeech...going out to watch for colorfully spandex-clad bikers. My exercise for the day:)

Smedley said...

Smedley says:

Gustav's description: BUTTCHOMPER

How I'm feeling today:
(the sweating kind)

Hallieford Jim said...

I went over to CBMom's place and Gustaf honked but kept his distance

Anonymous said...

i like raging ... and out of control... just sayin