Thursday, August 12, 2010

Three Things

Welcome to Thursday where I share three things however random and you share three things, the more random the better.

Let's begin.

1. Saturday evening there is a crab steam at the Ruritan Club. Senator Ralph Northam, my favorite state leader, will be there, and so will a person wearing a crab hat. Guess which one people are coming to see?

Come on out and have a grand time with crazy people wearing crab hats good friends and good food. I promise none of the crabs being steamed are fiddler crabs.

2. Today I made a list of all the things troubling me. The list was absolutely overwhelming.

3. The photo above is in my top ten favorites. Obviously it represents Everything Mathews with the skiff, the marsh grass, the dock and the water, but it also represents how I feel most some days: tethered tightly to a dock even though the tide is way out and there's no danger of drifting away--or at all for that matter. An uncomplicated boat meant to venture calmly and freely on the waters is unnecessarily bound by outside influences.

Or something.

And now, before we get too deep, it's your turn to share three things. Whatever you want, anything at all.


deborah said... need a break from your tether! Do share, it does help.

As usual, nothing interesting on this front, unless you want to know how miserably hot and humid it is, or how many inches of rain we got when the humidity reached 100 percent.

Anonymous said...

Just one!


BayBrowder said...

1. Don't worry about low time, the tide will rise and float your boat.
2. Pray for shelter animals.
3. Adopt or foster a shelter animal.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

deborah-Sorry to hear about all your humidity - it's here too along with the heat. Speaking of rain, as I write it's 4:30 in the morning and I'm awake due to a thunderstorm (and my son's impending cross country practice. Oh, and probably stress...).

f-a-r - You have excellent taste in music. Thanks for a very calming selection today, I appreciate it.

Baybrowder-You are so right about the tides. Thanks for your work with the shelter animals. It's a never ending job, isn't it, finding homes for them. If you'd like me to take pictures of any of them in particular and post here, I'm happy to do so.

Ann Marie said...

1. I have been MIA and I am sorry for that.. will you and the kids be around this evening?

2. I take drake to see his Dr at 4 in Richmond Therapy on the way back would be great.

3. I pass a Target that has the Middle Sister wines I will bring some..

4. My WV Protoc... new stronger version of Prozac maybe... whatever I need it

Country Girl said...

I'll share with you but it will be all about you.
1. This photo is one of my favorites. It's beautifully composed and it speaks volumes. You should have it printed. On canvas.
2. I love the way you have with words.
3. I bet if you made a list of everything you were thankful for, it would be bigger than your other list. At least, I hope it would.

I wish I lived closer to you. Sometimes I wish that my husband didn't need me so much and I could just go and not feel guilty about visiting friends. I would want to come to your house and help you cross things off that worrisome list.

deborah said...

I lay awake for hours regretting putting such a selfish comment here, when you need lots of moral support and help! I do wish I lived closer, I would drag my hubby along (he is a great chauffeur) and do what I could to help you. You are so artistic and so creative, wishing you had time just to concentrate on those things.
We are pulling for you, and if there is anything we can do, holler at us!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

AM-Am sending you an e-mail.

CG- You are too kind, and I truly appreciate your words.

Deborah - You're not allowed to worry about a comment on this silly, silly blog. You are anything but selfish, and I appreciate your humor and your words. If you lay awake worrying about that comment, I'd have to add that to the list of things *I'm* worried about, and that list overfloweth already.

OK, it's off to another rip roarin' day around here. Gotta get ready for another teenager gathering, this one is a birthday party.

Daryl said...

LOVE that photo IT would make an amazing card for any occasion

I had to read MPM's blog to find out what the BIG bright Statue of Liberty sign that said POP was about ...scary

And I wish VA was part of the TriState are .. we could swap it with NJ .. no one cares about NJ anyway ... and I bet it would fit, I mean putting VA in the NJ spot

WV: nosimm ... I think I nosimm, dont you?

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

I agree with Daryl, that's a greeting card or a framed print just waiting to happen.

Thing One: Wicked-bad thunderstorms in our county this morning. I ventured out in attempt to get over to the Metro station, but it was not meant to be. Retreated to home where there is actually electricity, to telecommute.

Thing two: Of course we don't have A/C here. The motor on the condenser appears to have siezed up. Repair guys coming later. Because i was wondering what to do with ALL THAT CASH just taking up space in my bank account.

Thing three: Have I mentioned that my 25th high school reunion is this weekend? Actually, it's only our fifth reunion, but it's a celebration of the 25 years since we moved the tassle and went our separate ways out into the world. Or something like that.

Trisha said...

1. BOTH of my classes for this semester might not "make" because there aren't enough people in them!

2. It is still HOT in Texas!

3. Diana Gabaldon is my favorite author of adult fiction.

nativedevil said...

1. The humidity really wipes me out anymore. Can't wait for Fall to get here.
2. Have to call and set-up repayments for my daughter's student loans.
3.My son and daughter are both bright young people who do well in school, have friends, seem well adjusted. But they are as different as day and night. They are a real blessing, and also a challenge at times.

Anonymous said...

1 - pick a weekend and come to see would be therapeutic.

2 - husband and boy are out of town for a few days. Enjoying the quiet....

3 - sometimes on my lunch break I go to the gym or take a tennis lesson. Today both dogs got a bath.

e-mail me when you can!

-Middle Sis (glad to hear you're enjoying my brand of

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

1. I like the picture.
2. Everyone has a list.
3. We need to get together soon.

Mental P Mama said...

1. I wish I could come over tonight and hang with you and Re.
2. Hugs.
3. Cornfield.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Thanks, y'all for commenting and for your kind words which mean so much.

Middle Sis - Good to hear from you. Yes, Ann Marie loves your brand of wine. I do too except it doesn't come in a box nor is it sold by the gallon jug, so I only get to have some when she brings it over. Hope you can make it up this way soon, don't know when I'll ever get to break away from here once fall hits.

foolery said...

Miss you. That is thing 1, 2, and 3. : )