Monday, August 9, 2010

Morning Has Broken

These are from Aaron's Beach on a recent summer morning.

Chesapeake Bay Son is trying out for the cross country team. His practices are usually when most people are just reaching the REM stage of sleep at the crack of dawn.

When/if I do not have to travel four thousand miles to the paying job, I drive him to practice and take advantage of the hour or so between drop off and pick up to photograph some of my favorite places in the early morning light.

While there isn't a whole lot of color in these particular shots because I am not a real photographer and tend to do things like point the camera directly into the sun while in Auto mode, there is something rather soothing about them.

In fact, there's something soothing about the water no matter how much the photographer refuses to use anything other than Auto mode no matter what, particularly first thing in the morning before anything's had the chance to mess with it yet.

I hope your Monday is as peaceful and serene as this Mathews County beach at sunrise.

p.s. I am sort of laughing as I write this Sunday night, because Mondays for me are about as peaceful and serene as a root canal without Novocain. What advice would you give to someone who wastes spends an entire Sunday dreading Monday?

Is there any way a person can make a decent living writing silly blog posts and taking photos in Auto mode?


Anonymous said...

Monday Groove!


foolery said...

If there were a way to do that and get paid for it, you would be at the top of the pay scale, my dear.

And just for you -- I swear, I included it BECAUSE of you -- there is a video on my site at the moment of me feeding hay in high heels. Plus some other crap. I hope you like it.

Don't let Monday get you down. Let early morning track practice -- YUCK -- get you down.

deborah said...

Gorgeous pictures! I'm in awe of the auto mode on your camera, ha!
About the paying job writing a blog, you can do it (I just don't know how). If anyone can, you can!
Wishing you a mellow Monday..

Mental P Mama said...

Beautiful. And, I have a question. Is it called tar nation because of all the roads we drive on taking our offspring to their various activities? I drive my kids all over tar nation....

wv: deatch Don't roll over in the deatch when you are driving all over tar nation.

Jamie said...

I miss the beach. I was at Aaron's Beach just this past Friday... it was gorgeous but a storm chased me back to Deltaville and work chased me back home. So this Monday really stinks. I begin my early morning tar nation driving next week for field hockey.

Trisha said...

Auto mode . . . never leave it. I like your pictures anyway!~

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

Sounds like you have your hands full... if CB Son is like his mama, he'll be quite the athlete! Whereas if my kids have any athletic ability at all, it comes from their dad, certainly not from me.

cats said...

Monday, Monday, can't trust that day! Every other day of the week is fine!!

Daryl said...

UGH .. I am not liking how short Sunday is ... seriously I believe there are some hours missing ..

WV acnkes ... the opposite of cankles are acnkes (its Monday after a very short Sunday)

Anonymous said...

Sorry you broke your morning. Hope it gets feeling better...:)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

f-a-r Love that song, thank you.

Foolery- Your movie is outstanding.

Deborah-Must have been your good wishes because today at work was fairly mellow, except when I told someone to take a number because I was too busy. (Two people standing outside my office, phones ringing off the hook, and I was the only one there and! the guy talks in slow motion and obviously has no work to do because he was telling me the **exact** same thing he'd told me last week--in super slow motion while my phohe is ringing off the hook--when I told him everything was taken care of, don't worry about it. I don't cope well with people who just don't get it. After that, though, everything did mellow out, including me. Thanks for letting me vent, I needed that.

MPM-I live in tarnation.

Jamie-You'll just have to come back again soon. Next time maybe we can go out on the boat and not choke on the smoke pouring from the overheating engine..

Trisha-Thank you. Glad to know I'm not the only one.

Meg-Perhaps, but you are very gifted and talented in other areas, such as singing, hooking up karaoke machines, piano playing, song writing, glass painting and a host of other mad skillz, so between you and Curt those kids are going to be extremely talented.


Daryl-The Sundays keep getting shorter and shorter. Saturdays too.

SMBS-I can always count on you for, what is it....oh yes, a smile. You're a musician, so I know I don't have to explain the title, although quite honestly most Monday mornings do feel very broken. Tuesdays and Wednesdays too. Things start improving the closer we get to the weekend. Anyway, thanks for the smile.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

If you get the answers to these quustions please pass them on to me becaue I do the same thing EVERY Sunday! Only 14 and a half more months at the most. I cannot believe how much I am looking forward to retirement!