Thursday, August 19, 2010

Three Things

Believe it or not, it's Thursday, and on this blog that means it's a three ring circus Three Thing Thursday, where we share three random things.

Usually I go first, but in real life I'd insist you begin, because I'm the sort of person who, when ordering at a restaurant, wants to hear what everyone else is getting first. This is usually because I can't make up my mind and somehow or another think that hearing everyone else's decision will make things easier. It rarely does, so I usually panic and order something willy nilly that I wasn't even considering to begin with.

If that paragraph makes you want to beat your brains in, welcome to my world. It's painful.

Let's begin.

1. Hallelujah. Amen. Thank you. Yes. I do not have to report to the paying job for a week and a half. Oh yeah.

2. Guess what? Chesapeake Bay Mother now has internet, thanks to Hallieford Jim! She also purchased a new laptop, or flaptop as my father calls it. She has already decided on a name for a blog she wishes to start. All of this coincides nicely with my need to cut back on my blogging in the fall to work on another project. So stay tuned for those exciting details. And more.

3. Continuing with yesterday's theme of "CBW never really knows what she's talking about, especially when it comes to identifying plants and wildlife," last night I saw either a sting ray or a skate. You see, those terms have always been interchangeable to me because I do not know what the difference is. Same with dolphin and porpoise. Regardless, I saw something in the water that was either a skate or a sting ray. Perhaps someone with some sense knowledge of marine biology can explain the difference to me.

Now it's your turn to share three things. If you can tell me the difference between a sting ray and a skate, it won't count towards your three things unless you want it to.

We're very easy going here. Some might also say we're willy silly nilly.


big hair envy said...

1. I had dinner with Grandma J tonight. She looks FABULOUS!!

2. SW moves into her dorm tomorrow. I may have to take a you have any? Know anyone who does? Wine-One-One.

3. Tomorrow, we will once again be running willy nilly all over the state of Texas...I kind of like it here, because they all seem to be running willy nilly as well;)

BayBrowder said...

1. A skate is one of a pair of devices you clamp on your shoes and go rolling along a sidewalk until you fall and get skinned-up....particularly dangerous on downhills.
2. A sting ray is a fiberglass Chevrolet sports car.
3. Did I get it right?....can you tell I'm from the mountains?

BayBrowder said...

Have a great vacation!!!

Annie said...

1. I googled "STINGRAYS and SKATES"

2. Here is one answer from wikipedia

3. "Skates are a bit like stingrays (they are in the same group), but they are usually smaller with shorter, thicker tails. There is also a difference: skates don't have stingers. Instead, their tails are thicker, with small "thorns" along the edges. At the base of the tail is a set of extra fins, too.

Skates and rays are also different in the way the give birth. Most rays are ovoviviparous (the eggs develop inside a mother's body), but skates lay their eggs. This means they are oviparous".

4. Hope this helps.

5. You're welcome.

6. I wish I was in NYC. Instead I am in Australia. Where we are having summer today. 28 degrees celsius. Note that Spring will start for us in a couple of weeks time!! Our seasons go, autumn, winter, spring, SUMMER SUMMER SUMMER. Erg.

7. Glad Grandma J is well and looking fabulous and someone is keeping an eye oin her!

8. My wv is COMPILE, so I did. I compiled my three things thursday into eight! Have a great time away from the paying job CBW. Sounds like you are going places with your new flaptop! ;-)

Ann Marie said...

1. string rays taste like a cheap scallop when cooked right.. skates dont.

2. I saw dolphins yesterday playing in the surf and they took my walk with me on Tuesday if that is any indication of how much I belong here.

3. My time here is winding down and I am already starting to feeling icky about it... I should have brought the feel better meds WITH ME.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

BHE-Can't wait to hear more about your visit with Grandma J. Good luck with moving SW into her dorm.

BayBrowder- You DID get it right with one minor modification for around here. Here, a skate would be something you rented up at the Old Mill Skating Rink (which is now that place that sells chairs, trailers and stuff at the bottom of the hill on the right after you pass the turnoff to Ware Neck). We didn't have any sidewalks except at the court house, but we did have those stingrays you're talking about. Very nice cars...

Annie- Thank you for the info - given all that I might have seen a skate, although I didn't get a close look at him. He wasn't terribly huge though. Thank you!

AM-I've had sting ray before, and it does taste like a cheap scallop. (Blech.) Enjoy the rest of your time there, make the most of every minute. Then when you get home start planning your next trip.

Jamie said...

1. You more than likely saw a stingray- skates do not like brackish water and prefer to stay in a more marine environment. As I said, I'm full of useless information.

2. I have a new kitten. The Brat Child named it Hot Dog. I don't know if it uses the litter box. It's very skittish. I don't think it's ever been stuck under a hot tub though.

3. My 15 year old cat is now pissed. This isn't any different than a normal day except she's now more vocal about her pissyness. I am now hoping she continues to use the litter box.

4. My dad and his sisters are cleaning out my Grandmother's house. He found shark teeth in a jewelery gift box with "shark's teeth" written on the top. He gave them to The Brat Child. I don't know why my Grandmother kept sharks teeth in a carefully labeled jewelery box in her bedroom.

5. I'm glad she did have sharks teeth because now my son has something to remember her by- if I can continue to prevent him from attempting to insert the teeth into his own mouth. (no, Ethan, you cannot pull your teeth out and put shark teeth in, no, Ethan you cannot glue shark teeth onto your teeth, no, Ethan you would not look cool, you would look freakishly scarey...)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Jamie - You crack me up.

My grandmother used to take us to a spot along the Piankatank near Cobbs Creek. In addition to swinging from grape vines, we'd hunt for shark's teeth along the shoreline. They were everywhere.

That Ethan creates enough fodder for his own dedicated blog. He's hilarious.

Jamie said...

These teeth are all the same size and shape. She might have pulled them out of a shark's mouth. Wouldn't surprise me. Ethan is cute and funny as heck because otherwise I would look into selling him to gypsies or some other group who might own a salt mine or two. Funny, this is the same threat I got when I was his age. Apparently he's the child my mother cursed me with.

Daryl said...

Ok .. I confuse sharks with porpoise/dolphins ... but skate I know because I have had some at The Red Cat - where Mama, Annie and I (along with Mama's twins) had dinner with BHE/her hubs and Snow White... clearly it was what made Snow White opt to go to school in TX .. oh right skate .. it tastes like salmon sort of but milder

Okay .. tomorrow is Dip #2 for Rose and her ringworm... I am so so so NOT looking forward to this ...

Jamie .. our 9 yr old Rose is finally giving 3 yr old Jack a little less grief and I do believe its due to Jack's decision to give her back a few slaps when she gets too aggressive with her grooming .. of course we have had Jack for 3.5 months.. oh and a friend of ours had a cat named Hot Dog ...

Okay .. then my work here is done.

WV buntypo ... buntypo you, easy for me

Caution Flag said...

1. I didn't know that one could eat skate.
2. I have eaten many strange things my students have cooked.
3. I have perfected the art of prolonged bathroom visits after every.single.such.meal.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Daryl-Good luck with the dip. Sounds as much fun as trying to give a pill to a cat.

Caution Flag-You're too funny. Sounds like there's a blog post hidden in there somewhere. Would love to know what they served you.

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

1. BHE, I want a full Grandma J report!

2. I seem to remember that there is a tank full of "rays and skates" at the Baltimore Aquarium. I think maybe they are, like, cousins or something.

3. In our house, to "skate" means to skateboard, specifically, longboard. At least that's what it means to the 14 year old.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

1. On your #1 you forgot to say "hotdamn!"
2. Right now I dont know my ass from a hole in the ground let alone the differnce between a skate and a sting ray.
3. I'm going now. Enjoy your vacation!

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

1. I am v. excited to hear of Mama's foray into the World Wide Interwebs! You (or she) must send me her flaptop address ASAP!

2. Relieved to hear about Grandma J.

3. I adore people who can use the phrase 'willy nilly' in the correct context.

4. About to leave our sons yet again; am finally to the point where I am not completely freaking out and pre-making them meals for the entire time we'll be away. (ok, I made 3 dinners)(sue me). They have the ways and means to figure it out, so it's just time to let'em. Whew. This in and of itself is a little bit of a vacation.

5. I'm kind of with Daryl on the Great Skate/Ray Discussion of 2010: I only care about what it ultimately tastes like.

6. Speaking of fish (semi-awkward segue there...), I plan on eating so much of it during the next week that I sprout gills and fins. Deliciously.

7. Speaking of segues...I am thrilled that we've managed to segue our summer so beautifully into back to school. It will be painless and effortless, for the first time in I don't know how many years.

8. Speaking of cliches (?), we now are the proud hosts of the quintessential Swedish Exchange Student. She is blonde and gorgeous, and has dovetailed into our madhouse perfectly - and I'm not gonna lie, it is very comforting having a second set of ovaries in this house!

wv: traree, as in 'Trala la la la traree' - a subsidiary of willy nilly.

foolery said...

1. Six days into the new school year and Sparky gets the flu. Even threw up just to prove it.

2. My commute took 45 minutes today because of a detour due to road repaving. When I got to work I learned that the road crew canceled the repaving until next week. Will lob eggs at them as I pass.

3. Everyone desperate for our eggs because of the salmonella outbreak. We get 4-5 eggs a day. I am now charging $12,000 a dozen. Get in line.

Have a great vacation, CBFamily!

deborah said...

1. Have a fantastic vacay -you surely deserve one!
2. Don't know a thing about skates or rays except I don't want to be in the water with them or eat them.
3. And, the big question When will Gustav decide he needs a laptop and blog of his own?
4. Slept in, yesterday was exhausting. Now back to serious house cleaning. My adult children have decided to switch rooms, furniture and all... Arggghhhh!
5. Enjoy your vacation!

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

@Baroness - You have introduced a hot, blonde Swedish exchange student into a home with boys old enough to appreciate this? Wow, there's potential here for some most excellent blog fodder!

@Foolery - can you fax me some eggs? I hate the EggBeaters. My sister has an irrational fear of the potential for egg-borne (and poultry-borne) diseases, and thus is a big fan of the pasteurized egg product. Me, I gotta have me some real eggs.

Anonymous said...

Just one!


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...


Please keep sending me links. Your selections are really incredible.

Some of the words I'd use to describe this particular selection: shifts gears often; makes me happy; gives me chills; complex; toe-tappin; funky; subtle sub rhythms; fun.

There are plenty more words but this was all I could scribble down while listening.

Diane said...

1. Right after I ate a low fat hot dog, Kelsey asked me if I wanted her to pick me up some dinner. Timing is everything.
2.I must have mama's flaptop address. We can exchange stories about my buddy who lives on this creek in Virginia.
3. I do not eat skate. I barely eat regular fish. Certainly not scallops or other sea critters. I am therefore thrilled that The Baroness will be eating my share of sea-going critters while she is on the big island.
3b. I'm lonely. You must move here so we can drink mango martinis together.

Audrey at Barking Mad! said...

1. I received my complimentary copies of Woman's Day magazine today...the one in which MY WRITING appears! I'm just a bit excited.

2. I am slowly being driven crazy by the resident 4 year old. It's almost 1AM here and she IS STILL UP!

3. I can't even think of a number three because now the above mentioned 4 year old has come upstairs and is camped out on my bedroom floor.

Send wine.