Sunday, August 29, 2010

What I Learned

The Griswolds Chesapeake Bay Family has just returned from a rare trip away from geese, cats, yard work, deadlines and schedules home and we had such a good time.

There were many things I learned on this much-needed break from our normal routine.

(Just to clarify, there is nothing normal about our routine or our life, but "normal" is just one of those words that I like to toss out every now and again to make myself laugh. You could just as easily substitute the word "dysfunctional" any time "normal" appears here. In case I've not mentioned it recently, the name of my next book will be Dysfunction Junction, Where Normal Fears to Tread.)

One of the first things I learned after wiping my feet on the welcome mat of Vacation is that sombreros can be used as sun bonnets. Sunbreros, if you will.

Below is a photo of Baby Sis and her sombrero-wearing self walking towards the beach with Chesapeake Bay Mother. There is so much I could say about how this evening ended, but for now let's just focus on the sombrero mood lighting, also known as condensation on the camera lens.

So, another thing I learned is to allow ample time for one's camera to adjust from a hot, steamy car to air-conditioning back out to 350% humidity. In other words, don't plan on any spontaneous shots, especially when one of your siblings is wearing a sombrero as a sun bonnet.

The next thing I learned is that, yes, there is life without cats and geese technology. We had no internet, no telephones, about two channels of TV and plenty of bored board games to play.

Along those lines, I learned that I have lost all patience as it relates to anything except napping and staring at the ocean the game of Monopoly, but I would play a thousand rounds of it if Chesapeake Bay Daughter asked me to, and she did. At least a thousand times.

There were lots and lots of other lessons learned, including Just because you could body surf when you were twenty years old, does not mean you can do it twice as well in your forties. In fact, you can't even do it half as well. Or at all. But that's OK because your children nearly choked with laughter and the entire beach seemed to be quite amused. Next time put on a sombrero for a little extra panache.

But most important of all is this: I love spending time with my children and family away from the pressures of ordinary life, and with time passing by so quickly it's essential to make the most of every precious second together.

The End.


Anonymous said...


TWO, BEAUTIFUL KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


deborah said...

You have a wonderful family-your children are beautiful! I'm so glad you had a nice relaxing and fun vacation with your family! Visiting the ocean cures so many 'ails'.
Missed ya:)

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Sounds wonderful!
And well said CBW!

Country Girl said...

Beautifully put. So glad you had such a relaxing time. Welcome home, my friend!

Jamie said...

Welcome back! Sounds like quite the adventure

Annie said...

Ah, very good.Sounds terrific!

Daryl said...


Glad you are back.. I'll trade you Boardwalk for the Reading Railroad ..

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

Yesindeedy! Glad you're back, glad you had fun - but I missed you.

foolery said...

Looks wonderful. And MY HOLY HECK your family musta really bribed the dude guarding the gene pool. You're all stunning. Even in sun-breros.

Any goose poop on your deck? ; )

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

FAR- Thank you very much. I love them dearly.

deborah-Another thank you, and you're right. The ocean (water in general but especially the ocean) has a way of lulling/hypnotizing a person into a state of relaxation. It's absolutely amazing.

NNG-When are you and the Dub coming this way again? Next weekend is a holiday weekend...

CG-Thank you - it was a great escape.

Jamie- Oyster Festival? Just sayin'...

Annie-Let me know when you'll be back this way so we can coordinate a northeastern mini blog festette.

Daryl-We could have used your skillz this weekend. The circa 1981 version of the game was lacking instructions. When my son and daughter starting cutting deals I thought that was a little loosey goosey and demanded to see what the rules said about trading. They assured me it was OK but still, I was very suspicious of all the wheeling and dealing. At that rate, Monopoly could potentially have no end. Perhaps that was my problem, I wanted it to end....quickly. But we did have fun. Oh, and I will NOT give up Boardwalk.

Meg-Thank you, it's sorta okay being back, emphasis on sorta. Hope to see you in the fall.

foolery-Don't EVEN talk to me about the goose poop. Except since you did, I will say that when I was gone the Canada geese took over the yard, the driveway, the sidewalk and the TV remote.

Oh, the humanity.