Thursday, August 5, 2010

Three Things

-near Public Landing, Onemo, VA

Welcome to another edition of Three Thing Thursday, where we share three random thoughts on any topic at all (provided it's suitable for a PG audience).

Let's go.

1. Am I the only one who cringes, flinches, slams on the imaginary brakes and then lets out a scream when the car hits a butterfly? Tonight driving down the Colonial Parkway, I hit two butterflies (in separate incidents) and was troubled the whole way home, which is approximately sixty thousand fifty miles. It takes them so long and they go through so much just to get their wings, then off they fly until WHAM they're hit by a car and I scream and then nobody thinks of that butterfly ever again. The End. Yes, I am weird.

2. Yesterday at the paying job, our new admin person-a most delightful individual who will soon be my BFF--said, "I haven't heard coffee lately." She knows since I'm the first one in every day, I always make the coffee. But she doesn't drink it, so I was a bit puzzled as to why she'd notice whether the coffee pot was brewing or not.

Nevertheless, the rest of the conversation went like this:

CBW, who drinks three pots of coffee before 10 a.m. and is still sniffing around for more: "No, I didn't make any this morning, because we ran out. I have to bring some more in next week."

Delightful Person, who drinks hot tea: blank stare

CBW, nervously trying to fill in the silence: "Actually I did make some yesterday but couldn't muster the energy to make any on Monday, because I was too sick. But yesterday? There was a whole pot just a-waiting. "

CBW: Wonders why Delightful Person Who Drinks Tea Not Coffee is smiling politely but not saying a word.

CBW: "Yeah, I do try to make it every day and will get back on the stick next week."

Delightful Person: Continues to employ the "pregnant pause."

Delightful Person: "I was talking about coughing. I hadn't heard (you) coughing lately."

CBW, who has been sick all week spreading germs throughout her work environment: "Oh! Well then, that's a different story entirely. Neeever mind. Yes, I'm feeling better, thank you."

CBW: Laughs nervously, then crawls back into her cave of an office where she writes a Note to Self on a Post-It to buy some Q-tips. Or a hearing aid. Or a four-pronged walker. Or a cemetery plot.

3. My son is having a party here tomorrow night, one which includes girls. I'm distracting myself by obsessing fretting over the menu.

Now it's your turn to share three (or more) things, whatever you want, anything at all.

If you can't think of three things, leave a suggestion as to what I can feed approximately 10-15 starving teenagers who can eat around the clock. Then leave a suggestion as to how a mother is to survive the whole ordeal.


deborah said...

Tacos, chips and cookies.
Go into your room and lock the door.
1. My husband thinks he has magic powers now.
2. The power went out at 5 pm, and just came back on (about midnight)
3. Said husband was acting silly...clapped his hands twice, and said "let there be light" kidding, the lights came on at that second.
4. Anybody want my hubby until he realizes he doesn't has magical powers?
Good luck with the party!!

Anonymous said...

Go into your room,wine,play some of
your favorites music and closed
your eyes and vision your self when
you were @ that edge!
and from time to time
check on the kids....make sure
there fine.....have small talk
laugh with them and back to your
room.........Have Fun!


Diane said...

1. Tonight I ate coffee ice cream with chocolate ripple and brownie chunks. It claimed to be 1/2 the fat. Works for me.

2. I need a date that can go to training camp with me so I can photograph the players. Can you hop a plane?

3. I'm trying to work up the gumption to auction off some of my photos this fall.

3b. Every time I think I'm ready to break up with my hair, I ponder how much I will miss the mop when it's gone. Do I want whispy side-swept bangs?

Pizza and lots of it. Nacho chips, finger food...

Kate said...

Pizza, chips, soda, cookies, the end.

1. I lopped off my hair a month ago and I am still not over the horror.

1a. I knew there was a reason behind my 7th grade declaration of never cutting above the shoulders again!

2. My sweet husband only has 3 more weeks of summer vacation left until school starts again. So for the past week he's been on video game overload trying to squeeze it all in at the last minute. I'm super excited about this development, can't you tell? :\

3. I was at Penney's the other day looking for more sets of capri pants (this body is a no clothing above the knee zone, and has been for the last 7 years!) when I saw fall jackets out on the racks already! Please! It's still in the 80's outside, we're in the middle of fire season out here in Broke-afornia, and they think people will be tempted to buy COATS? This just means Halloween decor will be out be Labor Day and Christmas items will appear Columbus day. Yuck.

Ann Marie said...

1. I haven't coughed yet so I have nothing.

2. I still have nothing.

3. I just heard the coffee stop

be back after coughing.

Mrs F with 4 said...

Chips, spaghetti.. and cupcakes. But make a bunch of icing a give them sprinkles, smarties and marshmallows to do it themselves. Seriously, they are SO not too old for doing that!

1. Diane. No. No sideswept bangs. They'll fall in your eyes all the time and you'll hate it. Wispy or not.

2. Going on vacation tomorrow and not ready. Not even STARTED.

3. So what did I do last night instead of attacking The Giant List of Things To Do? Yes, why, how did you guess? I made peach jam.

big hair envy said...

We are gearing up for about 40 eighteen year-olds to decend upon us Saturday night....I totally feel your pain!! The last time they came (Prom night) I bought a six foot Subway sub (with several different kids of meat, lettuce, and tomatoes and condiments on the side), cut it into 3 inch portions and let them have at it!! This time, we are going to grill hot dogs and call it a night. Oh, and they also enjoy chips/salsa/cheese dip, veggie and fruit trays, brownie bites and mini pigs-in-a-blanket!! Hope this is helpful. Can't wait to hear how it goes:)

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

1. You are your mother's daughter, that's why the fretting over the butterflies. Next thing you'll be out back in your housecoat, trying to feed the geese.

2. Boil up a big pot of hot dogs... or throw a big box of taquitos in the oven (take 'em out of the box first) and provide salsa & sour cream for dip. My 14 year old has been subsisting on ham & cheese Hot Pockets for the past few weeks. I think he's addicted, because when I forgot to buy more the other day he was all, THERE IS NO FOOD TO EAT IN THIS HOUSE!!! True story.

3. I will be done with daycare FOREVER in three weeks, and I'm ambivalent about that. We've had a stellar experience at Peezer's school - the Boss went there too. I've had a kid there for most of the past 9 years.

Linda said...

I second the Pizza for the kids and Wine for you. Find a TV/DVD somewhere and watch chick films. It will mbarrass the crap out of your son when you walk through crying from the sappy movie.

These Nine Acres said...

1. I hit butterflies all the time and it almost makes me cry. My daughter calls me the butterfly killer.

2. My tooth still hurts but is getting better every day.

3. I love pregnant pauses. Well, not the pauses themselves, but the phrase. It cracks me up.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

1. Go with the pizza.
2. I'm a bird killer. I can not for the life of me figure out what attracts them to my windshield. I have damn near wrecked my car four times this summer.
3. Little T comes home from camp tomorrow.

I hope I dont whita another bird!

Mental P Mama said...

1. I just laughed for the first time today.
2. The menu should not be large...the girls stop eating at this age.
3. Make sure you have wine stashed in your room. Key item.....

Anonymous said...

Anything that can be served in a bowl that you can refill!!


Daryl said...

Pizza, chips, lots of cola ... and wine for you

I cut my hair last Saturday and I am sort of afraid that my local guy wont be able to make it look like this wavy stuff the uber salon did ...

I am in a no spend zone for a while having bought Toonman expensive electronics for both our anniversary, just past, and his birthday a month from now .. but since he needed the birthday gift NOW .. he's got it ...

WHY since I know I cant/shouldnt spend I am dying to go shopping?

WV vennea ... its the finish on some furniture ..

Anonymous said...

Gustav is a fair sized goose - he just might satisfy 15 teenagers as long as they are not all fighting for a drumstick...

foolery said...

1. Corn on the cob, chips and salsa, Chex mix (because all of those will survive non-refrigeration for the evening and will need semi-sneaky refilling), plus whatever else finds its way into your basket at Costco.

2. Over half done with our year-long+ video project. Show the client Tuesday. I'm finally starting to relax about it.

3. Everybody's posting about FOOD today. I am now so hungry I could eat beets. Well, not really; nobody's THAT hungry.

Country Girl said...

Mozzarella sticks, chips & dip, salsa & tortillas, that sort of stuff. Brownies with icing and tiny m&m's, rice krispie bars.

They will love you forever for the brownies.

Then go hang in your room, coming out occasionally. You can send any extra brownies my way.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions. I have absorbed each and every one and will be putting your good tips to use tomorrow night.

And to Anonymous/funk-a-rea - your description of how I should approach my role as parent/monitor is excellent and meshes well with what I envisioned. Thank you.

I really appreciate everyone sharing their wisdom, it's very comforting. And most of all thanks for sharing your humor. It's as essential as oxygen, don't know what I'd do without it.