Friday, August 13, 2010

Storm Clouds

In spite of all appearances, this is not a scene from the Wizard of Oz and the picture was not taken in Kansas.

August is the unofficial thunderstorm month around here, and many evenings treacherous storms race up the Piankatank River before spinning off angrily towards the bay. They're very rude, these thunderstorms. They barge in, wreak havoc and don't even say they're sorry.

Although this looks very ominous, no ruby slippers or flying monkeys were involved in this particular storm which came through a week or two ago.

This was taken along what some folks call the river shore road on Gwynns Island.

(I'd capitalize River Shore Road, except the Virginia Department of Transportation has officially declared this Old Ferry Road. And who am I to quibble with a posted sign unless it says No Trespassing?)

Right below those storm clouds is Deltaville, which is in Middlesex County.

Deltaville has several claims to fame including Sting Ray Point, where Captain John Smith is rumored to have wrangled with a ferocious sting ray; Taylors Restaurant, formerly the home of the world's greatest seafood buffet ever; the baseball stadium which uses crab pot wire to protect the audience from fly balls; and Jamie, who writes a blog about her childhood memories in that area. You didn't hear this from me, but she's been known to splash about in these very waters atop a rubber ducky float. Not that I have photos or anything.

As we take a step or two back, the distance between the island and Deltaville becomes more apparent.

With yet another step or so back, the ferocious temperament of the clouds becomes apparent too. Clouds are extremely temperamental, you know.

Yep, it's cyclone thunderstorm season here.

Auntie Em!

There's no place like home.


foolery said...

See the color of the Preview button on the post-a-comment page? That's the color of the sky here on a windy day, which is about 40% of the year.

See the white background? That's the color of the sky on big ag pollution days, when fields are being tilled or dust is in the air or the pollution from Sacramento meanders up the valley.

I am so jealous of your skies. They're interesting.

Jamie said...

I so love the thunderstorms down there. Actually, they are sometimes fun to watch, until you realize should a tornado pop up there's no where to go. I'm just thankful non of the rubber-ducky-in-the-Cocomo's-parking-lot photos have shown up. Not that I had any part in that.

Mental P Mama said...

I may or may not had some rubber ducky shots. Watch out.

Daryl said...

These, especially the first, are so dramatic and involving .. love these ...

These Nine Acres said...

I love thunderstorms on the water! Great cloud pics!

Oh, and my word verification word? "cyclospe"

Caution Flag said...

Take cover!!

big hair envy said...

We had a big storm brew up yesterday evening...then, NOTHING! What a disappointment:(

Happy Birthday to CBSon!

WV: daronsm - Evolution?

deborah said...

love the pics!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

beware...i have pics of the rubber ducky in the parking lot. gustav beware.

Diane said...

Your skies are very dramatic! Which I learned this year.
And I totally have ducky pictures!