Monday, September 6, 2010

Gustav Says...

Sleep with one eye open.

And the kickstand down.

CBW Says...To see more of my mother's killer goose Gustav and his ornery attitude, check out his Facebook page by clicking here.

Be sure to leave a comment on his Wall, perhaps some words of encouragement regarding a relocation to Hawaii or better yet to the roasting spit Canada, along with those black and white parasites friends of his he leads all over my yard.


BayBrowder said...

Saw Nanny Goose (a domestic) with a flock of 40 (counted 'em) Canadians in the yard at Williams Wharf Landing on a recent morning. Something (probably me arriving by bicycle) spooked the Canadians and they took off. Nanny honked for about a minute and then took off in chase. I think she was saying "you all took off for no good reason" or "wait for me....why didn't someone tell me we were leaving?"
If they ever meet, Nanny and Gustav would make a great couple.

Mental P Mama said...

That is one spoiled fowl;)

deborah said...

foul fowl

Country Girl said...

I'm sending George over to clear out your flock.
He'll probably just make friends with all of them.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Baybrowder-40 sounds about the size of one of the two flocks that visit here...wonder if they're part of the same clan. Gustav leads this bunch around here, too. I think there's a connection. Let's see if we can get Nanny and Gustav together. I'll bring him over tomorrow. For good. (Don't tell my mother. Hi, Mom!)

MPM & Deborah - Rotten. He's rotten.

CG-We need George here. I'll trade you Buddy for George. Please?

It's a very depressing, albeit gorgeous evening here. The weather is crisp and clear, but it's back to the grind tomorrow. I really need to win the lottery.

Have a great week.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

He needs a passport.

King Gustav said...

The Canadians are high-strung. They don't know yet that you humans are not to be feared, but to be disdained. Oh, and thanks for leaving that dogfood out yesterday. HISSSSSSSSSSSSS