Friday, September 10, 2010

Market Days

This house, swimming in a sea of soybeans, lives in Mobjack, a section of Mathews I have been to twice in my life rarely frequent due to its remote, off-the-beaten-path location. When something is off the beaten path in a town that is the very definition of off the beaten path, you can rest assured that it isn't possible to say "off the beaten path" any more times in one sentence than I have here it's isolated.

In spite of all the unrelated text above, today's post is about the big event here in Mathews this weekend: Market Days.

Although I have lots of work to do on a side project (the same one which took me to this sea of green yesterday), I plan to make a few trips down to the festivities to inhale some funnel cakes and kettle corn inhale the aroma of funnel cakes and kettle corn; amble through the craft booths and most importantly people watch.

People watching is one of my favoritest activities, and yes, favoritest is a word.

If you're in spittin' distance, please try to make it out and partake of all the fun and funnel cake frivolity.

The schedule of events for Market Days includes:

1. Wondering about the sort of person who includes "spittin' distance" in any sort of writing, although it's particularly disturbing when combined with an invitation to an event involving food.
1.b Funnel cake
2. Kettle corn
3a. Over 90 booths of arts and crafts
3b. One booth selling bracelets to fund Operation Smile, a charity which helps children with cleft lips/palates.
4. An ultralight flyover Friday morning (What's an ultralight, you say? Rest assured it has nothing to do with a funnel cake, but you'll have to attend the opening ceremonies to find out exactly what is involved.)
4b. Funnel cake
5. 5K run at Williams Wharf Saturday morning
6a. Entertainment starting at 11:00 Saturday inside Westville on Main Street, including Faith Carter Family (Hi, Faith!) and Friends at 2:45 p.m.
6b. Six musical groups on the outdoor stage on Saturday from 11 - 4
7a. Kettle Corn
7b. Pet Parade Saturday at 10
8. Crab Race Saturday at noon. This event is just screaming for spectators to wear a crab hat. Screaming, I say!
9a. Saturday Night Street Dance from 8 - 11 (CBW considers this the highlight of Market Days except for 9b below)
9b. Kettle Cake Funnel Corn
10. Sugar Coma
11. The End.

Please answer one or more of the following:

1. If a crab race occurs at a festival, and everyone accepts it as normal, is it?
1b. Since crab races--of course-- are normal, if only one person watching wears a crab hat, is it even a crab race?

2. If a human being wants to eat a funnel cake, some kettle corn and some salty french fries all in the same sitting day, do we need to have paramedics shadowing her all day, or is a 3-mile radius sufficient to respond to the inevitable 911 call?

3. For those not going to Market Days this weekend, what will you be doing? Will crab races and funnel cakes be involved?


BayBrowder said...

Being a come-here to Mathews from the mountains, my wife and I are learning how to "pick" crabs, but we haven't learned how to pick a fast crab, so I guess we won't enter any of ours in the races. Probably a good thing...we only catch slow crabs....the fast ones get away. Do funnel cakes and kettle corn make good crab bait?

Ann Marie said...

I am not sure if I am going or not.. knowing my children I am.. dance NO ON YOUR LIFE.

but I will let you know that your boyfriend the Hounddog is running in the 5K tomorrow.. that is as close as he will get to Market Days so if you get up early enough come give the man a smooch.

Ann Marie said...

recomment so I get emails..

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

BB-I think you should most definitely enter one of your crabs in this race, because I'm already laughing so hard at the prospect of that, the real thing would have me in hysterics. I'll bring my camera-and some extra oxygen. (For me, not the crab.)

AM-Hound dog is running too? I might have to make it down there...

Deltaville Jamie said...

I considered driving down that way tonight to attend Market Days, but next weekend I"m going to the Mothman Festival in the Wilds of WVA... talk about people watching... my group is the most normal looking ones there usually.

I love crab races. I've entered my share of crabs in those races, never won. Probably should have been wearing a crab hat. Or a rubber ducky.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Jamie-Wish I'd known sooner about the moth man festival - the CB Kids and I watched that movie earlier this year on the recommendation of Baby Sis. Let's just say that my throat was sore by the end of the movie from all the screaming. (The kids were wiping tears from their eyes - tears of LAUGHTER at their mother's shrieks.)

Please let me know how that goes - and takes LOTS of photos. Sounds like something that is not to be missed!

Deltaville Jamie said...

CBW- the movie is not as good as the actual story behind mothman. The movie did not really accurately portray the story. This will be my third visit to the Mothman Festival. It get weirder each time I go. Your crab hat would look normal there as many are dressed as aliens, men in black (MIB), winged creature and Mothman. Seriously. There will be photos.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Wish I could be there. I'm diggin' a place where a crab hat is considered low-key.

Can't wait for the recap and photos.

Daryl said...

If you, er, someone eats that much fried stuff in one day there better be a cornfield nearby ...

WV divitho .. to get a divit out of wherever it is .. use a ho

TSannie said...

We have the world famous Norwalk Oyster Fest this weekend. I will not be going.

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

1. Of course it is.

I was totally craving kettle corn yesterday. Do they put crack cocaine in it? I think they do. That would explain a lot.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

We are going to a pancake breakfast in the morning and even though I do not eat pancakes my two men do! And lots of them. I will however be working my pancakes off for this church event!
I love crab races! And pig races! And oysters...oh wait...never mind.
Have fun at Market Days!

Caution Flag said...

I'm so not from there. Who's in the race: people walking like crabs? Real crabs? People with crabs?

foolery said...

Going down to our school at about 10:00 to stir the sauce. Yep, stir the sauce. The annual spaghetti feed and carnival is tomorrow night, and I'm pretty sure that it'll be a 12-hour ordeal for me. Once a year, that's okay.

[Practicing stirring the sauce.]

Have a ton of fun at Market Days, and take LOTS of photos. And CBKids? You take lots of photos of your mom, and then run away : )

Breezeway said...

Market Days is tooo much fun! And why NOT the dance Ann Marie? The only thing more fun than the dance at Market Days is the dance at Oyster Festival!
CBW - just a sidenote (which may be completely pointless, since you may have already discussed this but I have been so busy that I don't know) - your favorite yellow, two story house on GI seems to be having extensive work done to it. Any idea what's up?

Diane said...

I will be fulfilling obligations. Not that I mind, I just hate it when they all fall on one weekend.

Eat a funnel cake for me!

deborah said...

I live about 45 minutes from the little town where the Mothman Festival takes place. That place is spooky, festival or no festival!
Have fun at your festival! Funnel cakes, kettle corn and crab races sound like my kind of fun. Will the crabs be at the dance?