Thursday, September 23, 2010

Three Things

Welcome to another edition of Three Thing Thursday, where we share three things related to whatever topics happen to spring to mind. Whatever happens to spring to mind is my normal writing style, true, but at least on Thursdays I make an effort, however futile feeble, to limit the sheer number of random thoughts.

Let's begin.

1. Yesterday I drove through seven different counties (Mathews, Gloucester, King and Queen, York, James City, Middlesex and Lancaster at least once and in a few cases three times) all in one day to accommodate my paying job plus my children's activities.

My blog friend Meg recently dedicated a post to her very lengthy list of activities and responsibilities, and it definitely struck a chord. Yesterday was one of those days, although to keep everything in perspective it was all good--very good--just very frenetic. Frantically frenetic, to be redundant for effect.

2. This weekend is the Guinea Jubilee.

Folks, if you don't know about Guinea, in neighboring Gloucester County, click here for some background. The Jubilee is not to be missed. Except that I have missed it, every single year of its existence. And for this I am truly sorry, honestly.

I'd give my eye tooth to attend the Guinea Jubilee, but I'm sure as heck not going by myself, and nobody has ever invited me to go, plus I think we have a soccer game or some such, but in the future if anyone wants to go just let me know and I'm there.

(Insert sounds of multiple sirens going off-- it's the Grammar Police! They are writing me a ticket for the World's Worst/Longest Run-On Sentence. This is all due to the day I had which was conducive to utter exhaustion rather than logical, coherent thoughts and cogent, succinct statements.)

3. According to the Schedule of Events at the Guinea Jubilee, we can expect the following to happen tomorrow night:

Friday 3-10 pm

3:00 pmArts & Crafts and food booths openFestival Grounds

Children's Rides
7:00 pmEntertainment: Crazy X BandMain Stage

10:00 pmBubba Takes Darlin Home

In other words, after the crazy band plays and darkness falls, you'd better get yourself on home, darlin'. Pronto.

No offense intended to Guineamen, Bubbas or Darlin's. Honestly.

Now it's your turn. Please share three or more things on any topic you want, regardless of its connection to a bubba, a darlin' or to Guinea.


Anonymous said...


deborah said...

1. We are adopting a tiny kitten that was found in a ditch. My 16 yr old cat will not be pleased.
2. More quilting today, helping my mil make her first quilt. Simply a comedy of errors:)
3. You have the most interesting life, CBW..cherish all this pandemonium, I miss it now.

Deltaville Jamie said...

1. It's Thursday?

2. I'm up for a good adventure. Count me in for future Guinea Jubilees. I have experience with several types of natural disasters and being shot at. Seriously.

3. Got in touch with an old friend who lives in California. I'm tired because the only time we seem to be able to talk is when it's a perfectly normal time for him. 1am not so normal for me.

3b. My daughter said I now have to give her my cell phone at 10pm and I can have it back when I get up in the morning which is what I did to her last week. I don't know where her smart aleck attitude comes from.

4. My darling daughter turns 16 on Sunday. That coupled with the large amount of gray hair that has appeared overnight is making me fell really old.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

mer-Not only do you have excellent taste in music but you have a great sense of humor. I laughed out loud for this one. Love the song and love how it applies here. (BTW, I saw Talking Heads at UVa back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth - it was one of my first concerts.)

deborah-good luck with the kitten. So true about cherishing these moments, which is very difficult to do when you're in the throes of the chaos and all you want to do is buy a one-way ticket to Bora Bora. But all in all, it's all good.

Have a great Thursday, everyone. It's going to be another one of those days for me.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

DJ-HA! Next year let's hit the Festival. Right on the heels of MothMan, no less.

Mrs F with 4 said...

1. Drowning in homework. And it's not even mine.

2. But from next week, it will be. Starting french lessons. Again. For the sixth year running... apparently I'm not so hot at languages. HOWEVER, it's necessary in that I can understand (1) above, and also appear faintly intelligent at weekly meetings with 4th grade teacher. Faintly, I think, IS the appropriate word.

3. The geese are honking overhead. I guess they are leaving here and coming to visit Gustav. In droves. Perhaps you should lay in some extra feed? Or boil up a BIG batch of toffee?

Deltaville Jamie said...

CBW- oddly enough, the natural disasters and being shot at ALL happened on the 2004 trip to Mothman. Throwing Guinea Jubille in there would be perfect... I'll make sure I have a current tetnus

Mental P Mama said...

1.That's tarnation. Get it? Tar Nation? All the paved roads. That has to be where that came from....
2. Guinea? As in hens?
3. I miss Virginia.

Trisha said...

1. Big blisters on the bottom of your feet are certainly NOT fun. At all.

2. Big blisters on the bottom of your feet caused by shoes you wear all the time - a mystery.

3. Bi blisters on the bottom of your feet are a good reason to sleep in and skip the morning walk.

Daryl said...

Well lets see ...

1. Walked into the office this morning and got a text from Boss #2 that the WiFi wasnt working ...

2. Tried to print something and learned that the site is having issues, oh no wait its not the site, its my computer

3. There's a Harvest Moon tonite, so its closer and bigger and therefore I am officially blaming everything that goes wrong with the chutes of the internets on it

4. I have a headache

WV pancingn ... is that like short sheeting?

Kate said...

1. I've also never been to the Jubilee. I'm sure it was probably because I spent all my parents money at Market Days getting face painted, cotton candy and bouncy houses.

2. I randomly decided to search the MLS for what's in Mathews, and oh brother am I homesick. Seeing houses I know for sale... at reasonable prices! I'm dying over here!

3. The weekend to do list is growing and it's becoming undoable. This is not good.....

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

1. Oh My Good Lord. Guinea??? Jubilee??? I want to go to there. Will there be guinea pig races? Will they serve deep-fried guinea hens? Will there be Samoan dancers from Papua New Guinea? Or is it just Old Guinea? Will you have to pay for everything in guineas? Guinea, guinea, guinea - I just can't stop saying this word. Guinea.

2. Why can't we have Jubilees here in Canada? Well, technically, I suppose we can. We used to have a tv show when I was a kid called "Don Messer's Jubilee". There was fiddlin' and what not, and I. LOVED. ME. SOME.JUBILEE. It's such a happy word. Jubilee. Say it with me, people. Enuciate. JUUU-BILLL-EEEEEEEEEEE! Almost as fun as Guinea.

3. The new anti-depressant really seems to be helping.

4. Guinea.

5. Jubilee.

wv: fleverie, as in, When one is flu-ish and running a temperature, we in the medical profession refer to them as 'fleverie'.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...


Country Girl said...

1. I was mad earlier but am fine now. I love my son. I don't love the things he does. (Or, in this case, doesn't do).

2. I may be going to see Pioneer Woman this weekend.

3. Not at the Lodge. At the Baltimore Book Festival. Woot!

big hair envy said...

I was working with Middle Sis for the last two days. One of the places we went was, you guessed it, GUINEA!! There are signs EVERYWHERE....sure wish I could go to the Guinea Jubilee. I hear it's a family event...;)

BayBrowder said...

1) The Gloucester-Mathews Humane Society is in desparate need of foster homes for dogs in their overflow building because they have decided (in the best interest of the animals??????) to close this facility on October 31st. Please consider helping one or more of these dogs.

2) Honey, a wonderful but very fearful and skittish tri-color hound at this facility, desparately needs a home. She's been in the overflow building for three long years. She'll need a fenced yard as she learns to trust and love her new family.

3A) Please consider adopting dear Honey, a wonderful and gentle soul (or another of the wonderful animals at the Gloucester-Mathews Humane Society main shelter or at the overflow building).

3B) Will be running the 5K Saturday morning at the Guinea Jubilee.....worried about the hills.