Monday, September 13, 2010

Paper Can

The other day, hoping to take advantage of the incredible weather, I drove to Mobjack to photograph some churches, post offices and country stores.

Going down Mobjack is like going to New Point or anywhere in Mathews or Hallieford, for example. At some point the road dead ends, usually at a body of water. The road leading in to Mobjack dead ends at the cleverly named Mobjack Bay. On one side of the peninsula leading in is the East River, and on the other side is the North River. The geography lesson portion of this post is now over.

In addition to the obvious beauty of the water, the old houses and the soybean fields, there were many unexpected surprises, such as the old paper cans above. Right near where the wharf used to be, overlooking the water, these paper cans stand stoically.

Nobody uses paper cans anymore; they've been replaced by plastic newspaper boxes. But I have a friend who still says he's going to get the paper from the paper can even though it's long been replaced by a plastic box.

And I like that.

After very thoroughly photographing every square inch of this area, including this shot of a _________ * above, I got back in the car and headed out.

*My first reaction was a safe. Then I thought maybe it was an old ice box. Then I changed my mind. It's a safe. Definitely. Probably. Maybe.

No matter what it is, the photo is here because of the similarities it shares with the paper cans, including the one below which was about half mile away from the others.

They're rusted reminders of days gone by, and they live in a place where nobody's in a hurry to toss them out or throw them in the trash. They're free to stay where they are for as long as they want even if they've long outlived their original purpose.

And I like that.


Audrey at Barking Mad! said...

I remember being at BlogFest last year when Meaghan and I were driving around, cussing out the GPS that had managed to get us hopelessly lost; can pulled over near and old farm house that was still quite beautiful, however, on the porch was the oldest wind chime I'd ever seen. It was rusted and really - in comparison to the surroundings, not very pretty. However, it still made the most magical sounds as the breeze gently caressed the chimes and 'fro.

As I looked at your pictures it brought back that moment, just Meaghan and I sitting there in the car. Just a quiet moment, the two of us, completely lost, but not really. For a few minutes we just sat there, not in a hurry and not ready to slam the GPS into the pavement.

I think I need to come back there and get lost again.

BayBrowder said...

Definitely a safe.....the question is not "what is it?", but "what's in it?". Also "why is it outside in the elements?", "what business did it serve?", and "when?". Some long-time Mobjack or Bohannon residents probably know these answers?

A wonderful Mathews Market Days....perfect weather....then a good soaking rain on Sunday.
A comment a couple of days back asked if there would be any crabs at the street party/dance/concert. I didn't see any crabs, but the dancers (CBW among them?) resembled a swarm of clawless crabs contending for a piece of spoiled chicken.

A great performance by Richard Smith and his band....and other groups that performed earlier on Saturday at Market Days. The local Mathews musical talent is amazing and the Market Days performances did not include any of the incredible Donks Little Ole Opry musicians except Richard.

Wishing everyone a great fall week.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Audrey-That's a great memory - and please come back any time you want - bring the family.

BayBrowder-All those questions (about the safe) ran through my mind too. Yep, I was at the dance with three other friends, one of which had The Bursitis (as she calls it) and another of which is recovering from a heart attack so we were were rather tame dancers and didn't stay out there very long. With us was one youngster with no health problems - Ann Marie. She no doubt wanted to bust a move but realized she was with a bunch of geriatric patients and held back.

It was a great weekend and a great time.

Next stop, the Oyster Festival in November.

Annie said...

Love that first clear, perfect lighting.

There would be many weird letterboxes dotted around the Australian bush. And probably in the city as well! In fact I seem to remember someone published a book of photos of them.

Sounds like you had a great weekend. Good to hear I am not the only one who is sitting around being geriatric!

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

We never had paper cans where I grew up! Only plastic boxes that the newspaper delivery guy didn't use anyway.

deborah said...

Love the pictures! Um, why is that safe on wheels? Glad you had a nice relaxing weekend with friends! Always great to go do something you love to 'recharge'!

Mental P Mama said...

I love it!

Daryl said...

Took this city mouse to realize those paper cans are not made of paper, they are for newspapers ... duh

Daryl said...

took this city mouse a while ... both to realize her remark was incomplete and that it was not paper double DUH

and I swear my WV is: really ..

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

days gone by...I like that!

Country Girl said...

I like that too.