Thursday, September 30, 2010

Three Things

Welcome to Three Thing Thursday, where I share three things, and you share three things - whatever you want.

I'll begin.

1.  Today is Chesapeake Bay Daughter's birthday.  When I asked her what she'd like as a very special breakfast (blueberry pancakes?  an omelet?), she requested Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. I never buy the stuff because I normally burn it make it from scratch, so she considers the boxed version a delicacy and a rare treat.

2. I asked her to contribute to this edition of Three Thing Thursday and encouraged her to say anything that popped into her head, no matter how random.  She noted that she was "swelled up" (Translation:  she's mad; it's one of my father's favorite phrases) because she didn't see a recent episode of Saturday Night Live hosted by her favorite singer, who was Taylor Swift up until this evening.  When I asked her to confirm the favorite singer, she said Katy Perry.  What do I know, I'm just the mother who serves boxed macaroni and cheese for breakfast as a "special birthday treat."  

3.  She also said,  "CBW made popcorn and the next day when serving dinner she spotted the pot with popcorn still in it."

You see, CBW makes popcorn--at least four times a dayweek--the old fashioned way, by pouring oil and kernels into a pot, covering tightly with a lid, and heating on medium-high.  The other night I made an extra large batch to ensure plenty of leftovers for snacks, fixed a bowl for CB Son, and put the lid back on the pot intending to come back later to bag it all up.

Last night upon returning from a very long day, I searched for a clean pot to set aside for today's Birthday Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. I lifted the lid off the pot on top the stove, and there sat all the uneaten popcorn.

I wonder how she feels about day-old popcorn for breakfast.

Now it's your turn.  Please share three things.  Whatever you want.  Anything at all.

Happy Birthday to my precious angel. I love you.


Anonymous said...

Alles Gute Zum Geburtstag!!


Deltaville Jamie said...

1. Happy Birthday, CBD! Wish my mom made me Kraft Macaroni & Cheese for breakfast.

2. It's raining. A lot. I will be the only person here in the office all day. I will not be productive.

3. Had an old friend track me down and for the past week I've been exhausted from talking and txting until 2am (this friend lives in CA) but in an almost irritatingly happy mood.

WV: motoalin- like that song Sister Christian "You're motoalin What's your price for flight In finding mister right You'll be alright tonight"

~Ashley~ said...

If she wishes to watch snl, she can go to and search for it, that episode is on there. I watched it 2 days ago cause I don't have cable.

1. Happy Birthday CBD!!

2. School is canceled, crap!

3. It's raining a lot, school is canceled, double crap!!

That is all!

deborah said...

1. Happy Birthday CBD! Wishing you a wonderful day! Enjoy your Kraft Mac & Cheese
2. Kudos to you CBW for having a wonderful thoughtful daughter!
3. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear CBD, Happy Birthday to you! (sing to the tune of Happy Birthday))

Daryl said...

Happy Birthday to Ms CBD! And she can come to my house any day of the year and find boxes of Kraft Mac & Cheese, its ToonMan's favorite dinner ...

Old popcorn can be saved and strung for trimming the tree at Christmas which isnt so far off ..

And I am happy to share that Rose is feeling better ..last nite when I got home she got off the couch to come meet me .. she was purring and I sat on the floor to pet her and ended up crying .. happy tears ...

Mental P Mama said...

Happy Birthday, Beautiful CBD!!!

My children prefer the boxed mac and cheese, too. What is up with that?

I could eat popcorn 24/7. And I have not made it the old fashioned way in years. Yum!

Kay L. Davies said...

1. Birthday greetings from western Canada to CBD.
2. Nothing lasts long -- favorite thing for breakfast, favorite singer, favorite TV show. All different next month (aka tomorrow).
3. My dog is wearing diapers because she has a bladder infection. Diapering a Golden Retriever who doesn't want to wear a diaper is exhausting. I need to go back to bed already.

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

1. Hey!! Today is my youngest baby's birthday, too! And, although I made him a special breakfast this morning - pancakes & bacon, I am sure if he knew M & C was an option, he would have chosen it as well.

2. I have officially drunk the Yoga koolaid. I am now chanting, meditating, and learning Sanskrit. Which is not dissimilar from learning a language made up completely of word verif's.

3. Guinea.

4. Jubilee.

wv: sodlena, as in "S'od, Lena, but I really just don't appreciate all this jokes at our expense", said Ollie (obscure Minnesota reference)(it's all I got) :)

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

1.Happy Birthday to the beautiful CBD!
2.I wish you many more.
3.No "swelling up" on your birthday!

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

Happy birthday, CBD! So, will you be replacing all the Taylor Swift posters in your bedroom with Katy Perry artwork?

CBW, I love making popcorn on the stove. My kids like the microwave bags, because it's easier for them, but every chance I get I make it on the stovetop. YUMMM.

Last year, while killing time at my in-laws' place over Thanksgiving weekend, I popped several batches and made popcorn strings for our Christmas tree. After Christmas, I put them out on our holly bushes, thinking the birds might like it, but they were all, ew, stale month-old popcorn.

Jill said...

Dearest Niece Littlest Vogel,

I am here to fix it ALL..

Because let's face it your mother and aunt ReVogel just do NOT have it together.

I know where there is a recorded copy of the SNL which you seek.

Have your mother bring you to visit ReVogel with a bottle of wine (to keep them busy) and we will watch it together.

Happiest of Birthday's to my niece who really isn't a Vogel but that doesn't matter because I am not either.

Much love to you.
Aunt Jill

Ann Marie said...

Happy Birthday beautiful CBD...

Jill.. shut up.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Chesapeake Bay Daughter!!I hope you enjoy plenty of " sangriches, snacks and delectables" for your Birthday!


Baby Sis ( Chesapeake Bay Aunt)

big hair envy said...

1. Happy Birthday to your baby girl! Will there be cake and ice cream? I only need an hour and a half notice...

2. I would SO eat macaroni and cheese for breakfast. Cold.

3. I started going back to the gym this week. I'm taking a step class tonight. God help me...

WV: bowls If you invite me over for cake and ice cream, I will bring the bowls;)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Maria Conchita Banana! I'll be cooking fried flounder for you on Sunday! Mashed potatoes, green salad, and chocolate cake. Don't be late!

wv: dersc - Ah have a flask in mah dersc for the hahd times.

Mrs F with 4 said...

1. Happy Birthday, CBD!

2. I have never eaten mac and cheese. Not out of any particular disgust for it... I've just never had the opportunity.

3. Goodbye Summer. Hello, Tropical Storm Nicole. This evening, Mrs F will be loading the 4, and Dog, and Mr F if he makes it home from.. .wherever... onto the Ark, and setting sail. Watch for me floating past your door shortly. Feel free to throw out a line. Or a gill net. Or whatever.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

CB Daughter and I read these together this evening. She says thank you, and so do I.

mer-Great choice, a hauntingly beautiful song. I'll have to google the words but it just adds to the intrigue.

Jamie-Your #3 sounds very exciting.

Ashley-Thanks for that sidereel info - we'll check it out.

deborah-She did enjoy the macaroni and cheese, but the rest of the day was sort of a disaster mostly (but not entirely) due to the weather, but this too shall pass.

daryl-that's a great idea about stringing the popcorn. Glad Rose is feeling better.

MPM-Make a batch of popcorn the old way and you won't go back. My kids don't even eat the microwave stuff at all any more. Boxed mac and cheese, however, yes.

Kay-Your diaper-wearing dog just made me laugh, thank you.

BvonB-Same birthdays? Isn't that something. Happy b-day to your son and way to go on all the yoga stuff. Do you do East Coast seminars? I need some stress relief. Lots and lots.

NNG-Actually she did get swelled up, but it's so long of a story I don't have time or energy to write it. Tomorrow's another day, and this weekend we'll hopefully celebrate appropriately. I blame the mac and cheese for setting the tone for the entire day...

Meg-You'll have to check out her room for yourself next time you're here, but I suspect that Ms. Swift will still be up there along with that vampire guy. Can you tell how involved I am in the details of my daughter's life? "That Vampire Guy" has been her obsession for a year or so now. Can't think of his name.

Jill-Thanks, and thanks for helping CBD out.

AM-Let me know when Jill is out of town and we'll set up a time for CBD to see the recorded version.

Baby Sis- You can rest assured that Norbitt will be viewed this weekend and there will be all kinds of delectables on hand. Well hayaDOin?

BHE-Ice cream and cake will be on Saturday (didn't have any cake today, long story). Unless we have another major weather event or other disaster.

cbNanny - I think Maria Conchita Banana wishes you'd been in charge of the entire birthday celebration, because today was a bit of a dud, but we eagerly await Sunday's festivities.

Mrs.F-Hope you're surviving the storm. She passed through here too and caused quite the disturbance. Never had mac and cheese? We must change this.