Thursday, September 2, 2010

Three Things

Welcome to Three Thing Thursday, where I share three things and you share three things.

Let's go.

1a. Last week on vacation, I almost read an entire book. Almost. There are still a few unread pages left. The last time I read an entire book was probably never when CBS, NBC, ABC and PBS were tuned in via rabbit ears with tin foil and a good swirl of the tuning knob which you actually adjusted by getting up and walking to the TV the only television channels, and drinking from the garden hose was a daily ritual.

1b. In my elder years, I seem to have come down with ADD an affliction which requires me to do things like flip impatiently through read magazines from back to front stopping only to gaze at pretty pictures or a butterfly passing by outside. With books I usually read to about the halfway mark, become impatient, skip to the very last page and then toss the book in the corner never to be opened again. Jane Austen (and Tolstoy, believe it or not) temporarily cured me of this ailment, but she's dead and doesn't produce new stuff, so CBW's reading well is bone dry.

1c. One day a dear friend from college said, "CBW, I've just read a book and you must read it too." Love in the Time of Cholera, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, showed up by the miracles of the flukes and eccentricities of the local post office the Pony Express, and I have to say it is an outstanding book. Although there is still some left to read, 331 of the book's 348 pages have been devoured ravenously. (I did peek at the last few pages though.)

2. A very long day of commuting and working will consume every ounce of my energy time today. As of this writing there's still no definitive word on what the storm is supposed to do.

3a. Whether the storm has an impact or not, I'm going to try not to post for a day or so, simply because there is way too much going on here, regardless of any potential hurricane, and I need to start redirecting my focus.

3b. If possible, I'll try to post over the weekend regarding what, if anything, happens with the storm.

Stay tuned.

Now it's your turn. Please share three things. On any PG-related topic whatsoever.

Have at it.


Anonymous said...


BayBrowder said...

Three things I never did until we moved to Mathews:
1) Tie our kayak to a tree to keep it from floating away with a tidal surge.
2) Put our banana plants in the garage to keep them from being shredded by tropical storm or hurricane force winds.
3) Watch our huge elephant ear plants (over six fet tall) get shredded by the wind....can't move them.
Earl....stay away.
Hokies....beat Boise State.
Go Mathews HS cross country.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

far-Thank you - I'll check it out tonight when I get home from work.

BayBrowder-My canoe and rowboat are tied to trees. Last heavy nor'easter I had my canoe tied to a car. Welcome to Quirkyville where anything goes.... MHS Cross Country is looking good!

Have a great day, everyone.

deborah said...

1. Hurricane Earl, go away! far away!
2. My oldest is off work for 5 days. He wants me to go out and about with him to 'take pictures'. Should be interesting!
3. Hurricane Earl, go away! far away!

Annie said...

1.My trouble is I can't stop reading books. That might be the reason that I don't get a lot done.

2. I don't have a rowbat, so it isn't tied to a tree. We are expecting rain. But not a hurricane.

3. Hurricane Earl, please be kind to the US East Coast. Especially where cbw and my little family are.

Deltaville Jamie said...

1a. waiting anxiously to see if there will be power in Deltaville because despite the eye wall not coming ashore there, that area is now under a tropical storm watch so it could be a little dicey.

1b. I am the type of person who thinks if I prepare for something, it won't happen. Like if I take my emergency weather radio, the hurricane won't come. But I got new tires and an oil change so I can safely drive to Deltaville... so I'm thinking that might not be good.

2. The rowboat is tied to a tree (I think) but the kayak is not. Funny, but I don't care about the rowboat, just the kayak. Luckily our house is on higher ground, probably the only hill in Deltaville.

3. If I lose the kayak I still have 2 inflatable boats in my box of floating toys

Be careful to those living on the coast!

Mental P Mama said...

Gustav must be excited....

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

1. Where does Gustav go when you have wicked coastal storms? Does CB Mother shoo him inside of her house? If you said yes, I would reply, "Of course she does."

2. I'm hoping Earl doesn't do too much damage to my beloved Outer Banks. Hey, things could be worse - he could have ruined your vacation last week!

3. Once the cold front passes, the weekend is supposed to be lovely - nay, gorgeous. I look forward to that.

4. Stay safe!!

Daryl said...

#1. Well well .. someone who adored "Love In The Time..." got me a copy. I did not love it. I did not finish it. I am working my way through Stephen King's The Dome which is fabulous and also qualifies as exercise since it weighs more than the September Vogue which is saying something .. not necessarily what anyone besides me understands.

#2. Rose has ringworm. Now Jack has it too.

#3. Guess who also has a lesion on her shoulder? Come on .. guess ...

#4. Doctor is calling me back with advice and hopefully something to make this crap stop itching and keep it from getting to be more than 'just one'

WV: Panized. Its what happens to pans that are too big.

Deltaville Jamie said...

Daryl's comment made me start singing "Ring Around the Rosie"

My word verification is "rence" which is how my grandmother pronounced rinse (she also said "rench") so Daryl, make sure you rence/rench out the cats after dipping...

Seriously, I hope it all goes away soon, it's no fun.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

1.I heard on the news bed bugs invasions are on the rise.
2.The Oval Office has been redecorated.
3.I am very excited about a three day weekend!
4.Earl who?
WV-undhor? No thanks.

Diane said...

I have a five day weekend.

I don't know where I'll be.

I don't care.

I'm blowing this Popsicle stand!

Stay afloat!

Anonymous said...

Stay safe and I am so glad your vacation was last week, not this week. Hopefully this won't happen again when I am in the Outer banks next month.

Postcard Cindy

Country Girl said...

1. Orange you glad that you're not in Hatteras this week?
2. My son is moving in for a week. I don't know how I feel about this yet.
3. It's hotter than hell here.

TSannie said...

1. I have reader's block as well.

2. I always read the first chapter then the end of the book. Generally that's all it takes.

3. I wonder if I need to batten down the looseness around our home...

big hair envy said...

1. I have been on a book binge of late. "Three Cups of Tea"...done. "Eat. Pray. Love."...I've eaten, I've prayed, and now I'm loving!!

2. I'm helping a caterer with a wedding at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral this Saturday. All I can think is that I need to take some Windex!!! (I hope you saw that movie, because I'm cracking myself up here!!!)

3. We are celebrating my MIL's birthday Sunday. WHY does it have to be so difficult to organize six people??? Delivah me!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

far- I loved it, although my next project will be to translate the lyrics. Attempted to do so on but the only word which computed was "freedom" - which actually makes me like the song more.

Also to anyone with an ear for jazz music in the style of Ella Fitzgerald: Since I gave myself the night off from blogging to tend to other issues, I was able to briefly watch that newfangled contraption called the television set. Yes, set.

If you get the chance, watch "Anita O'Day: The Life of a Jazz Singer" on the Documentary Channel. I could write a thesis on how much I loved this, but the key was being able to see the footage as opposed to just hearing her singing, which is also phenomenal.

Nothing has hit here yet storm-wise. Just 4,000% humidity and a gentle breeze. Same as every other day in July and August.

Thanks to you all for commenting, I love reading these even if I don't have time to respond and/or visit blogs.

And tonight I don't even have time to write a post for tomorrow.

Updates on the tropical storm/hurricane/storm will be posted over the weekend assuming we have current.

Which reminds me...Baybrowders: Whenever you lose electricity, you've really lost current. You may already know this, but I felt obligated to translate for you lest we do lose current and you happen to be conversing with any From Here over the age of roughly 35 or 40.

Here's to current. And Anita O'Day. And thanks to those of you who comment - you make my day.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

One slight modification to the remark about the current weather, there's actually plenty of wind. It's just not yet strong enough to hear from inside the house. Outside, though, she's blowin'a clip.

BayBrowder said...

When we first moved to Mathews, we did not have a gas-powered generator. When the winds and forecast were ominus (sp?), all the neighbors would be starting and test-running their generators. Didn't want to feel left out, so I would start our lawn mower and rev it up for a short while. I knew if the power/current went out, I could go out in the storm and mow grass.

Annie said...

Love the last comment above. Very enterprisingusing a lawn mower as a substitute generator!

Glad you were able to jump over and enjoy the kookaburras...

funny coincidence ..this week, there has been a school here in Australia trying to amend the words in that song...

instead of singing "kookaburra gay your life must be"..they want to say "fun your life must be". I think most people are thinking they are going a bit too far! ;-)

hope that hurricane is being kind to you. My little grandson and family went back from the beach to nyc early, since it was a bit pointless being at the beach for a heavy wet rainy day. Not an option for those of you who live there though.

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

LOL @Baybrowder! And also at "TV Set." Did you set a spell on the davenport while you watched your programs?

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

BAyBrowder - That is hilarious. We need to write a book for new arrivals on how to assimilate into the Mathews community. I am sure it would be just a bit different than the typical Welcome Committee speech. We'll include a chapter on the hurricane preparedness and have a photo of you atop your lawn mower as the intro to the chapter. Too funny.

Annie-So far, the hurricane has been a dud (in my opinion, don't quote me though), however the "worst" of it hasn't passed through yet. Supposedly winds will pick up as the morning progresses. So far, compared to many/most bad nor'easters that pass through here, this is nothing, but again don't quote me because things can change.

Meg- The best way to watch a program (yes, program) on the television set is directly on the floor atop the shag carpeting with a great big bowl of popcorn in front of you...popped on the stove, mind you. I think I am channeling my grandmother. Must be the barometric pressure or something associated with the hurricane.

Deltaville Jamie said...

Two Words- JIFFY POP

Bridget's friend had no clue what Jiffy Pop was, so we had to make some while we were on vacation. Made me feel really old. I still use Jiffy Pop a lot... something cool about that big silver blob holding in the popcorn...

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

I LOVE Jiffy Pop - we used to always make it when our one aunt & uncle watched us when we were kids. I still buy it every once in a while.