Thursday, December 30, 2010

Three Things

Outbuilding at Williams Wharf

Welcome to Three Thing Thursday, the Winter Vacation Edition, where I try to think of something to say and you share whatever is on your mind.

My mind appears to be devoid of life utterly and completely on vacation, and I'm starting to wonder if the only time I can come up with a blog post is under extreme duress. In short, I'm not sure where we're headed with this post, but rest assured it's nowhere bound to be somewhere. *

Let's begin.

1.  We survived Christmas, barely, before being pummeled by a blizzard.  That  was all fine and dandy, that blizzard, because it forced some very spectacular napping.  The best part of all is I took off work this week. Oh, how sweet it is, this thing called no commuting paid vacation.

2.  Next, the focus was on quality time with the Chesapeake Bay Children, which was wonderful but not without the typical CBW trials and tribulations that my son and daughter now come to expect with any sort of adventure I propose.

3.  One of the adventures involved ice skating, which I love because it reminds me somewhat of roller skating, evidently an extinct sport.

Anyone who regularly reads this blog knows that even at the age of almost 46  I secretly want to be on a roller derby team.  Skating, the faster the better, is liberating to me.  The thought of not just being allowed but encouraged to push people out of the way while flying around the rink?  Well, that sounds like a great way to fight off excess stress, which seems to follow CBW more closely than her shadow.

3b.  Anywho, regardless of the fact that ice skating and roller derby are not even kissing cousins, CBW performed about an hour's worth of her best speed skating/pretend roller derby routine in the hamster cage of a rink the size of a postage stamp, before her legs grew tired.  Plus, with all those mutants other people skating around, the ice was starting to become slushy. Both of these were signs to stop, except she I didn't want to.

And that's when it happened.

3c. In super slow motion the front of my skate globbed ** up on a chunk of errant ice just as I was gearing up for a super fast turn.  All I could do was stretch my arms out in front of me and lift my face up just in time to experience what can only be described as a Human Icee land flat on my stomach on the ice.

With so much momentum behind me, I screamed for ten minutes slid and slid and slid.  Hands, feet and face up, arms outstretched.  Sort of like sliding in to home plate. From left field. 

In Antarctica.

3d.  When I finally stopped and could lift my head up, there stood Chesapeake Bay Son, just an inch or two away from where I stopped sliding.  All he could muster, also in super slow motion, was, "Oh. My. God."


Now it's your turn to share three things, whatever happens to be flying around your head. Hopefully ice, ice skates, the accompanying sharp blades or any associated embarrassment are not involved.   

*When I started writing this, I had no idea I'd be talking about the Ice Skating Incident, rife with stress and therefore the perfect fuel to jump start my blogging embers.  So never mind that opening paragraph about not having anything to say.  I don't have anything to talk about except my two bruised knee caps and one embarrassed son. In other words, it's an ordinary day around here.

** "Globbed" is most definitely a word, located on page 612 in CBW's Dictionary of Ridiculosity, coming soon to book stores near you.


Annie said...

1. oooh..I hope you are OK. lots of rest and ice packs I say. Oh, no, you just did the ice bit! Ha!

2. It is warm warm warm here, and we might need to borrow your dinghy/boat whatever you call it. Floods everywhere.

3. Back to work for me today. Folding and packing clothes at the local charity warehouse. There might be lots of people needing some clothes after all the floods.

4. Oh. And looking into booking a trip to NYC for March, for baby number two. Exciting. Am wondering if I'll get myself a visa so I can stay longer than the 3 months. Might be able to get accom next door to daughter for some of the time. Know anyone who wants to rent a messy falling down house in Brisbane? May need a boat.ha.

Deltaville Jamie said...

1. I am so tired and stressed these days that I ain't got nothing profound or amusing to say.

2. I am now legally separated. This is good news. Well, except for the large amount of money that will be going to pay an attorney. And the fact that the van decides to now have issues and need repairs.

3. I am searching for a weekend to escape to Deltaville, but need some of the snow to melt or I can't get to the house.

3b. I haven't been ice skating in years and years. Last time was on an actual frozen pond.

deborah said...

1. I used to love to ice skate, but did it at the speed of a turtle- willing myself not to fall and embarrass myself:)
2. Stress seems to be a major theme lately. I've been so stressed and can't even figure it out. It can't be all the stuff going on right now, can it?
3.Your children/teens will be embarrassed constantly for the next few years...I thought it was fun to embarrass mine as often as possible:) with my silliness.
3b. Enjoy your vacation! Sleep in, drink a glass of wine, and play!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

1. Hi my name is Noe Noe Girl (remember me?)
2. I want my own iTouch anything!
3. Like Jamie, I have not been ice skating in forever. Maybe we should all go to the new ice rink that has just opened in Richmond.

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

I haven't ice skated on a pond in forever, but we have a couple of rinks nearby and every so often, we go. I'm much more cautious than you, though because I never get up enough speed to result in an erreant cross-ice slide. Yeowch.

Did you know that you and the lovely Suz Broughton have in common that quirkly fixation on roller derby? She loves that stuff.

I drove into DC today for my final day of work in 2010. It took me less than 45 minutes because I AM THE ONLY PERSON IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE CITY WHO IS WORKING. Evidently. Contrast that to a normal commute time via Metro of 1:15:00 and you can understand why I'm giddy at being parked right outside the building. Even if meter parking is two bucks an hour.

Kay L. Davies said...

Okay, having read your age despite you drawing a line through it, and taking into account the age of my youngest brother, who is almost 43, I'd say you're about old enough to have heard the song Roller Derby Queen by Jim Croce and get it stuck in your subconscious forever'n'ever. Not that Jim Croce can explain you skating on a frozen pond, but he was fun to listen to, and it's a good thing you didn't get hung up on Workin' at the Carwash Blues.
The last time I did any ice-skating at all, pond or otherwise, in this case otherwise, was when said little brother was five and Mom phoned to tell me it was my turn to take him skating because my sister was pregnant.
My resolution? To listen to more old music that makes me smile.

Anonymous said...

While you were gone, Dad and I trudged through 11 inches of light powder to get our lushious Chocolate Rum Cake gift from our neighbors, Paul and Mary Ellen who make this delightful confection at Christmas. I did my usual half gaynor, full axle, Dag Hammerschield ice maneuver and remained standing! You may call me Sonja Henie. Mum

Wv: We are anything but ledul.

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

CBW, in further proof that we may in fact have been separated at birth - or at the very least, long lost kin - my own mum peppers any mention of ice skating with references to Sonja Henie. And the fact that I actually get it makes me feel like Methusaleh.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

CB Mumma, all I have to say is what CB Son said: O.M.G. Also, I'm sorry I missed it. Last but not least, hope you're OK...

Mental P Mama said...


big hair envy said...

2. I really
3. MISS you people!

Happy New Year!


Former Blogger:/

4. Prayers for Daryl and Ray tonight.