Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday

In honor of our country's birthday, which also happens to be my cousin Mary's birthday, I thought I'd post a few flag photos.  These were taken on a leisurely boat ride on Queens Creek last Friday.

(The story behind that impromptu boat ride is another story entirely.)

The Fourth was a big deal around here back in the day. The place to be was anchored off Gwynn's Island for the fireworks put on by the Islander. Oh, what I wouldn't give for one more Fourth spent on a boat off that island watching fireworks.

However, given that my boat nearly caught on fire yesterday, which is yet another story for yet another day, I doubt I'd make the trip even if they were still doing the fireworks from there.

Click here for an old post about the Islander.

Click here for a poem I wrote about July 4th at the Islander.

Click here if you're tired of hearing me say click here.

In other news, and in honor of the holiday, this blog is taking a much needed siesta.

Hope to be back and rarin' to go next week.

Have a great week.


Country Girl said...

You can say click here as much as you want. Hope you have a great Fourth, my friend.

Daryl said...

Click on .... always something fun to see/hear or you can take a ciessica .. a short nap in WV language

Mental P Mama said...

Have a great time!!!!!

Bethie said...

Happy 4th CBW!!!

David D said...

4th if July on Hills Bay watching the fireworks was the best. I have many fond memories of those nights. The Islander was the place to be, and so much fun in the summer. It's sad to look at it now.

deborah said...

Have a great week!

Snowtography said...

Hm, I can't wait to hear the story of the impromptu boat ride.

When you have a chance, you might find these pix interesting. :)

Deltaville Jamie said...

The Brat Child said, "I like your friends. That wady is cwazy. You see her chase dem geese? And she had that mean goose trapped!" In fact, he said that to every person he knew, more than once. Have fun!

Grandma J said...

Clicking is my favorite pastime...please don't do away with it.

Happy belated 4th!