Thursday, July 21, 2011

Three Things

Thursday is upon us once again, and that means it's time to share three things.

1.  It's hotter than blue blazes here now, and more humid than the Amazon Jungle.  Yet no matter how hot it gets I still love this time of year.  I love the sun, the bright light, and the extreme heat warmth.  I love sweating, even. In fact, I'll take a hot, sweltering July summer day over a cold, dark January night any day of the year.

2.  Last night was like Thanksgiving in July here at the Chesapeake Bay Family compound.  My mother, whose garden overfloweth, fixed the most incredible dinner for us:  fried flounder, stewed tomatoes, squash, green beans, spoon bread, mashed potatoes, and salad.  Every single bite was a little taste of heaven.  My favorite was the stewed tomatoes.  I'm pretty sure I could eat vine ripened tomatoes until the cows come home.  (If we had cows, that is. And if they were lost, far, far away from home.)

3. To preserve peace in a staff meeting at work yesterday, I was forced to kill a jug hornet, which I didn't want to do.  Although I don't really care for insects, I have no particular desire to kill them unless absolutely necessary.  When one of my co-workers started freaking out over the fact that one was in our conference room, my boss (a man) glanced over at me and said, "Chesapeake Bay Woman is a country girl; she'll take care of it."  I assured them the jug hornet (or whatever it was) had no interest in harming us, however nobody believed me. So things escalated, and  I had to kill it.  When I told my mother this story last night she said that karma would ensure that I would come back as a jug hornet in my next life.

So, there's that to look forward to.

What's happening in your world?


Kay L. Davies said...

Shame about having to come back as a hornet. Let's hope nobody's boss makes her kill you.
Until then, however, my three things:
1. My brother and his wife arrived here yesterday and are leaving tomorrow. I'm beginning to feel abandonment issues already.
2. I am now sleeping with a CPAP machine. It cost a lot, so I guess I should feel like a big spender, but I feel like a clown in an elephant mask.
3. I have an appointment with a nutritionist tomorrow, and she's supposed to give me a diet so I can lose corticosterioid weight without compromising my blood sugar and several digestive health issues. I wish her luck.
(I wish you luck, too, CBW. If you come back as a hornet, will you remember how much you loved life as Chesapeake Bay Woman?)

—Kay, Alberta, Canada

Annie said...

1. My family all went home.

2. It's very quiet here now. Hope to play tennis tonight.

3. Had to lend the girl next door a ladder. She locked herself out. Again.

Bethie said...

1. I loved stewed tomatoes.

2. I got a real job that pays real money after seven years of staying at home!

3. I am so scared and nervous about the real job. How will I manage kids, hubby's schedule and this job? UGH.

Ann Marie said...

1. YOU won't come back as a jug hornet .. the boss will and he will live his life in fear of other bosses. You are coming back as my sister.. the end. (which could be a painful task as well)

2. I am still in obx.. last full day.. can we start now. I. DO. NOT. WANT. TO. COME. BACK.

3. I have taken about 400 postable photos since I left.. by postable meaning I went through them and they are all good enough to throw up there! wow.

4. Tangier trip Saturday!!! wooohooooooooo

Mental P Mama said...

Spoon bread??? Haven't had that in decades.... I want some.

Deltaville Jamie said...

1. In 1 week and 2 days I will be in Deltaville and I CAN.NOT.WAIT. I expect to see some of you while I'm there.

2. If I could come back as a bee type thing I'd prefer a wasp. They can sting several times without dying.

3. I was reading a blog yesterday that mentioned how dragonflies can have sex while they're flying. I'd never thought of this before and because of the whole "reincarnation as an insect thing" I'm now thinking how cool that would be... or maybe the female praying mantis who decapitates the male while mating... or one of the female lightening bug species who mimick the patterns of other species to lure the male in to eat him.

4. I know too much about insects. Damn Ranger Rick magazine.

Maria_NJ said...

Good morning all...

I love this time of year also, even though it is hot I do like it...

three things...

1. It dawned on me the other day that I probably will not b able o retire in 6 years...the youngest of our 3 is going into HS this Sept, and if she wants to go to college, mommy has to continue to work...I try not to think about it.

2. We are taking a road trip today down to Cape May, it is really nice down there. They have something called cape May diamonds...
we might go look for some, on the way down we are stopping at the Cape May Zoo, a wonderful little zoo, and then to the Lobster House for dinner, the whole family is going, even the boys (men)!

3. CBW I forgive you for having to kill that bee, they made you do it, I know you didn't want to, so that cancels out any bad karma...

Bethie congrats on the job!!

Kay feel better...

Daryl said...

Trust me its hotter in Birmingham, AL than it is in Mathews, VA .. I told them in Birmingham that I'd never been anywhere near as hot but that Mathews comes close .. no one believed it wasnt THAT hot in NYC .. yeah well til this week it wasnt.

Last nite waiting for the subway (either express or local I didnt care as long as it was AC'd and I wasnt on the platform melting) FIVE MINUTES .. I know this because the MTA spent a bundle on these clocks to let us sweltering subway riders know when the next train was arriving... FIVE minutes is a LONG LONG time when you are in a steambath fully clothed carrying a ten ton purse

And lastly, tomorrow is Fridaycation and I may try to get out early with my new 200mm lens .. cant wait to see what I can see

That is all.

Except .. I LOVE stewed tomatoes!

These Nine Acres said...

1. Ladybug's arm is doing better, thank God above.
2. I love this time of year despite the crazy heat too.
3. I am looking to an adult only vacation coming up here shortly with my hubby!

Miss you horribly.

Grandma J said...

I would have flattened that flying beast in no time flat. I have no problem killing bugs. If you could see all the bites on me you would understand. If the heat won't go me in the bugs will.

I want some stewed tomaters!!

Windsmurf said...

I've been lurking, laughing and enjoying your blog for a little while now, so time to chime in.
1. My tomatoes are going wild this year, I only have a few plants but last night I canned 6 quarts of stewed tomatoes to enjoy on those cold January nights.
2. My bean plants were all chewed up some fuzzy yellow critters, but I managed to get two pickings before they succombed to the bugs, so I froze a bunch to also enjoy on cold January nights.
3. Around about midnight last night when I was finishing up the tomatoes, it occurred to me that it would be MUCH cheaper and easier to just buy my veggies like a normal person.
I hope everyone is well and surviving the heatwave.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Windsmurf-Thank you for joining us, it's always a pleasure and a thrill hearing from new people. Sure, it might be cheaper to buy them at the store, and of course a lot less work, but you can't beat the taste of vegetables right out the garden.

You know, speaking of this heatwave, I personally don't think it's that hot--call me crazy (and you'd be right). Of course it was *blazing* hot in the middle of the day, but I went jogging this morning with no major complaints, and this evening I sat under the pine trees and gazed at the creek for about an hour and actually thought it felt cool.

Maybe I'm just delirious from all the mosquito bites...