Friday, July 22, 2011

Scenes from Bavon

Thursday morning I drove down to the end of the Earth county to check on the beautiful marshes and the lighthouse.

Except for a quick trip down here with my classmate Johnny Pugh back in March, I hadn't been in this neck of the woods since Blog Fest, 

I was relieved to see that everything was just as I remembered it.

Only far prettier.

The greens and blues were so overpowering, I actually gasped.

Then, when a horse fly flew in the window I'd rolled down to take a few pictures, I screamed.

The End.

p.s. I only screamed when he landed on me.  If you've ever been bitten by a horsefly, you don't need any explanation for that scream.  

This concludes the third consecutive blog post involving insects or my screams.  

Both are quite common here in Mathews.


Anonymous said...

Lightning and insects and storms, oh my !! Isn't it a blessing to know that our behavior can provide so much entertainment for our children?
I am so grateful for your humor and great generosity that you have shown not only to me but also to NJ Maria. I am in a period of life full of Buddhist 'Obstacles', resulting in my family having to live at our in-laws' house-- (otherwise I would love to invite you & kids to explore the San Francisco region and stay with us--if we had our own place.) Housing is obscenely expensive here but we DO have a gazillion Vietnamese & Thai restaurants.
P.S. I was bitten by a horsefly as a kid, and I totally sympathize.


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

LLC-I'm sorry to hear about your obstacles. If there's any way you can swing a trip out this way, I assure you it would rejuvenate your soul.

When my crazy family camped/drove cross country in a VW bus back in the 1970s, we ended up in San Francisco, freezing to death in August. I returned as an adult for a work trip around 1990. This time, instead of camping, I stayed at the Fairmont and thoroughly enjoyed roaming the streets.

I'd love to get out there again, and the CB children haven't been any further west than West Virginia. Toss in an overabundance of Vietnamese and Thai food out there, and you might see me on your in-laws' front step camping out!

Hang in there, and really, I am serious when I say you (and NJ Maria) should make a trip here.

Ann Marie said...

one word... gag

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

AM-I'm stopping by this evening. I'll bring you a wet wash cloth and some ginger ale. And one or two other things.

Deltaville Jamie said...

Last night I dreamt Daryl and I were chasing down and wrestling stampeding hippos in NYC. Has nothing to do with Bavon but thought I'd share how obviously desperate I am for vacation.

Oddly, I woke up thinking about New Point Comfort Light and how I'd like to try to make it to Bavon for some newer photos.

I heard somewhere that Bavon has such nice sandy beaches because many moons ago a meteor hit there which threw sands from way below the surface to the top. Is that true?

deborah said...

Good Morning! Gorgeous pictures. The marshes are so lush and the water so blue!

100 degrees here already, wasn't I complaining about the cold yesterday?!?

Have a great fun weekend!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

DJ-This is the sort of question I'd normally rely on you to answer since you're a walking encyclopedia of facts. A meteorite caused the formation of the bay, but that particularly white sand is only found in a few spots around here. My completely uneducated guess would be that the major bodies of water that converge there influence the sand. Similar white sand is found on stretches of beach near where the mouth of Stutts Creek/Milford Haven/and the bay meet. But seriously, I have no idea.

Perhaps Anonymous Mathews Resident, who also works at VIMS, can help us out here (if she's reading.

deborah-Stay cool. It's scorching here too.

These Nine Acres said...

Ha! And then I made you scream when you visited my blog today too! Poor thing. I know horse flies are HORRIBLE when the bite. They actually use their teeth to bite and tear the flesh! Ouch.

Gorgeous images. xoxo

Maria_NJ said...

CBW you are so dear...

we are actually thinking of taking a trip down there next year when the husband and I are both off. Just to take a look around and to see if this is will be our little corner of paradise...from what I see on your blog and when I look at all the real estate sites for my "dream home" I know for me, it is...

are horseflies and greenheads related?

have a wonderful weekend...

ps... you know its not the heat, its the humidity. I can take the hot just not being able to breath that gets the humidity is 70%!!

Kay L. Davies said...

The humidity here on the desert part of the prairie is 77% right now. A while ago it must have been 100% because the rain was coming down so hard it sounded like thunder on the metal part of the roof, until the actual thunder happened, and IT sounded like a train wreck.
Weather is bizarre this year. I'm almost getting glad my husband is dragging me off to Russia this summer, but only just almost. It's still too far away.

—Kay, Alberta, Canada

Mental P Mama said...

Such a beautiful painting I bought last summer is Bavon...

Margaret said...

Pretty marshes. It reminds me of Assateague Island. There are a million horse flies there, too!