Thursday, July 28, 2011

Three Things

It's time once again to usher in Thursday, the day of the week where we are encouraged to share three things no matter what they are or how random they seem.

I'll go first.

1.  Happy Happy Birthday to Middle Sister who turns a year older today.   Click here for last year's birthday tribute.

1b.  Please click here for a picture of the Chesapeake Bay Sisters (minus Baby Sis who was not yet born) from circa 1970.

1c. For a most entertaining story written by Chesapeake Bay Mother about Middle Sister, click here.

2. I am really looking forward to the weekend.

3. These heron shots were taken a couple of weeks ago on an impromptu boat trip with some neighbor friends of mine.

Now it's your turn. What's on your mind?


Kay L. Davies said...

1. You and Middle Sister were very cute, whether you were making her laugh or cry, or were grumpy yourself.
2. Baby Sister would have been cute, too, if she had been born yet.
3. I was feeling icky today after a whole week of feeling better. As my mother would have said, "Wouldn't that just frost your petunias?"
Planning to feel better tomorrow. That's not #4, that's either a threat or a promise pertaining to #3.

—Kay, Alberta, Canada

big hair envy said...

1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Middle Sis:)

2. This weekend is going to be CALIENTE;) OLE!

3. I'm getting my hair cut today. I remain hopeful that my magician can once again work her magic on this impossible hair:/

4. See you tonight...

Deltaville Jamie said...

1. Vacation starts Saturday- I hope. Because after I got through the crisis with the cat and fearing I would have to put her to sleep, the van decides it isn't going to start. So I'm anxiously waiting to hear from the mechanic.

2. Every time I think of you, CBW, I hear the song "Feelin' HOT HOT HOT!" in my head. And it makes me want to shake my moneymaker. Which makes no sense since I type for a living so I'd just be wiggling my fingers at you.

3. Is it Saturday yet?

4. I love the heron photos.

Daryl said...

Happy Birthday Middle Sis!

Great story CBMama!

And its July and I am not in VA .. I feel as if I am missing a part of me .. but I will cheer up because this Saturday is our 33 wedding anniversary .. we were married the day after I was born

Sleeli ... silly with an accent

Maria_NJ said...

Cute story your Mom had about her and middle sis's cruise..

Happy Birthday Middle Sis!!

Jamie so sorry about the cat, I hope everything is OK now...

Kay feel better...

Happy Anniversary and Birthday Daryl!!

Yeah! I'm off tomorrow!!!

7. I want some garlic crabs, but I want to go out my back door and catch them...some day

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Thanks, Kay. I was mostly grumpy and some might say things haven't changed much (which is why the crab hat is so helpful/therapeutic). Middle Sis was usually quite cheerful--except when I was making her life miserable, as shown in that picture.


DJ-That link you sent me on Facebook had me cracking up, thanks for that. Hope the van comes out OK, you really need/deserve a week in the 'Ville (and an evening or so in Mathews).

Daryl - 33 years is a beautiful, beautiful accomplishment. Enjoy your celebration this weekend and happy birthday, too.

Maria-When you win the blog cabin you'll have all the crabs you want, some of which will be those ornery (and inedible) fiddler crabs frolicking in your back yard...can't wait for those spring rolls.

Mrs F with 4 said...

When one is up to one's scrawny little neck in sh*t, does one:

1) swim like fury;
2) float on one's back and hope for rescue;
3) give up and sink?

Answers on a postcard, please....

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Mrs. F, the answer is (4) leave the s*** behind and purchase a one-way ticket to Bora Bora. If you need a traveling companion, let me know.

Hang in there.

Windsmurf said...

Well, I survived to another Thursday, yeahhhh.
1. It's Friday to me because I am off work tomorrow, so let the weekend begin!
2. I need to find something to scare the birds away from my tomato plants, it seems Cardinals love red shiny tomatoes. I tried running around waving my arms and making weird noises - it didn't do much to the birds, but my neighbors are now staying far away.
3. Your trip adventures reminded me of those we took when our kids were young. We had a camper that was mounted on the back of a pickup truck that had a window across the front( the camper, not the truck, well OK the truck too). My daughters used to mime strangling each other to the oncoming traffic's amusement. I think they were miming.

Have a great weekend everyone.

growing wild on waverly lane said...

Oh God ms F with 4, backstroke darling and close all the blow holes!

All sister #2's traffic offenses were nolle prossed. (wv - nolle)
And a happy birthday to her.

I have to post soon about three events in the life of your parents, but need Howard's purple VW picture and some others.

Mental P Mama said...

Wait. Huh

Country Girl said...

Happy B'day to your middle sis.

Hope Jamie's kitty is ok. And her van.

And that Angie's haircut is divine.

And that you have a wonderful weekend ~