Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Middle Sister

Here is another truly impressive display of Chesapeake Bay Woman's technical expertise: a digital picture of a Polaroid snapshot! Click on the photo to experience the full effect of the plastic faux rattan patio furniture which serves as a backdrop to the circa 1970 photo album. See that shirt? It was my favorite. Yes, it's truly incredible, isn't it?

What's even more incredible is that Chesapeake Bay Middle Sister is getting married today in Hawaii. She chose this destination so that none of the Chesapeake Bay Family members could show up and embarrass her attend, although she claims she just wanted a family-free hassle-free wedding.

In the picture above, I was probably about 5 and she was around 2. We're perched atop the CB Family's very first Cub Cadet lawn mower, which was a manual with a gear shift that made really cool grinding noises when I could never find the right gear. Plus, I loved popping the clutch and making it jerk forward, but that was in later years much after this was taken.

However this is not a tribute to the Cub Cadet, it's a dissection of the picture above and how it relates to what is happening today.

As you can see, Middle Sister sits smiling as she leans against her wicked responsible older sister, who is wearing her favorite shirt with the fish on it a pensive scowl .

She was smiling the day I served her rat poison at a tea party. She smiled when I had to carry her on my back when her toe nearly fell off was caught in the spokes of the bike we were riding. (I was driving, so of course it was my fault that she dangled her legs instead of holding them up like I told her a million times.) She smiled when we teased her about being able to talk the legs off an iron pot. She smiled as Baby Sister and I laughed hysterically when the server at the Piccadilly Cafeteria in Coliseum Mall looked at her and asked, "Serve you, sir?" (She had scraggly hair then and *might* have appeared to be a boy.)

Yes, Middle Sister has always kept a chin up and a positive outlook no matter what rat poison was being served on her dainty little tea party plate. And today, after 40 years, she's finally getting married.

Best wishes to you, Middle Sister and New Brother-in-Law. You can always lean on me, whenever you need anything. Please take lots of pictures and keep that positive outlook on life.

p.s. She wasn't always so chipper, and no doubt she'd blame this crying business on me.

p.s.s.t. Love you, Middle Sis!


Annie said...

Ah, what a cutie.

Wow..a wedding in Hawaii. How amazing!

I bet you were all the best of friends, despite your remembrances of times past! And still remain so!

Happy Wedding Day.

Grandma J said...

What a cute little dickens!

Best wishes to the newlyweds.

Not to ask in an accusatory tone, but are those smudges of blood on those photo pages? Naw, probably cranberry juice, right?

Just think...two weeks from now, all survivors of blogfest will be on the mend!

mmm said...

Best wishes to Middle Sis and her husband!

mom x 2 said...

Awww, Best wishes to the newlyweds! Those pictures are adorable :)

Mental P Mama said...

All the very best to the newlyweds! And I cannot get down there and ride that mower;)

cats said...

That is awesome. Getting married in Hawaii. I always wanted to go there and still do. I wish them the best of luck. I know she will be a beautiful bride. I saw her in Food Lion last weekend. She is still as pretty as ever. Love ya, middle sis.

Daryl said...

Wedding in Hawaii.. she really didnt want you there, did she .. of course she could have gone to China or even NYC ...

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful backdrop for a wedding! Happy thoughts for a long and wonderful life together to Middle Sis and her new Hubby.

Just finished reading the blogs I missed. TOOO funny, a fellow pirate stalker from afar eh?Mayhaps he was among the Moody Crew or wandering the walk with Blackbeard. Twas a fine weekend for plundering and pillaging. We picked up many a crew member from the crowd and forced them into service. Yes, I did get pictures LOL Hope everyone has a good week.

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

Congrats to Middle Sis! Aloha!

Lynne M. said...

I was off yesterday, have no computer at home, so I'm just reading all from last Friday on.

I think that the beaches in Mathews are absolutely beautiful. The only problem is that they are getting crowded. I don't know who thought we needed that parking lot at Haven Beach. Or the rocks. Or the "fake sand" at the beginning of the beach.

It must have been seen before all the "improvements" to truly be experienced. Like 4 years ago July 4th I went there and saw 3 people over the course of 6 hours.

But, in conclusion, now that I have rambled shamlessly.
You have not overexagerated the beauty of Mathews. Not one bit.

Big Hair Envy said...

Congratulations, Middle Sis! I'm sure you will make a beautiful bride:)

Personally, I think the gears grind louder on a Massey-Ferguson than they do on a Cub Cadet. Just sayin'...

You two were ADORABLE!!!!

Together We Save said...

Love your blog. Great post.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Annie-In spite of our feuding at an early age, we've always been close. Just not close enough to be invited to her wedding. (Ha ha, just kidding, Middle Sis if/when you ever read this.)

Grandma J.-Yes, drops of blood which came from her toe when she rammed them into the whirling bike spokes when she sat on the back of our red Schwinn bike with the handy passenger seat on the back. That's what she'd say, anyway. Truth be told I have no idea what the stain is. Could be most anything.

MMM &MPM & MOM x 2 -On her behalf, thanks. She's too busy right now to read this piddly blog but I"m sure she'll be happy to read these well wishes when she returns.

Cats-Glad you got to see her. She looks like someone who belongs on TV. On the other hand, I look like I belong in an RV.

Daryl-You're right, she did not want us there, but actually I can't blame her based on the dynamics of this family.

MsSeaBreeze-We must see some pictures from Harbor Fest. Bring them to Blog Fest! I can tell you more about your stalker if you wish. Actually Foolery can too. If it wasn't for Foolery's endorsement, I might have thought he was a real stalker. As it turns out, he's just a pirate in stalker's clothing. Or a stalker in pirate's clothing. Or something.

Meg-She says thanks. Or she will when she reads this.

Lynne M. - For the very reasons you mention, I have shoved Haven to my least favorite of the 3 public beaches on that side of the county, with Aaron's being my favorite. You're so fortunate to have been married there, such a beautiful backdrop. Regarding the number of visitors, I try to go on Friday during the day when hardly anyone is out. If there's even ONE other car down there I consider it crowded! Spoiled rotten, I am.

BHE-This circa-1979 Cub Cadet had the grindinest gears ever EXCEPT for the large Ford tractor I drove to pick up daffodil baskets back in the day. LOVED that thing. Have never been on a Massey Furgeson. Maybe you could tow it to Blog Fest and give us a demonstration. (And we could have races with my father's John Deere.)

Together We Save - Thank you. Based on the links I saw on your profile, I'll be visiting your site often. I'm all about saving money.

Only one week and one day until Blog Fest, she says in utter and complete denial about what is left to be done.

Anonymous said...

Your party invitation was extended when last we met.....I will take the blame for NOT reminding you!! It would be nice if you and a certain Blog Fest Host with the Most could join us. Bring a tent, and stay the night....we have PLENTY of yard space:) FB me for directions and details...I'd LOVE for you to come and forget about Blog Fest for a while:)!!!!

Big Hair Envy said...

WAIT!!! I am NOT ANONYMOUS!!!! It's just me, BHE:)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

BHE-You are sweet but I know I'll have far too much to do around here this weekend. I do expect a full report on your festivities, though! And I LOVE those Blog Fest tumblers. In case I haven't mentioned it, put me down for one.

Annie said...

John Deere, Massey ferguson..

"back in my day" (haha I am so old) I used to drive a tractor of my father's called a President. He used to import them to Australia from the UK and put them together and sell them...and used one on our farm. He never did make any money..but that is a differant story.

Had a different couple when my husband was farming after work hours (almost every place we lived) but don't remember the names...had to leave the last one in Darwin when he died. Probably a massey ferguson. Not a lot you can do with a huge tractor when you have to go live on a city allotment! Still have the large clunky and almost broken down 4 stroke (no ride on) mower. But that is also another story.

Enjoy the rest of the week, before Blogfest. If you are anything like me, you will leave everything to the last minute...I find things get done pretty quickly when that happens...and what doesn't get done...oh well.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Annie- You must tell the rest of those stories of yours. (You're not old - you play tennis, which requires agility, quickness and stamina. Probably some other stuff too, but you get my drift. You are not old.)

Also, I absolutely agree with your philosophy on preparing for this fest - Indeed I've practically convinced myself that I'll work best at the last minute.

Off to sleep now, speaking of the last minute. O'dark-thirty and the commute to work are just around the corner.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I'm just reading this from yesterday. We had a great wedding....I can't wait to see the pictures. We are having a blast....

Mrs CBMiddle Sis!!

foolery said...

She looks like her daddy in this photo. You are all stunning, by the way. Every last one of you.