Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's Here

Welcome to Woodstock Blog Fest 2009, now occurring at the house you see above. The grass is tall, the exterior needs some minor work, and the interior contains a few unknowns. Otherwise the structure is solid, the foundation is strong.

OK, so this house is actually down Port Haywood (which is in Mathews but not where we'll be), but the words above could very easily apply to our Festival of Bloggers here this weekend.

Yes, there are some imperfections. Sure, there are some unknowns. Some interior work may be necessary--or it may not, who knows. But there are no two ways about it: this group is a solid structure with a strong foundation and so much untapped potential.

To the extent possible, I will post some real-time pictures from our little gathering, however more than likely you'll have to visit some of the folks below since all I have is dial-up internet and it takes me two years two months to upload a single photo.

Once again here is the list of brilliant bloggers who comprise the framework and foundation of our Blog Fest House:

Big Hair Envy - Who celebrated a birthday last week. From VA
Grandma J. From Texas. Make sure you're within close proximity to a paramedic if she decides to make a prank phone call. She's good, this Grandma J.
Foolery - Who celebrated a birthday last Saturday. Coming from California.
Meg/Soup is not a Finger Food From the DC metro region.
Mental P Mamma - CT
TS Annie - CT
Daryl - NYC
AsthmaGirl- Washington State (You have to say it like that around here otherwise people think it's Washington DC.)
The Baroness -CANADA
Living on the Spit - VA
Country Girl - MD
Pleasing Procrastinator - IN
Noe Noe Girl a Queen of All Trades - A little house in the big woods.
Momx2 - Celebrated a birthday on Sunday
Auds at Iambarkingmad -MAINE
A Gloucester blogger and his wife
Anonymous Mathews Native -Who will bring delicious ham biscuits
The Waterman's Wife -Whose birthday is on Saturday and who is arranging our boat ride.
MsSeabreeze -Lifelong friend
Baby Sis (only for Saturday night because she's a wimp)
Harry Connick, Jr. - Back off Meg, he's mine.
The Robbin Thompson Band - Playing Sweet Virginia Breeze.
Thomas Jefferson - Trust me, if TJ could be at Blog Fest, he would be here with bells on. Or perhaps Mental Mama's red cowboy boots.

OK, so on these last few I was just testing to see if anyone is still awake this far down the page, because someone needs to wake me up.

As time permits I will run away never to be seen or heard from again post updates on the misadventures highlights of Blog Fest 2009.


Grandma J said...

Yep, I'm still up! I was thinking about giving myself a facial because as soon as a plaster that stuff on my face I'll decide I'm too tired and want to sleep.

Then again I have to get up in four hours so what's the hurry?

Are we going to visit some haunted buildings late at night with just the light from our cell phones to lead the way?

I'm so excited, and it's here already. This is going to be the best blogfest ever, and those who chose that other event in the middle of nowhere are probably green with envy. I mean, they won't have the VA shoreline and camping facilities or barefoot blogging events.

Karen Deborah said...

your going to have a blast and the fiddler crabs?

did you say Henry?

grandma j will get to him first, my bets are all on her!

Annie said...

Harry Connick should be popular!

;-) Wish I were there!

Ann Marie said...

Haunted Buildings??? I don't know about the building part but I can get you to some haunted PLACES... one beach.. one graveyard... few houses that aren't really houses but just a bit of wood or two.. now that I can do! (I have pics of most of them already... they don't scare ME!)

Ok... CBW I may show up a bit early for your shin dig simply because of logistics.. De has a Dr appt at 230 at Hudgins.. not sure I want to drive back to the end of the earth to drop her off.. will probably take her to my moms.

Must dust off camera and charge battery.. people be aware.. I have no use for the hand over the face thing.. I will stand there until you MOVE IT. lol

can't wait to meet you all.
Ann Marie

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Does anyone know how to add about four more hours to this morning before noon because I have way too much left to do and not enough time. I suppose dawdling and procrastinating on the internet does not help. (Or does it?)

OK, off to change sheets, make side dishes, get to Food Lion, pick up the trash in the yard, put up some signs, do something with the tents I dragged out of the garage but never could figure out how to put up and now have no patience to stuff them back in their bags, take a shower, caffeinate myself, ETC.

Serenity now.

p.s. Ann Marie - any time you want to show up is fine. Unless it is 9:00 a.m. and then I'll have to start crying.

And now, I'll finally stop dillydallying and get dressed.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

I have no nails left!

See ya soon!

mom x 2 said...

CBW- I for one am so excited to finally be coming there that if we really are in that house it will be just fine (I'll probably sleep in my car though haha). No more stress! What's the worst that can happen? We all show up and have to pitch in- It's the South remember? It's what we do! You are a gracious (and brave) host!!

See you soon!!!!

tj said...

...Yeah, if both TJ's could be there we'd both have bells on, believe me...*sigh*smile* ;o)

...I'll be thinking of you all today and awaiting details - drive safe and {{{{hugs}}}}

...BlogFest blessin's... :o)

...My word verif': mytighth... weird... :o/

Ann Marie said...

Chill CBW.. plans changed.. won't show up until 530ish.. and FYi I am still in my jammies as I type this!

Anonymous said...

AHA! Miss Waterman's wife, you DO know where THERE is!

I'll see you THERE tonight!

Looking forward to seeing everyone. Anonymous Mathews Mother is working on the ham biscuits and and I'm preparing to head out from the paying job in a little while.

Can't wait!!!


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Foolery just called me. She and Soup are in Tappahannock, about 45 minutes away. Auds from Maine is about 100 miles away. Big Hair is picking Grandma J. up at the Richmond airport and will be here any moment.

Anonymous Mathews Native - Please tell your Mumma I thank her from the bottom of my heart for those ham biscuits. Looking forward to seeing you and Waterman's Wife here soon.

I am more nervous than on my first date. Hopefully I'll dance better this time....

Anonymous said...

Look forward to reading everyone's blogs next week .... to get all the gory details :)

(Single Male Blog Stalker)

Annie said...

"gory details" from could is all going to be fun fun fun...!!

just think...anyone who gets there/got there early...gets to HELP...which is OK if you can

A. Think straight
B. delegate.

Well, it is off to the physio and then the church to help with sorting tomorrow's trash and treasure for me!! How exciting!

Ellen said...

Wish I was there. But alas, I am stuck in NJ! It's okay, I must go visit my parents this weekend.

Annie said...

OK it is 10pm. You should be enjoying that bonfire on the beach. Hope all traveled well, and are enjoying themselves. I wonder if you will all talk to each other on your computers/blogs!! Very funny!

Pueblo girl said...

Hi, it's now Friday, the pre-first date nerves should be over, and I expect you're all having fun. My very best wishes to you.

Lynne M. said...

Hope everyone arrived safely! Ya'll have a blast! I hope the weather is beautiful this weekend, I want to go to Haven, haven't been in a few weeks. That is entirely TOO long! Can't wait to hear all the fun stories and see all the great pictures!

Country Girl said...

I swear to God, I actually thought this was your real house.
So when we pulled up, I thought we were at the wrong place.

foolery said...

"Are we there yet, Thelma? I hafta pee."