Saturday, July 18, 2009

Blog Fest - Part II

Once upon a time a group of bloggers from every corner of the map decided to come to Mathews County, Virginia. Here's what they did on their second day:

1. Ate.

2. Talked.

3. Laughed.

4. Ate.

5. Talked.

6. Laughed.

After that, they did this:

1. Drove to New Point to see fiddler crabs the lighthouse.

2. Drove to Bethel Beach to see fiddler crabs the green marsh grass, the white sand and the bay.

3. Visited the Tabernacle and nearly caused a 4-car pileup trying to park on the side of the road admired the historic structure and its beautiful grounds.

4. Had lunch at Chef Todd's in the courthouse.

5. Stopped by the Visitor's Center in the old Sibley's store and picked up some Mathews souvenirs.

6. Had dinner at Sandpiper Reef.

Now, the group is snoring resting up for another busy day which includes a boat ride (thanks to Anne Marie and her husband) followed by a trip to Gwynn's Island.

We're having a blast and hope to post some pictures soon, but that would require taking time out of our busy schedule of eating, talking and laughing, which right now is impossible to do.

In related news we've decided that Grandma J. needs to channel her efforts into a career in stand-up comedy. Also, discussions are in progress for next year's Blog Fest, which will be in Las Vegas, Montana, Wyoming, Scotland or on a cruise ship depending on which blogger you ask. No matter where it's held, you won't want to miss the opportunity to meet this incredible group of people.


tj said...

...Oh girl I'm dyin' to see photos but there'll be plenty of time for that after it's all said and done. Right now just enjoy this time... And why does it not surprise me about Grandma J and stand-up comedy? *giggle* :o)

...Thanks for keepin' us updated and have a great day ya'll!


Karen Deborah said...

And Grandma J is the one who got Henry right? take pitchas lots of pitchas you are the QUEEN of pitchas and you are photographing grass, gimme a break!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be missing the beach outing, but I woke up this morning with a head-ache and a sore throat.

Give my love to Baby Sis. I'll be crawling back into bed now....


MommyTime said...

Hello and hugs to everyone there! I wish I could be there too.

Annie said...

What are you doing to poor AMN there...!!? Hope that sore throat gets better real soon!

So good for you to keep us up to date....I am sure there will be a family photo to end the blogfest celebrations soon!?

word verification thingy...MUTRODS...are they the things that you get around on around the bay there...slicing through the riparian buffer and all?


Living on the Spit said...

I would follow this whole group to the ends of the earth. What a fabulous time.

foolery said...

I was sorry I didn't talk to Anonymous Mathews Native more than I did -- she was lovely. And her kids are the cutest!

This was the experience of a lifetime. Thank you all so much.