Thursday, July 23, 2009

Three Thing Thursday

Welcome to Three Ring Three Thing Thursday where I tell you three random things, and you tell three things. Anything at all. Whatever you want. On any topic. There are no rules.

Here are my three things:

1. Someone needs to make a movie out of the events or last weekend's Blog Fest. Plain and simple.

2. My Australian blog friend Annie is suffering from thrombosis and I'm hoping she's feeling better and back to playing tennis again really soon.

3. Tonight the Chesapeake Bay Children discovered a part of the house that NONE of us knew existed previously. There's a door upstairs behind a TV which we never open. (I just assumed it was unusable area.)

Come to find out, it is a walk-in attic-ish area with the potential for children to get electrocuted while mother is not watching for them to get away from it all and make a hideout of sorts if they stay in one very narrow section. Emphasis on narrow.

The CB Children just came down to inform me (nervously, while rocking back and forth biting fingernails) that they had bad news, but first the good news. (Isn't that the best way to receive news when the people talking are children and you know they're playing in a dangerous area?)

Good News: They were still alive. (These are indeed glad tidings.)

Bad News: CB Son stepped on some insulation in that attic-ish area and cracked the ceiling in the downstairs foyer. It's not a small crack. It's a big one. Some might say huge.

Some might say Serenity Now.

Please tell me at least three things, if not twenty, to get my mind off post-Blog Fest life and all its challenges.


TSannie said...

Three things:

1. I have no ripe has not been over 88ยบ in CT - I'm told tomatoes are a "hot temp crop". (And I'm complaining about what???)
2. I've not had to turn on the air conditioner YET this year! (And I'm complaining about what WHAT???)
3. I wish I'd visited the farmer's markets of VA because they're a LOT better this year than our CT farmer's markets. (Really complaining this time.)
4. (Yes, I know, it's Three Thing Thursday, but humor me, for God's sake, as I've got a 4th one!!) I'm still reeling from the magical time we all had - and fervently hoping it's not just a one shot deal. Would love to think next year is a done deal already!


Asthmagirl said...

1. It will be 95 degrees this weekend and no one in Seattle has air conditioning. Fine. No one I know in Seattle has air conditioning.

2. I wish I'd visited the farmers market in Virginia. They were selling honey beside the road and Lauren and I said we'd stop on the way back from the boat ride. The honey sellers left us.

3. Wouldn't it have been horrible to have honey break in your luggage?

I miss all you guys. Sooooo much!

Angela said...

I love this opportunity! You said 20 things were all right?

1. Your attic. Geeze, what a challenge! Imagine, you being a child and finding an UNKNOWN place in your house. Collateral damage cannot change the thrill. You understand that, don`t you?

2. I wish I had been part of your blog fest! What more is there to say? The ocean was in the way. Maybe I should initiate one on the island Usedom? Mandy will come this year, maybe Lori follows, and it should be easy to assemble all my other good blog mates from the US, South Africa, Australia and India here in Germany. Shouldn`t it? HOW DID YOU MANAGE???

3. My tomatoes are tiny, too. But my zucchini (bikini, my grandson calls them) are growing well.

4. Can I go on? Yesterday I saw that my green beans are ripe, too. So it will be bean salad with (tiny) tomatoes tonight! I think my mind is set on my garden now, so I`d better stop or will count up what more is ripe. Oh, wouldn`t it make your mouth water!!

5. Just one more: Your blog fest was very inspiring! It shows us that we could all get along fabulously IRL (in real life). You did not know each other before, and now you are FFL (friends for life). Wonderful!
Cheers from vfa (very far away)Angela

Annie said...

1. How exciting for the kids. Their very own Narnia. Only hope they don't join you downstairs through the ceiling one day! I am sure they will be very careful. Just like my kids were when they had a fight and someone put an arm or leg through the wall. Unfortunately there was no Narnia for them. The hole is still there though! Amazing how they grow up into normal lovely adults.

2. The world still turns. An impressive eclipse in Asia. My friends from church and tennis went to see it in China. Very keen.

3. I have NO veges growing in my garden! Are the blue crabs on tsannie's blog related to fiddler crabs? If not you have kept them a great secret from us...but it is out now!

ps That was very sweet for you to mention me in your three things...I am sure I will be ok soon...well maybe after the 3 months on medication!? Just think of all the time I will have for cleaning and tidying, while I wait. But I do have permission to travel to the other grandkids here in Oz. So that will be great!

Ellen said...

Herewith my three:
1. It's going to be almost 90 and humid Saturday and I won't be home and in the pool - I'll be sweating outdoors at a balloon festival.
2. I have decided that I am an idiot for not having gone to the Blogfest,
3. My son went to pick up a necklace I was having made by our friend the jeweler and while he was there, with my husband's permission, he bought a watch. That cost over $400. And that was with our friend's generous discount.

Hope your day gets better.

mmm said...

1) I love cool summers and this one has been one of the coolest. I'm not a "big" tomato person, so I'll gladly eat small tomatoes in return for a cool summer.

2) How can you grow up in a house and not know that it has the doorway to Mat-Narnia? The house I grew up in in Mathews had a second stairway "hidden" behind what looked like a closet door on the outside; I wonder if the two somehow connect?

3) Blogfest:

a. is a memory.
b. will never be over.
c. was more fun than riding tandem on a slalom ski.
d. ________________.

Have a good day everyone!

Audrey at Barking Mad said...

Oh boy, here we go:

1. It is raining, again, here in Maine. Gee, big surprise huh? Actually I've started buying two of every animal. I already have a head start on the mosquitoes though because of the rain. I have about 200 of them already. Hey, we're going to need food for the fish, right?

2. I really wish I'd visited Sibley's back in VA. But hey, I'm going to be heading down there again sooner rather than later and I can stop in then.

3. I still have three boxes of Whoopie Pies left over from BlogFest and I am going to gag if I have to keep looking at them. They are going to a local shelter this morning.

I'd better get to start on that ark to put all these animals in. Oh look, here come two more creatures for the ark. Chipmunks! I wonder if I can trust Griffy to fetch but not destroy? No? I didn't really think so either.

Yikes on the crack in the ceiling.

Anonymous said...

1. We still haven't turned on our A/C in Central Maryland. We've weathered the nights with a window fan and blankets. No kidding.

2. Asthmagirl, why yes, it would have been horrible; want to tell us about it??

3. My Blogfest bag is still not entirely unpacked, but that's OK because I'm packing again this weekend and we're leaving Monday for a week in the Blue Mountains in PA. We'll have all the comforts of home except for internet. And cell service. Pray for me.

4. Ooooh, my coffee's done!

Karen Deborah said...

#1 I am catching up on your blog and ya'll had way to much fun.

#2 We had a kid step through a ceiling too. PLYWOOD in the attic right away.

#3. My house is still a disaster.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

1. I wish I had brought some Woopie Pies home from Blogfest.

2. I have so many tomatoes I am giving them away!

3. I cant wait for the next Blogfest!

Grandma J said...

Oh wow, I new space! Oh no, a big crack!

Just be glad no one discovered it during Blogfest. For instance, if Grandma J found it she would have fallen right through...but hey, no crack!

three things:

1. Went to Target with my granddaughter who wore itsy bitsy PJ's....spreading this horrible trend beyond the gates of Walmart.

2. Scraped the left front bumper of my new car on the garage door opener track while driving into my itsy bitsy garage. The track is bent but functional.

3. I was wondering if Ree Drummond would let us use her Lodge next year for blogfest.

Living on the Spit said...

1. Gotta love the kiddos.

2. I have to go fishing this weekend with HWM. That should be an adventure in itself.

3. I did stop at the produce stands and I am blissful that I did.

Daryl said...

1. Husband painted half the living room while I was at blogfest ..other half will be done when I clear off my desk/shelves - posted about it w/pix but you'll just have to imagine it ..

2. The humidity here today is about equal to the humidity there last Friday

3. Can you believe its been a week since Blogfest kicked off?

We need to schedule a Fall reunion...


big hair envy said...

1. I have not finished unpacking my car from Blog Fest.

2. I have not finished unpacking my bags from Blog Fest.

3. I plan to sleep all day Saturday....and maybe all night as well.

The End

Mental P Mama said...

1. I bet your dad can have that little ceiling snafu fixed in no time at all.
2. I really wanted some of that honey at the honey truck. Wonder if they'll ship?
3. That hideout upstairs will make another nice guestroom when we come back;) Next week.

tj said...

...1) Wishing I could've been at BlogFest and sad that I couldn't...

...2) Just got rid of overnight relatives and now getting ready for 50th birthday party for husband this Saturday and the guest list keeps growing! Gah! :o/

...3) Wishing I could've been at BlogFest and sad that I couldn't...

...Blessings...And CBChildren you be careful up there! :o)

Country Girl said...

1. Today it's raining and my hair resembles that of Bozo the Clown.

2. I'm having dinner out in Baltimore this evening with my husband and one of our old friends who's visiting in the area.

3. I got a french tip pedicure yesterday and am feeling very hoity-toity.

Miss you.

baronessvonb said...

1. Am conflicted about my appointment this afternoon with my new massage therapist - last time, I felt like I was roadkill and she was a turkey buzzard. But it is very pleasant when she stops.

2. Off to Victoria this weekend for my MIL's 80th birthday. Having high tea at the Empress Hotel - now I wish I had Kate's hoity-toity manicure!

3. Looking forward to my Girly Night tonight - much dressing up and drinking champagne. And eating. Rinse and repeat.

Lynne M. said...

1. All the "no A/C" talk is making me jealous. Although it has been a mild summer for us.

2. I also feel like a moron for not coming to blogfest, seeing as how I live a whole 20 minutes away!!

3. Grandma J - how old is your grandaughter? Because that DOES make all the difference!! HEHE

4. I wish I had a secret attic, we need somewhere to put all the stuff in the soon-to-be nursery! Although I don't think the squirrel would appreciate being put in a secret attic.

Meg said...

1. Wow! Having so much fun reading about Blog Fest. It sounded awesome.

2. Pot of peppers looking sad. Not a sign of anything blooming; but we would need ACTUAL sun in New England for that.

3. My in-laws are coming this weekend. I'll repeat that. The IN-LAWS are coming. Can I borrow some hot needles to stick in my eye?

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

How wonderful it is to come home after an unbelievably long day to all these wonderful Three (or More) Things. I love it. Thank you all for writing.

MMM-I am not sure there are words to fill in that last blank, although Chesapeake Bay Mumma is going to try tomorrow.

Lynne M. YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN HERE. However, you have the home court advantage and don't have to wait for next blog fest - you can come to our next local gathering with Big Hair Envy and Noe Noe Girl and Momx2 and Country Girl Kate and Marlene and ...the list goes on and on. I can't stop myself, they all need to come back. But seriously, would love to meet you, any time.

Going to try and get more than five hours of sleep tonight. This Real Life stuff really takes it right out of you.

Tomorrow's Friday!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

p.s. MMM I think Narnia is where you go when you dive head first into this computer screen after a long day, or after any day at all. Narnia may also be where you foot pushes through the drywall from the attic to the foyer, but so far I'm not sold on that one yet.

foolery said...

Of all the recurring dreams I have, my favorite is the one in which I live in a big old rambling Victorian and keep finding boarded-up secret rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows. Swear. Nail down some plywood and check for widows and you'll always know where to find the kids.

And me, when I visit. : )

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