Thursday, July 9, 2009

Three Thing Thursday

The very first thing that comes to my mind when viewing this picture is:

a) Green. Blue. White.
b) Oh no. One week from today is Blog Fest.
c) Help me, Elizabeth, this is the big one.
d) What was the question?

Welcome to Three Ring Circus Three Thing Thursday, where I share three completely and utterly random things and you share three--or more--things which may be related, unrelated, off the wall, off the cuff, routine or just plain along crazy.

On your mark. Get set? Go!

1. The other day as I was trying to download pictures from my camera to the computer, the picture software would not load and an error message having to do with an inability to connect/communicate (Communication Error) appeared on the camera's display. After reading my camera's instruction booklet (which I comprehend with the same ease as Egyptian hieroglyphics) I guessed the problem may have to do with me taking more than 1,000 pictures on my memory card. (Please wake up! This will be over with soon.)

I specifically bought that card to take four billion pictures without having to change it out. Is it true that too many pics on the memory card can generate an error message when downloading (in which case I'll just buy another one after I take out a second mortgage) or is an utter and complete Chesapeake Bay Woman melt down in order? Anyone?

2. I think #1 was long enough for 3 things so here's a reprieve. But if I were to say anything here, it'd be that without pictures this blog holds the same appeal as the tax code. Written in Egyptian hieroglyphics.

3. Would someone please tell me why my hair was straight as a poker in the 1980's when it was cool to have big, curly hair, and why--now that flat irons and straight hair are in vogue--it decides to become naturally frizzy curly? Bueler? Anyone?

Your turn. Let it all out.


Grandma J said...

That pictures looks so inviting. You sound so cool calm and fact those should have been your three things.


1. Blogfest is in one alarm will be set for 3 a.m.
2. Blogfest in in one week, and I have no idea what I'm taking.
3. Blogfest is in one week, so I'm going to Dillards and ask the sales lady what I should take.
4. Because I'm thinking of just throwing the comfy stuff I already have into my suitcase and forgetting about Dillards.

mmm said...

1) RE: Picture of the day... Looks like the beach got a mohawk. Has CBW been mowing the beach again?

2) RE: CBW's curly hair... Think of yourself as a trend setter. It's just that others are a little slow to catch on.

3) RE: Grandma J... Are you playing by the rules? "3" things; "3" "3" "3". It's okay though, I'm just jealous.

Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

My husband bought me a 120 GB ipod so that I could have a portable place to store/back-up my pictures and empty my camera memory card -- which I thought was very thoughtful of him because:

1. I have the same trouble with my camera when the card gets "fullish"
2. one of my great fears is losing all the digital picture of my kids
3. hello? IPOD!


Blogfest in one week??? wow!

Daryl said...

Okay ...

Blogfest or Blog Fest .. which is it?

Packing for Blogfest/Blog Fest is underway in my head

A 4 gig memory card is under $40 .. but filling it up all the way seems not to set right with PCs .. now Mac's OTOH ...

And .. I am SO EXCITED .. not about driving/being a passenger for 8 hours but .. I am hereby claiming SHOTGUN in MPM's car ...

Auds at Barking Mad said...

Blogfest is now in LESS than one week because Meg and I leave on Wednesday and are thinking about stopping and meeting a couple of bloggers on the way down.

I can't find any of our luggage. The hubby rearranged the garage and I have a feeling that buying a huge duffel bag will be easier than spending a few days searching for our crap.

Meg and I have started this huge basket of stuff called the "to-go" basket which we are SUPPOSED to be putting stuff in that is going with us. So far the only thing residing in the basket is the newest kitten.


Blogfest is ONE week! Aaaaaack!

Lynne M. said...

1. I always love your pictures, but I would read anyway because I think we are related somewhere down the line. Of course I base this on your stories and the way your luck goes!!

2. We found out yesterday we are having a boy!! (I wanted a girl since I have a 13 year old boy, but HEALTHY will do!!)

3. I can't find a nursery theme featuring Eeyore. He's my favorite.

Breezeway said...

Grandma J - go with the comfy stuff and forget Dillards! I would imagine the sales person at your local store would have difficulty pinpointing current Mathews fashion anyway! LOL! Seriously, I have work flip flops and NICE flip flops! That's how it goes mostly! My three things...
1. Why is is always beautiful during the week and then hot and humid as Hell on the weekends?
2. CBW - I'm feeling your pain on the hair thing!
3. I wish I was on a beach with a good book and possibly (definately!) an adult beverage!

Anonymous said...

1. I would rather be anywhere but at work today! The sun is shining, it's not tooooo hot and there is a steady breeze the beckons me to come out to play.

2. Speaking of coming out to play, I'm going through withdrawls. I haven't seen my Grandsons in over a week now. I need a grandson fix!

3. Where is the Summer going. It just seems to be flying by. What happened to those lazy summer days that dragged by as you sat by the pool, or the beach....or water skiing on the Dragon Run. I miss those carefree days that have been replaced by the daily grind of waking up early, rushing to work, coming home late, scoffing down dinner, trying to get some house work done and then going to sleep only to start the same thing over again the next day. Summer and nap times are wasted on the young. It's us older folks who appreciate them!

Have a good rest of the week everyone,

mmm said...


Based on the LIM homepage, it looks like it's officially Blog Fest. I doubt, however, that anyone really minds if you use Blogfest (many other do); and, at least that way you only have to hit the shift key once. Besides blogfesting is about having fun, so don't waste your energy on the shift key.

Anonymous said...

1. I wrote last night about possible ways to bring in some extra cash until my DH becomes gainfully employed again. My favorites: Pan for gold, rob a stagecoach, or work the pole. Help me decide.

2. Because of #1, I don't think I will have a functioning camera for Blogfest (Blog Fest?) other than my 2MP non-flash gizmo with the one-second delay on my cell phone. I'm gonna need y'all to send me your photos. m'kay?

3. I was gonna spray tan my legs so they would be all nice and, well, tan-looking, but last time I did it it came out uneven despite my very best efforts. Thinking of bagging the whole thing; though might reconsider because it might hide the red welts left by this year's vampirish mosquitos.

Anonymous said...

1) Going into Lahaina today so that husband can golf and I can shop; two of our favorite sports.

2) I look like a(an old) movie star b/c I've been wearing my wedding "up-do" for two days and each day with a few extra bobby pins it's holding strong. Thank goodness for the spray-in dry shampoo that I bought before I left the mainland.

3) I can't believe it's Thursday already....yikes!

Also, msseabreeze isn't old enough to have did that happen?

-Middle Sis

Anonymous said...

1. Pirating*
2. Rum
3. Pirating with Rum

*what did you's a family post :)

Oh, if I happen to run into 'Soup' while she's working, I'll be sure and keep it quiet - I'm famous for my discretion.

Single Male Blog Stalking Pirate, who's wondering which cove might have the best treasure?

Country Girl said...

Your hair will match mine.

The Fest will be fine.

Mathews will shine.

mmm said...

1. soupisnotafingerfood, panning for gold sounds like a heck of a lot of fun.

2. middle sis, golfing is expensive in Hawaii, so make the most of the shopping, if you know what I mean.

3. msseabreeze, how I miss those lazy summer days.

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

Ooh, pirating! It's like the modern-day stagecoach-robbing! Could be a fun activity for the weekend, so long as we can divide the booty in equal shares.

Grandma J said...

someone in Hawaii throw Middle Sis in the ocean. No one in Hawaii should have an up-do!!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

GJ-If I were there, I'd have no problem pushing her overboard. That is in my job description as older sister, you see.

Anonymous said...

Blogfest in one week and I have a pimple the size of Miami on my lip.

Blogfest in one week and I haven't packed a thing.

Blogfest in one week and my puppies are going to die without me.

foolery said...

Blogfest one week . . . ago.

: (