Monday, July 13, 2009

T Minus 3 Days and Panicking

This week starting Thursday several dozen bloggers from all 4 corners of the country--plus one brave soul from Canada-- will arrive in No Man's Land little old Mathews County, Virginia, for the 2009 Blog Fest.

Attention! We interrupt this blog post to announce that Chesapeake Bay Woman has just experienced a major cardiac event relating to this week's festivities. As she was writing this post, her cell phone rang. At the other end was an unfamiliar voice which said, "I'm at Cobbs Creek, is your house on the left or the right?" Chesapeake Bay Woman's mind went in two a hundred different directions: Who is this? Is it possible a Blog Fest guest is 4 days early? Is it some psycho stalker? They're in Cobbs Creek, only 5 miles away? What am I going to feed them? And just who, exactly is this "them" I'm not ready to feed or entertain?

Lo and behold, after causing me to break into a cold sweat and say a couple of Hail Marys even though I'm not Catholic, Grandma J. starts laughing and confesses it's only her and that she is still in Texas getting ready for a dip in the pool with her noodle. (Her words exactly.)


Anyway, where was I prior to the need for an automated external defibrillator?

Pictured above is Phillip Johnny Bob, who belongs to Grandma J--a Blog Fest guest who is coming to Mathews all the way from Texas and likes to play pranks which cause panic attacks in her victims. PJB arrived several weeks ago and is anxiously awaiting his owner's arrival. In the mean time, he's been practicing his paddling so he can swat his owner take guests for a spin up the creek.

Speaking of up the creek, the Life in Mathews blog is going to be very busy getting ready for these delightful guests, so this week's postings will be worse than more sparse than usual.

Below are some of the bloggers who will be in attendance. Be sure to click on the links and give 'em a read. If I left anyone off, it wasn't intentional. You can blame Grandma J. for nearly killing me off with her "I'm in Cobbs Creek four days early" phone call.

Big Hair Envy - Who celebrated a birthday last week. From VA
Grandma J. From Texas. Make sure you're within close proximity to a paramedic if she decides to make a prank phone call. She's good, this Grandma J.
Foolery - Who celebrated a birthday last Saturday. Coming from California.
Meg/Soup is not a Finger Food From the DC metro region.
Mental P Mamma - CT
TS Annie - CT
Daryl - NYC
AsthmaGirl- Washington State (You have to say it like that around here otherwise people think it's Washington DC.)
The Baroness -CANADA
Living on the Spit - VA
Country Girl - MD
Pleasing Procrastinator - IN
Noe Noe Girl a Queen of All Trades - A little house in the big woods.
Momx2 - Celebrated a birthday on Sunday
Auds at Iambarkingmad -MAINE
A Gloucester blogger and his wife
Anonymous Mathews Native -Who will bring delicious ham biscuits
The Waterman's Wife -Whose birthday is on Saturday and who is arranging our boat ride.
MsSeabreeze -Lifelong friend
Baby Sis (only for Saturday night)

Safe travels to all of you. On behalf of the people of Mathews (who really don't know about this whole shindig since Neal Steel and Karl the Radio Guy haven't been alerted), I welcome you with open arms and a great big hearty laugh.

Mi casa es su casa. Mi casa es muy cluttered, fyi.


Annie said...

Ah, what a cool shot. Glad he has his hat on..what a good bear!

Sorry to hear that Grandma J is causing you grief. What a character. Is she related, I wonder?

Have a Great Week!

Grandma J said...

The temptation was overwhelming! My little PJB looks like he's having a blast!

I can't wait to see everyone

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

BWAHAHAHAHA, oh, that is HILARIOUS! Grandma J is a cheeky monkey!!

Several dozen?? Sister Mercy! Gonna need a lot of wine!

Mental P Mama said...

That Grandma J is too, too funny. Wish I'd thought of that....

Living on the Spit said...

Hang in there...Can't wait to see you all!

Anonymous said...

It's only Monday...plenty of time to get that pool dug and installed before guests arrive :)


big hair envy said...

We can always take a field trip to my house, where Grandma J can do whatever she wants to do in the pool with her noodle...I just don't want to see it!!! Bwahahahaha!!!

tj said...

...Whoa! Grandma J has a noodle?! *giggle* ;o)

...I know, I'm kinda in panic mode myself here CBW. Got house guests comin' and I'm still paintin' trim, haven't even touched the guest bedroom yet, dog went for a swim in the pond this mornin' so add "give the dog a bath" to the already "to much to do" to-do list...*sigh* And here I am commentin' on GJ's noodle - I'm :o)

...Anyway, don't sweat the small stuff CBW and above all - have fun! I can't wait to see photos and here the stories and I'll be with ya'll in spirit.

...Blessings all... :o)

tj said...

...*giggle*snort* at Big Hair Envy's comment... Good one girl! :o)

Daryl said...

What a sweet guy PJB is ... I hope he hasnt been too lonely w/o Grandma J ...

Oh dont worry .. its all gonna be a lot easier than leaving a comment on some blogs

Grandma J said...

Um...I was checking out the list of attendees, and I didn't see Cool Breeze's name. This is an oversight, right?

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Hey, y'all. To save time, this is a generic response to everyone except that prankster, Grandma J.: Yes, as far as I know Cool Breeze is coming, it's a package deal with Big Hair Envy. My bad for not separating him out since he does have a blog.

Thank you all for commenting, I love it.

Today I worked the paying job then came home to do five jillion things and have four jillion left to do, including reading 54 e-mails. Need to sleep an hour or so before o-dark-thirty when the alarm goes off for the paying job AGAIN.

Between juggling the paying job (which surprisingly is independent of the 54 e-mails), the Blog Fest preparations and Everything Else I won't be on here much but do intend to post something even if it's a picture (can't break my 2009 posting streak no matter what).

IMPORTANT TO BLOG FEST ATTENDEES WHO READ THIS: I will send directions to you by tomorrow evening or Wednesday a.m. at the latest. It's on my list but it's a ways down, but just know I'll be sending it soon.

Happy Monday.

Cross-Eyed Woman

p.s. Annie-I did worry about you the other night when I didn't hear from you. Glad everything is OK. No trees came down on you, which is a good thing.

p.s.s. TJ--Punt the relatives. It's not too late.
Signed, The Bad Influence

Asthmagirl said...

I began panicking anew when I realized the Baroness was going to see my arm pit of a hovel. She's spending the night Wednesday so we can hit the airport at 4:30 am Thursday.
She claims she will either not notice or not blog about it. Thank goodness!

Tomorrow is packing night. Wednesday night at the pub with Baroness and iMom and then we will see you Thursday!

Woo Hoo!

Country Girl said...

Thank God it's cluttered or I would never feel at home.

Bless you.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Asthmagirl and Country Girl - Thank you for making me laugh, and welcome to my cluttered hovel.

joe blow said...

Here's a fun cartoon you can all share.

foolery said...

If you ever again use the word HOVEL to describe your wonderful home I will fly out there and THUMP YOU.

NOT hovel.