Thursday, July 30, 2009

Three Thing Thursday

This gorgeous soybean field lives near Aaron's Beach, my favorite of the county beaches. One of these days I'm going to write about my love affair with soybean fields, but for now, there are other matters to attend to.

It's time for Three Thing Thursday, where I tell you three random things--anything at all-and you tell me three (or more) things, whatever you want.

Let's begin.

1. My throat is sore from screaming after a bug the size of a turkey buzzard flew in through my bedroom door. This was a citation-sized insect. While I was hyperventilating plotting a strategy to remove said insect from my room without actually harming it, Chesapeake Bay Son decided to videotape the goings-on and there's no doubt in my mind that between the commentary, the screaming and the high-stepping we are in possession of a $10,000 winner of America's Funniest Home Videos.

2. On the topic of videos, I cannot let go of the notion that a movie needs to be made about the Blog Fest held here a mere two weeks ago.

3. The Gazette Journal, our local paper, published an article about our movie-ripe story. Thanks to Sherry for putting into words a rather surreal experience, one which I hope will become a regular event. Be sure to check out the links on the lower right side of my page for access to the incredibly talented women who came to Mathews sight unseen.

OK, that's enough of my insect paranoia and Blog Fest movie obsession hot air.

It's your turn to tell me three (or more) things. Anything at all. Whatever you want.



Asthmagirl said...

1. I will be a grandmother pretty soon.

2. I burst into tears tonight when my pregnant daughter pointed out that I'd be out of town pretty much the whole first week of Ben's life.

3. This leaves the door wide open for the other grandma to step into my shoes.

4. It's flaming hot here and that's probably why I'm all emotional.

5. Can I NOT be crying in the Blogfest movie?

6. Clearly it's too hot for me to count...

Annie said...

1. Hope you got rid of the bug. Perhaps the video your son made could be the intro to the new movie on Mathews!
2. Congrats on making the local news. That was fun! Good on you cbw.
4. My foot doesn't feel much better, but I am going to chat with my cousin a dr tomorrow for a second opinion. Not that there is anything much he can do. A case of waiting patiently. At least my Warfarin level stabilized, and my blood test not till next week. All terribly exciting. I am going to have top start sorting out my photos, and my house to stop me going crazy here.

Country Girl said...

1. It takes hours for my hair to dry when it's humid like this.

2. I'm taking my husband on vacation to Maine. I have a cottage on an island and George is coming. We leave in 9 days.

3. I love fresh salsa.

Angela said...

1. Instead of ONE insect we have an invasion of a million ladybirds. A million! And I still find them cute.

2. My pupil (student, 9) who has VACATIONS still visits me twice a week, and we talk about ghosts. (His favorite topic at the moment)

3. This morning I showed him our local cemetery, and we sat on a bench and waited for ghosts.

4. It was very peaceful. None appeared. (None that we SAW)

Living on the Spit said...

1. I am going to start painting again this weekend..not walls, but wood and terracotta and lots of it.

2. I love without coffee wouldn't be as much fun.

3. Blogfest should be a movie...definitely.

tj said...

1) A friend of my husbands drank too much and stayed the night at our home after my husband's 50th birthday party and our dog threw up in his room the next morning - welcome to our home.

2) You CBW are too dadgum cute and in a swimming suit to boot!

3) I want a horse.

...Blessings... :o)

Caution Flag said...

1. Taking my kids to historical village today. Can't believe they're bored enough to willingly go.

2. Bought a new camera which someone said would get too heavy to carry around. He was right, but he will never know that.

3. I'm afraid that there is so much love flowing from this year's Blogfest that there might not be enough left over for new bloggers next year.

Caution Flag said...

1. I'm not nearly as pouty as my previous comment sounds.

2. I am messy - housewise, not emotionally.

3. OCD friend coming over tomorrow - which makes item 2 a bit of a problem.`

mmm said...

1. Great article in the Gazette!

2. CBW is looking good there on the beach (Gazette picture). What a nice smile.

3. Love the dedication to Middle-Sis two days ago; the picture was beautiful.

Have a good day.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

1~We go pick up Little T from camp tomorrow.
2~I may barge onto your place and make myself welcome.(I'm shy like that!)
3~If you are not home I will hang out with your folks for awhile. (did I say I am shy like that?)
4~Can I have your autograph? (I am trying to get everyones from the blogfest before we become famous!)

big hair envy said...

1. Recently, I have developed an abnormal attachment to Diet Mt. Dew & Nabs. I may need therapy.

2. Our garage enclosure is STILL not finished. They "say" the final touch-ups will be completed Saturday. We'll see...

3. I would like to accompany you to NYC when you pitch the Blog Fest screen play. I'm envisioning a Seinfeld episode.

Daryl said...

1. I've been married for 31 yrs today .. some days it seems like eternity, other days its like .. well a nicer form of eternity . hey he painted, I am cutting him a lot of slack .. even tho HE insists tomorrow is our anniverary .. IT. IS. NOT.

2. I have a tooth ache which I am sort of ignoring .. I did call and leave a message at the dentist .. no one has called me back .. its been 2 hrs

3. Ray/Husband will be playing cards/poker tonite .. its Thursday, its poker nite .. what's a small thing like 31 years of marriage compared to poker with the guys?

Arent you glad you asked for only THREE things?!

Anonymous said...

1. I too love soybeans. (and yet i still find it strange that you love soybeans -- no offense intended, of course!) I have a small box on my desk that contains one pod from the last crop of beans my dad ever cultivated and a whole bunch of loose soybeans that fell out of his hat on the emergency room floor after he flipped his bean truck on the way to market (failed brakes). We put soybean stalks in my Dad's casket-spray -- talk about strange!

Is one thing enough? It's all I can muster today. I think I'll owe you a couple....I'm good for it!

All my best!


Anonymous said...

OK, re-reading that comment, I made it sound like he died flipping the truck, when actually he emerged with barely a scratch!

(The casket-spray was years in the future at that time!)

Sorry for such a convoluted comment!

Have a good day, everybody!


Marion said...

1. I really, really feel that one of my friends is too much hard work. I don't know if that makes me a bad friend or a responsible adult who is aware of her boundaries?

2. I put a link to your site on my sister's blog. I hope you don't mind.

3.Working is hard.

Grandma J said...

I am also expecting another grandchild!

It's raining in Texas

My internet is sporatic due to thunder and lightning.

When do we start registering for blogfest '10?

Brit Gal Sarah said...

Over here from Daryl and the newspaper piece. I am in total sympathy on the bug, if you want small bugs then move to the UK. Trust me, the bugs are on speed here, I am entirely convinced!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Just a few quick comments, I'm on the run today although not at the paying job...

ag-Don't cry. Ben will adore you,never fear. A few hard ciders oughta tide you over that first week.

Annie-The bug made it out the house but the process of getting him there cannot be relayed in words, which is why it's good CB Son had that videocam. Hope your foot improves.

CG-Have a wonderful, wonderful time.

Angela-Ghost hunting sounds like so much fun. We were just talking yesterday at my paying job about some haunted houses around these parts. I find it all fascinating, even though it's sort of like Linus waiting for the Great Pumpkin...

LOTS-If it's the last thing I do, Blog Fest will be a movie.

TJ-You first thing is downright hilarious. This convinces me that we are kin. Definitely.

cautionflag- You're coming to the next blog fest. There's more than enough blog love to go around.

MMM-Well, you're too kind. Regarding the picture, remind me never to wear a ridiculous cowboy hat as a sunvisor again.

NNG-You come right on over and stay as long as you want.

BHE-I've been eating nabs all week! Brought a bunch to work and am addicted. This is not a good thing....especially when we have producers to meet with and Seinfeld-like episodes to film. Nabs do nothing for the waistline but my glory they're good.

Daryl, I think your 31 years is admirable and wonderful. Truly.

AMN-My love affair with soybeans was a long time in the making. I will write about it soon, but in the summer time they are absolutely stunning to me. Did not know that AMFather grew them! You'll have to write about that and send it to me...hint, hint.

Marion-Hello. Friends really shouldn't be hard work, or rather if they are hard work you should enjoy doing it. When it becomes work, it might be time to move on. (When did I become Dear Abby? Don't listen to me, I don't know what I'm talking about. I think I just made that up.) Anyway, of course you can link to your sister's blog..give her a warning that this blog is nothing but run-on sentences and random, unrelated thoughts. If you'd like to tell us her blog address, feel free to do so.

Grandma J.! Congratulations, that is such good news. Enrollment for BLog Fest 10 will begin soon, maybe this fall. Your reservation for the master bedroom has already been received and confirmed. Mr. Crab can stay in the bathtub.

Brit Gal Sarah - Keep those bugs over there! They are starting to mutate over here, and it ain't pretty.

BTW, Chesapeake Bay Son is now preparing to play last night's CBW Meets Bug video on the big screen TV. Already they can't stifle their laughter. Can't wait to see it.

tj said...

...Ah girl you kill me...will you be my sis'? :o)

...And CBSon, please post video on mom's blog 'cause crazy woman from Missouri sooo needs a good laugh today, 'kay? I'll send cookies. And money. Really. :o)

...Blessings all...

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

tj-Yes, absolutely I will.

Just returned from watching the video. My stomach muscles ache from laughing so hard. CB Son is now watching it for the third time and *howling* with laughter. I'm so glad I can entertain...

He might put it on YouTube when he finds a computer that isn't dial-up. The bug does NOT look as big and nasty on the video as it did in real life. Trust me.

Lynne M. said...

1. My lunch was not good today, leftover sub. Yuk.

2. The squirrel is still in the baby's room. Good thing baby is not coming until Nov. But I need the squirrel out. NOW. I need to decorate baby room. NOW.

3. BHE - my biggest craving is FOUNTAIN Caffiene free Diet Coke. They know me in 7-11 now! Not a thing wrong with MDew and nabs!

4. I love the article in the paper! Great picture! I have to say, over the time I have been following this blog, I had the mental picture of you being a "mad-woman" I don't know how that looks, but I know it includes gray, wiry hair, sticking up all over the place!!! HEHE, You don't look like a mad-woman at all.

foolery said...

1. My Michael Jackson "tribute" was not a tribute at all, but a one-eyebrow raised eyeroll festival. That's okay -- Sherry Hamilton made me sound like a MUCH nicer person than I really am. And I LOVED her article!

2. Big fat congratulations to Daryl and Mr. Husbandisms for 31 years of teamwork and (I can only imagine) very funny exchanges. Blessings to you and here's to 31 years more. : )

3. I have a huge wad of bubble gum in my mouth -- at work -- and I'm not allowed to chew gum because of my TMJ. I think I cured my own TMJ. How, you ask?

By chewing gum.

MWAHH!! Have a great day, everyone,


TSannie said...

1. The friendship between my hair and humidity is not a good thing. Nor is it in the least pretty.

2. Why is it the older I get, the more my head sweats? And just the back of my head.

3. I am obviously obsessed with my hair/head. I really do need to get a life.


Audrey at Barking Mad said...

1. My kitten has been stealing baggies of goldfish crackers. 'Tis true...the evidence is on the blog.

2. The humidity today is enough to make me want to move to the south pole.

3. I'm seriously considering killing my blog.

The Gordons said...

Hey, Chesapeake Girl. .just found your blog, the same day we signed a contract to purchase a weekend house in Mathews. Can't wait to learn more about our new part-time home.

Deb Gordon

joe blow said...

1. Dog sharks everywhere.

2. Storms can stop anytime now. 10 inches of rain Sunday and Monday alone.

3. White crabs (no meat) all I'm catching, when do the fat Jimmies come back?

4. Anyone want to share where they're catching specks?

5. Great books on the bay I'm reading this summer. "The Bay" by Gilbert Klingel and "Deadrise and cross planked" by Larry Chowning.

Pueblo girl said...

1. Back to the village today for some watering/gardening (hollow laughter follows).

2. Spent blissful hour or two pulling ground ivy out of rose beds successfully - deep satisfaction when a good stretch of root comes out too...

3. Only discs 6 & 7 of season 3 to go before I finish my Star Trek Original Series nostalgia trip...What next?

baronessvonb said...

1. Literally panting with anticipation at leaving CANADA to go to LOS ANGELES where the weather is significantly COOLER. Yes, you read that correctly.

2. I'm with Annie - why does only the back of my head sweat?

3. Is it wrong that I want my baby boys back at school NOW? I cannot get anything done with them here.

4. I am sending out copious good thoughts into the universe that someone somehow hears our pleas about the Blogfest movie. Hey, if they can do one about factbook...

Anonymous said...

1. I wish I had attended Blogfest!
2. Come hell or high water, I will try to attend next year.
3. I am trying to deal with the fact that NSLO, ny daughter, will be leaving in 22 days for her first year of college.

OK, one more.... 3.1: I have absolutely loved reading all of the posts from everyone about Blogfest.

Anonymous said...

1. I, too, love fresh salsa
2. I love bottled salsa
3. I also loved Michael Jackson so be nice!
Baby Sis

Karen Deborah said...

the pantry is done.
the laundry room is almost done.
and people who have rescues and won't let you have the dogs are dumber than dirt.
that's all.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Lynne M. - Your squirrel infestation would make this mad woman's hair turn from bleached blonde to gray (it's already coily and frizzy). Crazy is the new normal, that's my motto. It needs to be a T-shirt.

Foolery - You ARE nice. And tall. Exceedingly tall. Keep chewing that bubble gum. And writing Blog Fest songs. We'll need them for the movie soundtrack.

TSA-There is a direct correlation between the back-of-the-neck sweating and hair frizz, independent of the humidity but exacerbated by it. There's a gold mine to be made for a product which tames the sweaty nape.

Audrey-Cats do love their fish but a cat who eats goldfish crackers is something else.

Gordons-You've made the best purchase of your life. If what you want is to get away from the hectic pace, chain stores, chain restaurants, cell-phone reception and high-speed internet, Mathews is your place. (Just kidding, sort of, about those last two.)Welcome to Mathews, you won't regret buying a house here.

Joe Blow-Interesting about the dog sharks. Where are you fishing?

Pueblo Girl-Isn't it satisfying pulling something unwanted out by the root? (Why do I instantly think about my face?) Crabgrass coming out the ground that way provides the exact same feeling, and doesn't hurt at all.

Baroness-There MUST be a movie. Enjoy L.A. - if Michelle Pfeiffer is hanging around, let her know that she's playing you in the movie. She has some lines to learn.

Flash Stitcher - You're on the list for next year. You will have so much fun.

Baby Sis-We love the exact same things.

KD-Congratulations on your pantry and laundry room. Can you come do mine?

joe blow said...

fishing around GI and Hole in the wall.

joe blow said...

I guess this an answer to question on Specks....