Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Winner

Tuesday evening I went to and told Mr. Random Number Generator that I needed a number, and before I could bat an eye he said Number 18.

The 18th comment was left by commenter and contributor Anonymous Mathews Native!

Anonymous Mathews Native has deep roots in the county and played high school basketball with Baby Sister. Although I've not met her in person yet (have I?), I feel as though I know her well. She has great taste in colleges and hopefully makes a mean ham biscuit since I'm counting on her bringing some to Blog Fest. Her contributions to the comments section as well as the stories she's written for guest posts are outstanding.

AMN has a Mumma with a zero-turn lawn mower who likes to look--and smell-- her freshest when going out in the middle of the night to chase down cows that have busted loose. I can't wait to meet AMN and family soon, and hopefully AMN's Mumma will write down some of her stories and legends.

E-mail me at (or my other e-mail address if you have it) and I'll give you more details on how to collect your prize from LivingRoomsDirect.

Thanks to everyone for entering. Your clever comments are a joy to read.


TSannie said...

Blogfest...can't wait!
Wish I would have won, but HEY, had to enter to win, which I thought I did, but obviously had a brain fart because I didn't. Damn.

Next time!

Annie said...

Well done. Congrats to anon mathews gal...and tot he random number generator, not to mention cbw !

Love those photos as usual.

This is fun, having your post arrive at 2pm in the afternoon...just what I need!

I know what you mean about the undone has been that way in this house for a long time now. But I think I may have mentioned that before, sorry. I am usually mopping down the (internal) steps, just as the family drives in!!

Mental P Mama said...

Wait. Ham and biscuits?

Anonymous said...

Yep, ham biscuits. How many do you think I should make? I may need to enlist Anonymous Mathews Mumma's help on this one!

Well thanks CBS (and the random number generator)!


Anonymous said...

I meant CBW, not CBS!


mmm said...

Congrats to AMN? By the way AMN, what's it like being anonymous?

Anonymous said...

I dunno, MMM, am I really all that anonymous?

CBW gives plenty of hints to my identity -- How many Mathews girls do you know who herd cattle on the main drag to the court house?

My in-laws read this blog and they've figured out CBW's identity more easily than I did.

I don't think I've ever met CBW in person, and I don't think I've ever met you (although I believe your baby brother was a year ahead of me at MHS), but I'm very much looking forward to meeting EVERYBODY at blogfest!

I'm bringing ham biscuits are you bringing the coffee beans????

Thanks again CBW for the prize and the wonderful blog!!


Grandma J said...

I want to be annonymous too, because it's one big happy family.

Ham and biscuits!

so what's the Egrets name?

Auds at Barking Mad said...

Congrats to AMN!

I'm looking forward to meeting her amongst all the others who will be there...well if I can be pried from my hiding spot. I'm still looking for the largest sunhat I can find, to hide behind. Although, being of the chunkey monkey variety, I bet they don't make 'em that big!

As per your usual CBW, gorgeous photo!

Annie said...

Now that is what the beauty of cbw's blog is all was only Grandma J who thought to ask the egret's name...

it is Needeep Ndrizing...I had to go back and check...


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Ham biscuits are like toilet paper: you can never have too much but things can get ugly if you don't have enough.

AMN-The headcount will fluctuate, but anywhere from 15-25. Of course I can't remember anything and have not written down a single list of who is coming (aside from the two days I was doing so on the blog fest website).

Auds-Never fear, I'll do all the worrying for you. Imagine having people travel from all parts of the country to a little old county which can be rather boring. Then imagine that you ,whose picture is next to "unorganized" in the dictionary, are hosting an event that people are traveling from all parts of the country to attend.

Then toss in the fact that said host is an introvert, stressed out and worn down by life, and also boring.

You have nothing to fear.

To all - have a great Wednesday. Tomorrow is (once again) Three Thing Thursday.

Anonymous said...

introvert my foot. You mad me laugh with that one CBW. You are an amazing people person who could always make anyone feel welcome. If you are an hid it well.
Congrats to anon mathews gal!!! I may live in Mathews, but I haven't a clue what goes on here anymore lol. So, needless to say, I haven't figured you out. Can't wait to meet everyone at blogfest.
Have a good night.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

MsSeabreeze-It's been proven by many Myers Briggs tests - Introvert for CBW and I concur, it's the truth.(INFP for the MBTI students.)

However introverts may appear extroverted when amongst people they know/are comfortable with. Most people would NOT be comfortable with use of the word "amongst," however.

Introverts may also appear extroverted if they have a blog on the internet and can choose their words after careful thought, as opposed to having to come up with words off the cuff, in person.

Disclaimer: This "careful thought and choosing words" business does not apply to introverted bloggers who are stressed out and probably suffer from ADD, in which case they drone off ad nauseum.

Anonymous said...

These pictures are truly amazing!
The best and really only pictures I have ever seen of Mathews County.
I live in Fredericksburg Virginia and I have always wanted to take my kayak down to Mathews...maybe new point comfort or bethel beach- white’s creek area And I must say, these pictures sealed the deal.... Within the next few weeks I think I'll use Google earth to plan a course, check the weather forecast and spend the day kayaking in Mathews It's beautiful down there!
Great job on the photos...there amazing!
You have talent...keep up the good work! ;-)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Anonymous - thank you so much. Either of those put-ins (New Point or Bethel) are fantastic for kayaking, although the Bethel side may be better on a windy day.

Be sure to go to the Mathews tourism website for info on lodging, etc. The visitor center in town also has some free maps.

The water here is gorgeous and perfect for kayaking. Good luck.

foolery said...

I was always either an INFP or an INFJ, and I can't remember what either of them are except the introvert part. Yup, me too.