Friday, July 17, 2009

Blog Fest - Part I

Here's a shot from Bethel Beach where the Blog Festers will be later today when we take our tour.

Everyone arrived without a hitch and what a wonderful, fabulous group of people. We laughed, we had wine, we ate. Then we laughed, we had wine and ate. Later on, we laughed, had wine and then ate again. Rinse and repeat a few more times until the wee hours of the night. Or morning.

These bloggers are absolutely wonderful people. When I have more time I will write more about our antics, but for now just know that we're having a blast.

This evening we'll be at Sandpiper Reef in Hallieford for anyone who wants to say hello and grab something to eat. We'll be the crazy loud group on the porch.

Stay tuned.


T said...

Sigh.....wishing I could have made it.

tj said...

...Ditto on what 'T' said up there...*sigh*

...Blessin's... :o)

Annie said... guys sound like you are having a blast! Good on you!

May the Force be with you!

and here I am laid up with a stupid thrombosis in my leg..which has been causing my sore foot..ggrrrr. (just as well I went back to the dr and asked about blood clots...and he sent me for an uultrasound)!

It is late, midnight here, and I am tired, and am off to bed. Say hello to everyone for me, from the absent australian!

Pueblo girl said...

So glad to hear you're having fun and relaxing (or did I just make the relaxing part up?).

Anonymous said...

Had a blast meeting everyone! The cheeto-faced children had a wonderful time, and I when I wasn't dragging them down from upstairs or dragging them up from downstairs, I had a great time, too!

My strongest impression of all of you is that you are ALL gorgeous! Your blog and/or facebook pictures don't do you justice.

Remember the ham biscuits are great for breakfast -- even better heated up a little.

It was wonderful to see you guys, and I hope to catch up with you again Saturday afternoon.

All my best,

Anonymous Mathews Native

Anonymous said...

Wish I were there last night!!! Hopefully I can make it either tonight or tomorrow!!! I am on call all weekend and will be praying I don't get called out. Glad you all are having fun!

Living on the Spit said...

Can not wait to see you all on Saturday!!! I am so glad that everyone is having a great time!

tj said...

...*tap*tap*tap*...This thing on? Where in the h-e-double-hockey-sticks are you all? Put down those wine glasses and get to postin'! Geez...*sigh*pout*giggle*

...Lord what I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall at CBW's house right now! lol... Have a glass of wine for me please...

...Have fun & {{{hugs}}} ya'll!


Stir-Crazy-In-Missouri :o)

mom x 2 said...

So much fun!! It was amazing meeting everyone and I am extremely sad that I had to leave so early :( I can't wait for next year!!!

Karen Deborah said...

arghh I just KNEW that's exactly what you would be doing.

Country Girl said...

Hey, tj, we're back and there's postin' goin' on. And you need to get there next time she has one, girl!!

foolery said...

You know, that was the longest I have been in years without touching a computer. And I have to say I didn't miss it one bit -- didn't even think about it. Half of the very fine People Who Live In My Computer were Right. There. With. Me.

: )