Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mathews Court House

Here is a picture of Callis Wharf taken from my car while waiting for the Gwynn's Island bridge to open. This wharf was once a bustling center of commercial activity. Speaking of a center of commercial activity, although not a bustling one, I'd like to talk about Mathews Court House.

On this episode of Chesapeake Bay Woman Freaks Out Over Blog Fest we'll cover more information intended to prepare incoming Blog Fest guests for what Mathews is really like so they don't riot and stage protests after they arrive and find out what this place is really like.

Let's begin.

Our primary downtown commercial area is called the court house by locals. For example you'll likely here me utter this sentence at least four thousand several times a day:

"I have to run down to the court house for a minute to pick up some ____________."

Fill in that blank with whatever grocery item, beverage or other item you need to buy--the court house is where you buy it. Going to the court house means going to town, not going to court--at least not until such time as The Law shows up at Blog Fest and hands out citations for noise and other miscellaneous violations.

Anyway, the courthouse is rather small, and some people have been known to miss it altogether if they blink while driving through. Just about the time most people say, "Is this the main part of the village?" we've already driven clear through town and are halfway to Port Haywood.

Some of the key businesses in the court house include the following:

Best Value - An independent grocery store, very small but with very good prices. I like this store because it's easy and quick to get in and out of, unless it is Sunday after church lets out and then all bets are off. Warning: Note: Senior Citizens love Best Value.

Food Lion - A major grocery chain with the best selection of most things including wine, which is to say there's more than 2 brands, none of which is Shur Fine. (Although I admit I like the Best Value's Shur Fine line; it's just the spelling that irritates me.) Avoid trips to Food Lion on a Friday, a Saturday, any holiday, Sunday after church, or during Market Days and the Christmas Parade unless you have several days hours to kill.

Restaurants - There are a few, some of which may or may not be open depending on the day of the week; the time of year; the time of day; the alignment of moon and stars and the whim of the owners.

Various gift shops

A couple of hair dressers

Several doctors, dentists, lawyers and accountants

The county offices

Va. ABC Store- In Virginia you can buy beer and wine in the grocery and convenience stores, but liquor must be purchased at this state-run store.

The Historic Court Green - a topic for another time. It's historic. And green. It also houses our only public bathroom besides the local woods.

Dollar General - my favorite store. Like most dollar stores it carries all your basic necessities, such as Liquid Plumber, garden gnomes, Chia pets, the complete line of Goya food products, faux Vera Bradley pocketbooks and Louisiana Hot Sauce at fifty cents a bottle. You can't beat it. Not with a stick.

There is more but I think I've covered most of the major businesses. Study up because there will be a quiz a week from Friday for those of you who did not blink or fall asleep while reading this post.


Grandma J said...

I'm ready for the quiz....really, even though I have no idea what to pack except insect repellent and flip flops.

Annie said...

Wow..sounds like a pretty big "town" to me!

Thought I would try to make life easier for you to view my one photo post. If you have time. Thought you might like this old Queenslander (house) I stumbled across after tennis on Tuesday.

ps Yes, my little sister tells me I am not allowed to call myself an "old lady" until I am 90. OK that suits me.

pps My tennis playing has ground to a halt after tearing around for 4 sets last Thursday night...hurt my foot. Hopefully it will get better soon.

Consider this is my contribution to Three Thring Thrusday. ;-)

Mental P Mama said...

Hey--did you see those Off clip-on thingys? I'm thinking we may need those....and it appears all my needs will be met down at the court house. Thanks.

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

Snzzzzz.... oh what? Sorry, dozed off there for a minute...

At the beach, we call Food Lion the Food Line. 'Nuff said.

Speaking of bugs (and weren't we?), I sat down on my patio at 5pm yesterday and within 5 seconds there were several mosquitoes attempting to land on my white pasty legs. Brazen little buggers they are. Everyone BRING BUG REPELLENT, punk sticks, cigars, Bounce sheets, Skin-so-soft, WHATEVER repells those awful critters.

I can't wait for the roadtrip!

Karen Deborah said...

Are you saying that Mathews really doesn't look as good as your pictures? I don't believe it. Your photos are untouched. It's charming and I wish I was coming. I feel like I am missing the prom.

Daryl said...

Listen .. I know you keep forgetting this but ... we're not coming down there because its a hot spot (okay we know its HOT) filled with all sort of entertainment (okay we know ANTS and other creepy/crawly/flying/biting BUGS are the real entertainment)... we're coming to see you and BHE and the rest of the insane, er, devoted bloggers attending ... 'k?

Autumnforest said...

I think I recall when we had our summer place in Newpoint that just past the courthouse a ways there was a white steepled clapboard church. Is it still there? When I was a kid, I thought it was the most picturesque church in all the world because it was so classic.

Breezeway said...

Mathews isn't boring!!! There was a road block on Gwynn's Island Sunday morning to try and catch a burgler! They had bloodhounds out and everything! You can't get that kind of excitement everywhere! (LOL!!!) Quit worrying! It's a beautiful county and ya'll will have a blast!

mmm said...

RE: Breezeway

Beware all, they didn't catch the burgler...

CBW, did you want to mention Foster, Faulkner...

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

GJ- If you showed up with nothing but the clothes you came in, you'd still be fine. All you could ever need or want is at the Dollar General.

Annie-I agree with your sister, and even then I'd stipulate that if you can still play tennis at 90you're not old no matter what the number/calendar says. And please come back for Three Ring Circus Thursday (which I haven't even written yet), yours are always fun to read.

MPM-I've seen the clip-on thingies. Personally, I wouldn't invest in them. IF they really worked that well, we'd know about it down here in Mosquito Alley and the Bug Belt. Instead, we balk even at bug spray and just let the bugs have their way until they get tired and move on. Really. But bug spray probably isn't a bad idea for those from outta town.

Meg-The Food Line-that's most certainly what it is at the beach. Yep, the muskeeters are out. Bring plenty of Bounce and Skin So Soft. (Or not, see above. Nothing really works except endurance. YOu have to view it as a challenge and not let the bugs win.)

KD-Mathews is beautiful, but it can also appear boring to the uninitiated. Speaking of missing the prom, it isn't too late to buy your dress and get a date (or come stag, who cares).

Daryl-Yes, I do keep forgetting, but most of this angst is self-induced and as long as I air it and get it out it's all better. Until next Thursday and then I'll be a babbling idiot.

Autumnforest - If it was on the left and about mid-way (?) between the courthouse and New Point, then it might be St. Paul? Anyway, regardless of the name I know which one you're referencing. Not only a beautiful church but a cemetery worth visiting.

Breezeway-I heard that from a few locals on Sunday but never heard any more about it. Guess I'll have to wait to buy the Gazette Journal and read all about it. Indeed, that does make for a bit of excitement I stand corrected. (Will you be around for Blog Fest? Since half my blog pictures are from your lovely property it is only fitting. You are more than welcome to come. Please do.)

MMM-They didn't? So he's still on the lamb? Gracious sakes alive. Hopefully none of your kinfolk were impacted by the burglaries.

My my, an escapee on the loose.

Just in time for Blog Fest.

Uh oh.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

P.S. FOSTER FAULKNER! How could I leave that off. Actually I know how - it's the funeral parlor directly across from the Food LINE and not only am I trying to avoid thinking about death but I'm craning my neck to scope out a parking spot before maneuvering the most complicated entrance ever to a grocery store, which is really the entrance to Grover's and which requires the patience of Job to navigate.

Not Job

Annie said...

Ah, Daryl said it all and so is the bloggers that you meet that will be the most important thing, but like you, I must admit, if I were hosting, it is also nice to know the ambience is to their liking!!

Just think, if they don't like it, that is OK they just won't come back again, and if they do, then they will. If you get my drift!

Just got back from the physio, it is a nice fine sunny day..time to go DO something, like clean the pool etc ugh.

Auds at Barking Mad said...

Am running all over your blog in preparation for the pop quiz once we get there.

I'm with Grandma J on this one...bug spray and flip flops are the only things I'm sure of at this point.

Annie said...

1. It is too early in the morning to think of 3 things yet.
2.Lucky you with frizzy/curly hair. Mine is the same as it always has been. Very boring.
3.One week to Blog Fest. Lucky you all. Wish I were there to help.
4 See the grand kids at a birthday party tomorrow. Hooray.

foolery said...

What, no Gas-N-Sip? How will I survive?

foolery said...

And the captcha code now reads


which looks like an abbreviation to me. One that you might be fond of around Camp Humane Society.