Friday, July 24, 2009


For the record, this was not taken at Blog Fest, That Event Which I'm No Longer Referencing (unless you're a movie producer)Because I Can't Seem to Stop Talking About It And I Need to Admit It's Over. However, we were here last Saturday. We had a time, a grand time.

Chesapeake Bay Mother has something to say. Please fasten your seat belts and remain seated until the ride has come to a complete stop.


"All has returned to too-quiet and boring here at Waverly on Queen's Creek. The sounds of glasses clinking, rapid conversation, hot-tub bubbling and goose-honking are but a vague recollection bringing the heart to brimming with sadness for lost joy. What emptiness when greatness is gone.

Phillip Johnny Bob* told me in confidence that he wore no underpants all weekend and never felt more liberated! He went on to say that Texas is wonderful, but Virginia is beyond laid-back...and that mercifully he didn't wind up at the bottom of the hot tub with his special person, who went in fully clothed! Oh, the nostalgia!

I consider myself number addicted, since my favorite recreation is Sudoku; therefore I'm going to apply my all to "Twenty-one" in preparation for an upcoming cruise (hopefully) with a coupe of blog denizens.

Gustav, the goose, is so self-obsessed with all his internet notoriety/fame that he is having a makeover and hoping to star in his first bio-pic, tentatively titled "There Will Be Poop." His favorite actor is Daniel Day Lewis and imitation is the highest form of flattery.

As his agent, I hope to cash in on the Goose Crazy afflicting everyone at present. We've waited a long time for this and our time has come!"


Chesapeake Bay Woman's Need for The Last Word And Additional Commentary:

*PJB is Grandma J's teddy bear who was the first guest to arrive at That Event. He could not get over all the fabulous women he met, especially Noe Noe Girl who purchased a brand spankin' new pair of sunglasses for him. Grandma J. left CB Mother some cards so she can learn how to play blackjack for a cruise we hope to take in the future.

Also? Foolery has started a Gustav fan club on Facebook. You can't make this stuff up, folks. Gustav the Killer Goose has a following. CB Mother wants to make Gustav T-shirts with some clever quip which I've since forgotten, because when you wake up at 5:30 a.m. to drive an hour to work 8 hours to drive home an hour to dash to the store to fix dinner for kids to sit down at the computer to 60+ e-mails and a ton of great blog posts to read, well sometimes things get lost in the shuffle.

Such as laundry.

Happy Friday.


Mental P Mama said...

CB Mother is the best! And the beautifulest! When can we do it again?

Anonymous said...

CB Mother is fabulous! As is CBW. I can't believe it's been a week since I walked in the sand at Bethel Beach!

I miss y'all! I didn't believe you when you said Viginia would change me... but you were right...

Grandma J said...

Is there a good, valid reason why CB Mother doesn't have a blog? I mean besides the fact that she doesn't have internet?

I can't wait for the cruise, and of course there are hot tubs on cruise ships.

Phil misses CB Mother and her digs in Virginia a whole bunch.

Gustaf t-shirts? I need for everyday, and one for Sunday best. Phil wants one too.

Now I need a tissue or two.

Living on the Spit said...

Yeah...t-shirts!!! I can not wait.

I agree with everyone...miss you all terribly and wish we could do it again real soon...maybe a late summer/early fall addition?

Mean while, I am wallowing in fabric!!!

Caution Flag said...

What's laundry? Don't you pass a Walmart or 12 during that commute? Clean underwear is pretty cheap there.

Daryl said...

CB Mother is such a classy broad ... I am so going to hang out in the hot tub next time ..

Audrey at Barking Mad said...

I had a mixture of tears and laughter as I read this. I could actually here CBM's VOICE as I read what she wrote and then the tears started again because I recalled what a beautiful soul she is.

And yes, Grandma J is right, CBM needs her own blog. Oh and a fan club. I want to be president of that fan club!
Darnit, where are my tissues?

TSannie said...

Laundry is SO overrated!

I love it when CBMom writes - I see where some of your wonderful humor/writing style originates.

Get some sleep - and possibly some speed reading lessons. ;-)

And your 'rents not only need an email address, your mom (especially) needs herself a blog! (I agree Grandma J).

Big Hair Envy said...

Shall I start the petition to FORCE CB Mother to begin blogging?? It's just WRONG that she doesn't!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Laundry??? Holy duck poop...that reminds me I need to wash Little T's drawers before he heads to camp on Sunday!

CB Mother you keep up that sparkle and shine. I'm gonna see you soon.

Country Girl said...

Too bad we didn't get to participate in the hot tubbing extravaganza. Maybe next time! And there WILL be a next time, right?

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

Oh sigh. One week ago it was all playing out on the deck.

Audrey, dammit, you give me back that box of Kleenex!!

foolery said...

"Like ____ through a Gustav"

I'd wear that.

I second the motion for CBMother to start a blog; I've said it before, several times. Also? My own mother followed the whole trip (I left her the itinerary) day by day, on a map. When I got home and went to see her, she asked how the cookout on Gwynn Island was. I mentioned that she should come next year . . .

. . . and she has asked about it -- TWICE.

Uh-oh, CBW, you have created a monster!