Friday, July 10, 2009

Pick Your Favorite Photo

The photos above and below are from Aaron's Beach. (Aren't they all?)Although they were taken from the same spot, the waves and the grass are very different. Above the waves had pulled back enough to expose the grass and a smaller wave was crashing in the background. Below, the surge of a previous wave almost entirely covers the grass, although the wave in the background is a pretty one.

If I had to pick my favorite it would be a blending of the two. I like the grass in the first and the placement of the wave in the second one.

But the question didn't ask you to pick the first, the second or create a make-believe one to select. No, the question is which is your favorite and why, Chesapeake Bay Woman and Anyone Still Awake Reading?

OK, I'll pick the first because of the green grass and the small bit of surf behind it. Don't ask me what that blurry thing in the lower left corner is.

Which of the two do you like best and why? If you're blinking back tears at the thought of answering that question, then here's something completely unrelated: a link to information about Mathews on the Virginia tourism site .

Happy Friday!

In Utter and Complete Denial About Preparing for Incoming Guests, Which is Why I am Perusing the Virginia tourism site and Talking About Which of Two Nearly Identical Pictures is My Favorite.


Annie said...

mmm..I hate being first.

I think I, no, two, no, one, no two..

Yes, against my better judgement , I am going for number two. I think.


Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

The first. No, the second. No, wait, the... yes, definitely the first. The thing in the lower corner gives it a bit of perspective. (That's me pretending to know something about photography, which I so totally do not.)

mmm said...

I like the first one best for the same reason Meg@... mentioned - perspective.

Mental P Mama said...

I'm all confused. I like the second one. See you in a few days;)

nativedevil said...

Your pictures are great. I really couldn't choose between the two.
Sorry I can't be there for the BlogFest. I do hope to get back for Market Days in September.

mom x 2 said...

ummm, both? If I say both, I don't have to come up with a reason why. It's just easier that way :)

Daryl said...

The second one .. why? Because.

Anonymous said...

I like the first, the it's just so crisp, the colors so vibrant and the waves are so much closer. It brings the picture closer to the viewer. (Note to meg- this is me pretending to know something about photography, which I so totally do noteither LOL.)

Karen Deborah said...

um #2 just because.

tj said...

...I like photo #1. Why? Because I like the rocks in the foreground, the way the wave stretches all the way across behind the grass with the old pier(?) as a backdrop. The photo as a whole is even and speaks of continuity and balance.(Spoken like a true art critic, no?;o)

...Oh, and I also like that you posted not just one photo but two of your killer photos! *hee,hee* I'm tellin' ya CBW, you're goin' places! You go girl! lol... :o)


Lynne M. said...

I like the stuff in the bottom corner of #1.

I like the wave coming in in #2.

They are both winners!

Have you ever encountered a rogue wave there? Me and my husband were down there fishing one day and there was one! I don't swim, so I completely freaked out! There were no boats around to cause a wake, and there was only the one HUGE wave! My life flashed before my eyes as I ran with fishing pole in hand screaming!

Grandma J said...

I want to be out past the breakers so either picture is fine. Do you need footwear in the water? In CA you don't but I've seen tourists wearing rubber shoes, and wonder if its necessary there. Please say no...barefeet at the beach is the only thing I know.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Lynne - No, haven't had any rogue waves at this beach. A few weeks ago in Delaware the CB children and I encountered a killer rogue wave that was a twin to a tsunami. They died laughing at what it did to their mother.

A boy? Daggone it my ESP was off. Boys are wonderful, though.

GJ-If you have those beach shoes, bring 'em. There are shells, etc., on the bottom, although barefoot at the beach is fine. (Plus, I go barefoot in the water and come out just fine, but some people with delicate feet may have problems. My feet haven't been delicate since the day I was born.)

The answers to my question are interesting. Tastes are subjective of course but sometimes what I think is downright awful others really love and vice versa.

It's FRIDAY! (And I'm still in denial about cleaning and preparing for That Looming Event.)

cats said...

I like # 2. I like the way the wave is positioned in the photo. They are both really good though.

Country Girl said...

I like number two. I like making decisions fast. Sometimes they're wrong ones but I like going with my gut.
Number two has that cool little wave. It also has grass in the water which is very confusing. And that's why I like it.
Am going to visit the link. And I'd be feeling the same way you are right now. I want to tell you to calm down and not to worry because we'll all be happy no matter what. It will be fine!

foolery said...

Numbah ONE, fer sure. Foreground, middle ground, background.

And that's why I flunked photography.