Saturday, July 11, 2009

Analyze This Photo

Here's another egret picture. Don't worry, you don't have to name him. And relax, Anonymous Hallieford Resident, you will not be called on to give an answer. I know how much you hate this favorite game of mine.

No, once again to avoid all the work necessary to prepare for Blog Fest, I would like to take a moment to describe how my brain processes photographs and to analyze this one a bit.

(There are cots located in the corner, feel free to take a nap as long as you don't snore. I'll wake you up when this is over. Thanks.)

When I first glance at this picture, almost immediately after processing what is there I go into another mode which quickly focuses on color and lines. For example, green, white, driftwood grayish brown, yellow. I see those colors scattered all throughout the picture, not just in the obvious places. That gray/brown color of the stump/post is also in the green grass. The egret's yellow beak ties in with the yellow in the grass.

Next, the shapes. First I see lots of vertical lines starting at the bottom in the grass, working to the egret's stiffened, cautious stance, and even his long legs which are hidden by the grass. Then my eye travels to the vertical lines of the stump/post.

Lastly, I see how the egret's curvy "s" shape and white color bring such a stark contrast to the lines and other colors I was just droning on and on about referencing.

What do you see besides the back of your eyelids?

It's time to wake up now. Please don't stampede to get to the exit doorway of this blog. Thank you.


Grandma J said...

I have dibs on the cot in the middle.

I hope to get my picture taken with on of the egrets when I'm there.

I haven't started packing except for all the Starbucks coffee.

I have visions of TSA tearing open the bags looking for contraband, like opium.

Mental P Mama said...

Are you going to prepare a packing list for us? You know, like camp?

lakeviewer said...

I came in from Monkeys on the Roof. Lovely countryside, on the opposite coast from me.

Auds at Barking Mad said...

Don't feel bad Grandma J...all we have packed are the 6 bottles of wine, 18 pack of beer and the case of bottled water.

I am supposed to be outside, right now, getting the Barking Madmobile ready for the roadtrip. Yet, here I sit.

Oh and I see an egret. With a beak. A beak that, if given the chance, will probably peck my eyes out.

Annie said...

I say..I see another great photo from cbw.

I don't know how I analyze them. I don't think I do really. There is something happens that I can't articulate...probably "simple" "pastoral" and "relaxing".

I am getting ready for lots of fun pictures of blogfest. And having fun with the grandkids.

Karen Deborah said...

well you put a lot more thought into it than I do. For me it's point, is it pretty? click.
yeah it looks like it too.

cots you say?

Anonymous said...

Are the cots nylon or canvas?

A nylon sleeping bag on a nylon cot makes loud noises with every movement.

As for the pic, if I had time to plan. If I had my brain in gear and if I believed everything I read, I might have framed the bird in the lower right quarter of the picture, which would have centered the wood post.

But if I did that, then the picture would look like every other photo and loose it's individuality.

Just an idle thought from an idle mind.

(Single Male Blog Stalking Pirate)

foolery said...

Perry! His name is Perry.

Oh, not supposed to name him, you say?

Oh. Okay.

I see bank deposits and smoke rings and a vial of something poisonous. And a plum.

Aren't you sorry you asked?