Wednesday, July 20, 2011


'Tis the season where almost every evening there's a good chance of a thunderstorm.

That season runs from July through about September.

We have lots of seasons around here:  Old Bay seasoning deer season; turkey season; daffodil season; crab pot season; grass cuttin' season, hurricane season, and invasive insect season, to name just a few.

These were taken about a week or so ago from my back yard.

They're a little out of order just like everything else around here.

The first few were taken after the storm passed.

The one below was before the storm hit.

This particular evening, the Chesapeake Bay Children and their friends were outdoors playing volleyball.  Not long after I called them all inside, a bolt of lightning struck very close by.

I'm reasonably sure the vast majority of the citizens of Richmond could hear the scream I let loose.

In fact, the lightning struck so close I ran to the window to make sure my parents' house next door hadn't been hit. Of course it hadn't.  And the storm quickly moved on.

Like they always do.

And the Chesapeake Bay Children and their group of friends got a good laugh at this frazzled mother's expense.

Like they always do.


Anonymous said...

CBW - wow, those first 3 photos--I think I could make out the face of Zeus in the clouds, laughing uproariously at your reaction to the lightning bolts he'd thrown your way.

That angry sky certainly makes up for all the mayhem with its endless beauty. Stay safe CB family....

WV "grawni"-- describes my status as a grandmother. (My little granddaughter calls adults "groanin'-ups" probably influenced by noises I make in her presence).

foolery said...

Never safe to play with lightning. Enough people get hit to make you realize it's worth it to put down the volleyball, come inside and NOT MAKE FUN OF YOUR MOTHER.

(pssssst: CBKids? you can make fun of her for other stuff. Just not being wary of lightning. Deal?)

Ahem. Two years ago I was leaving Virginia, right about now, with great sadness. Last year I was leaving Virginia right about now, happy but missing a lot of people already. Tonight I miss you more.

foolery said...

p.s.: Your captcha code is "consickl." Out here we like popsickls and fudgesicls. Never heard of a consickl. Sounds perverted.

Mental P Mama said...


Deltaville Jamie said...

I don't think I will ever be comfortable around storms down there again. Though I do enjoy watching lightning off in the distance.

CAN.NOT.WAIT. to be down there for a week. Really, CAN. NOT. WAIT.

Maria_NJ said...

ummm being hit by lightning...I think I have a better chance of being hit by lightning than winning that dang house >VBG<

but I would make you Vietnamese Spring Rolls any day, my friend...

Daryl said...

They werent laughing at you ... they were laughing at ... at ... at the lightning .. yeah that it .. the lightning

Daryl said...

AND I too miss you ... and the rest of the Blisters .. finish the damn book so we can get together!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Foolery-Blog Fest I and II were priceless, and I still can't believe how it all came about, and how wonderful, talented and absolutely beautiful (inside and out) all the people are who attended. I am still holding out hope to attend Blog Fest West, if not in a couple weeks then at some point in the future. These friendships are priceless and precious.


DJ-Hope you can squeeze in a visit from me or that you can come over here when you're in town. We should get Noe Noe, BHE, AM, et al over here too if they're available.

Maria - Bless your heart, but I still think you are going to win that blog cabin house. Regardless, you have an open invitation to visit here, and you can be an honorary runner up in the contest. If you make Vietnamese spring rolls, I'll even drive to New Jersey to pick you up!

Daryl - Oh,they laugh at me all the time, it's what we do best, make each other laugh....There's still plenty of work left on the book, in fact I'll be spending the majority of tomorrow and Friday working on minor yet tedious finishing touches, but I'd love to get together at some point. I really want to head north this fall when the weather cools off a bit.

Well, speaking of weather, it's hotter than a race car wheel outside right now. Even so, I'd rather be hot than cold any day, so it's all good.

Thanks for reading, and thank you for commenting. Although I don't always have the time to say so, I love reading what you have to say.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

LLC- How did I miss responding to your comment....I could have sworn I did. Anyway, maybe it was intentional because I wanted to be sure to tell you that you have a gift with words and reading your comments is like reading a song or a poem. Thank you for your thoughtful words.

Also, just like my offer to Maria, any time you want to visit Mathews you have a place to stay and an enthusiastic if not silly tour guide. I really think you'd enjoy a visit here.