Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Busy Signal

It's a really busy time around the Chesapeake Bay household these days.  I'm still reeling recovering from the birthday weekend, which was successful but exhausting.

This week, in addition to commuting to and from the paying job, I'm attending two away soccer games (one in Denbigh, the other in Williamsburg); traveling to Lancaster for an away cross country meet, and counting the minutes before I implode my car explodes from sheer exhaustion.

For the readers reader who is not from Mathews, it's important to note that even a routine trip to any form of civilization Walmutant from most parts of the county entails a minimum 30-mile round trip drive. There really isn't anything that is close to Mathews, except the water--and mosquitoes the size of guinea hens.

All this extra driving to the away sports events is on top of the usual commute to work and right on the heels of a near-record 700 miles I covered in only a few days last week--and let's not forget the weekend that consisted of teenagers (overflowing with energy, enthusiasm, and loud music) having a party in my basement until four o'clock in the morning.  I feel it's important to reiterate that small fact for effect.  Because it did have an effect, and it's called exhaustion.

In addition, I had to make an extra trip "across the river, to town" (about 70 miles, all told) on Sunday to purchase a suit for Chesapeake Bay Son, who is an escort in this weekend's Homecoming festivities.

That trip consisted of being trapped inside a very crowded department store, where an impatient mother frantically searched for a Size 38 R vs. a 40 L vs. what about 38L or 40M or 42S and is this jacket really gray or black or is it navy blue and where are my reading glasses and where is your sister and why is this department store jam packed with people on a Sunday when they should be at home curled up on the couch in front of the TV and when can we go home and when will I ever get to curl up on a couch and  when did every single aspect of my life get to be so difficult?

Wow.  That's a lot of complaining, although I feel slightly better.  But wait! There's more!

Last but not least, I have two more book deadlines relating to editing that I must meet in the next week:  one part is due Friday and the other on Monday.

Given all the whining above, blog posts will be light on substance, as usual, words and likely less frequent until I can get at least one day of rest my head above water.  (Please hold your applause to a dull roar.)

In the mean time, here are some photos taken one morning about a month or two ago from the public landing near Onemo.

In other more exciting news, click here for a story written by my mother. It has to do with horses, relationships and verbal artillery. She includes a picture of Baby Sis doing her very best to look exactly like my daughter's clone.


Kay L. Davies said...

Love the blog post by your mom.
Yours, however, has me exhausted. Funny how that works. I only drove up to the Rocky Mountains, and over to the Alberta Badlands, to show them off to a friend visiting from Europe.
I feel like I hardly did anything at all. See how you have improved my life without even trying?
Good luck with All The Stuff, hope you survive.

Anonymous said...

I also love Mamma's blog....makes me think she ought to be doing a book. She is so clever! I wish someone would change her blog format so that I could comment on it, though. I thought I had created a google account but it doesn't recognize me.

Doing my three things since I won't have internet access on Thursday:

1) headed to Barcelona on Wednesday...looking forward to it. Lots to do before then, but I'll be ready tomorrow.

2) I guess I'll be Amy Winehouse for Halloween since it'll be easy and I ordered the wig and the tattoos last night. As the neighborhood Social Committee co-chair, I have Elvis booked to dj and perform at our neighborhood Halloween party!

3) WISH I could be there Friday night for CBSon's homecoming. You guys have fun and enjoy this time!


Daryl said...

And you forgot to add GPS doesnt work anywhere around Mathews ...

Hayley said...

I am curious to know more about what sort of book you are working on!

Hayley said...

I am curious to know more about what sort of book you are working on!

Mental P Mama said...

Dear. Lord. I may have some things to send to CB son. Let's talk. Or better yet, let me move down there with all the stuff. Now I need a nap after reading this.

Maria_NJ said...

B R E A T T H E...

You do have a lot on your plate right now, but some day it will all be a distant memory...I tell myself that every day!!

One thing at a time, it will all get done, Trust me girl you have those proverbial big girl panties on...you are Woman hear her Roar!!! What a great thing you are leaving your kids, a strong willed mama who can do it all, they will remember...love ya...

Maria_NJ said...

poor Amy I don't know if you knew this but I was a fan, I loved her sultry, jazzy, wispy style...gone way too soon, such a loss...


Bluebird49 said...

laxylI can't wait for your book to be done. So I'm sure that means that you can't wait either. I just think your pictures of Matthews are so beautiful. Obviously, I'm not the only one. I certainly want to find out how far Matthews is from Southampton county! Seems so worth the trip.