Thursday, October 27, 2011

Three Things

Gateposts near Mobjack

Welcome to Three Thing Thursday, where I share three things and hopefully you do to.  Those three things can be related, unrelated, interesting, boring, troubling, soothing, irksome or entertaining. Really, there are no rules--even the number three is only a suggestion to keep Chesapeake Bay Woman from listing three thousand random things, which she could very easily do if left to her own devices.

Let's begin.

1.The Mathews High School cross country teams won the district championship yesterday at Eastern State in Williamsburg.  For once there was no horizontal rain or frigid temperatures. For this alone, I am eternally grateful; winning the championship was the cherry on the sundae. While I was standing around snapping photos, I heard a familiar voice behind me.  It was my high school track coach, whose grandson is on the team with my son.  We exchanged pleasantries, and during the course of the ensuing conversation he said, "No pain no gain." I recoiled in horror as I was transported back to those never ending track practices where I was forced to do sprint after sprint and clear hurdle after hurdle all to the background music of, "No pain, no gain, Vogel!"

As I said, at least there wasn't frigid, horizontal rain today.

There was that.

Serenity now.

2. I'm already through with the whole "It's dark when I wake up and dark when I get home" business. How in the world I'll ever survive the months of November, December, January and February is beyond me.

Note to self: Double up on the Vitamin D pills, fill out the paperwork to renew your passport, and start researching cheap ways to get to Bora Bora sunshine. Ain't no way you're gonna make it through that many months of darkness.

3. On the way home from does it really matter when all I ever do is drive, drive, drive? yet another away sporting event, I was informed by Chesapeake Bay Daughter, who is in 8th grade, that her class is having a dance with three other schools' 8th grade classes. "You mean it's a mixer??"  I said in disbelief, as much for remembering that term from college days as in the fact that my precious girl was going to a dance where there'd be (gasp!) strangers from other counties!

Note to self: First of all, neither of your children have ever heard the term mixer unless it was related to making a cake, and even then yours is broken. Second of all, get used to the fact that your kids have social lives and you have a blog and that's about it as far as contact with other human beings.

Now it's your turn to share three things. Anything at all.

Don't you want to know what's at the end of this driveway?
I do.


deborah said...

That Vitamin D stuff is the cat's meow...I'm taking prescription strength and it has given me more energy.
Congrats on the CC team winning the district, I'm sure you are very proud of both teams!
Is your daughter's dance formal? Great fun to go shopping for dresses!
Tomorrow the 'Pumpkin House' will have 3000 carved pumpkins on display. Its a huge Victorian house that will even have pumpkins on the turrets, there is an orchestra of pumpkins lighting to the sounds of Mozart, and even a Headless Horseman who randomly rides up the street. Pretty cool, all the way around, and HGTV will be there filming this year. 30,000 people will visit if its anything like last year. Can you tell I live in a small town? Doesn't take much, lol..and on that same note, part of the weekend activities include a discussion of Paranormal activity in a local Historical House/Museum that we are going to attend.
As I said, it doesn't take much in a small town:)
Hope the Sun shines for you this weekend!

Anonymous said...

1. They grow up so fast. Hope CBDaughter enjoys the dance.

2. Bad horror movies are in abundance this time of year.

3. McRib is back for a limited time at participating McDonalds.


growing wild on waverly lane said...

Now you know my pain re: the dance (the framework of your life is collapsing and there is nothing but nothing). Now you can watch your hair grow thin and count the wrinkles that pop up overnight on your drooping, sagging face. There's your ray of sunshine for Thursday!

Coach B. had his rough edges. I remember having to fry a batch of doughnuts to soothe people down during practice for the state meet.
Not a healthy snack, but effective.

Daryl said...

I find it hard to believe EVERYONE who has been to a doctor in the last 2 yrs is Vit D deficient and yet they are all diagnosed that way .. I think its the Vit D lobby at work ...

2-3 nights ago ABC Evening News featured a story about how so many college grads were sinking under student loans and then last night there was this big announcement of how beg. next year the payback rules for said loans were being restructured .. coincidence?

and lastly .. did anyone read The Hunger Games? Awesome read and a reminder that the government even in fictional situations manages to manipulate ... back in the day we all suspected the government played with the weather ... paranoid much? Yup.

foolery said...

1. Huge congratulations to the Mathews Hugh Cross Country teams! I have no idea how hard it was to compete, to win, or to be a team parent. My hat is off to all involved.

2. I'd say "it's time to worry" now that the lovely CBD is going to *mixers* (and me without a spatula!), but I have met the girl and she has her grandmother's and mother's grit and brains and she'll be fine. You, however, need a drink.

3. I have respect and awe and incredulity for professional dog walkers, now that my daylight hours at home revolve around leash-walking three uncooperative dogs.

Kay L. Davies said...

1. I've seen entirely too many doctors but none has ever mentioned Vitamin D. Maybe they don't know I spend all day indoors on my computer, blogging.
2. I posted my 700th blog post yesterday. (See what I mean? In two years, that's almost one a day and we're away a lot.)
3. I'm back. I was away, posting to my blog instead of politely finishing my comment. So rude of me.
4. A blogfest coinciding nicely with my husband's schedule would be wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Of course, I never know his schedule in advance.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Mrs F with 4 said...

1. YAY for CC teams, and mothers who slog around the country transporting, supporting, and frying doughnuts (CBMoer, would you consider adopting me?);

2. LOVED the Hunger Games trilogy;

3. Immersed in 'For the Love of Physics'....and loving it. Yes, really, my life is rich and full;

3a. Adored that picture of you, CBW!

Fighting Mermaid said...

1. Renew the passports. I've lost our birth certificates twice and had to order new ones while not finding the time to do mine. Noah has them in his dresser so I won't lose them again. I plan to do this next week. :)
2. It is starting to look cold for the night in the box that I have planned for next weekend.
3. My pool is still uncovered and now it has lots of leaves in it again. Last week I thought I would clean it out and then cover it...looking more like just a cover up all the time.