Friday, October 21, 2011

Edwards Creek

These were taken about two weeks ago from the public landing at Edwards Creek over on the island.

That would be Gwynn's Island for those who aren't familiar with Mathews County's very lovely island loaded with characters character and charm. My parents and I actually lived on Gwynn's Island when I was young, but that's a story for another day.

The day I drove over here, the bridge leading onto the island was open, providing a glorious opportunity to snap some photos of the bridge itself.  Next week I'll put up a few of those photos along with an explanation as to why the Gwynn's Island bridge recently made headlines in the Daily Press and the Gazette Journal.

Until then, enjoy these photos, one of which required some squatting deep knee bends; and another which required very close contact with the weather-beaten boards of the dock.


deborah said...

As always, fabulous pictures!
The bridge is very interesting - no rails? Anyway, I appreciate the perspiration put into giving us these perspectives:)

Country Girl said...

What? You can still do deep knee bends? Wha!! I am so jealous ~

Deltaville Jamie said...

Thanks for the pics, I needed me a little Mathews/Deltaville serenity this morning. I'll have to check out the info on the bridge

thomas said...

How is creek pronounced in VA ? In W.Pa it is crick. I use creek and many others do also, but we may be a minority.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

d-Thank you. There's perspiration involved in every possible aspect of my life these days, not even taking a leisurely picture can be easy. I'll put pictures of the bridge itself up on Monday.

CG-I can, but there's a lot of snap-crackle-poppin' going on...

DJ-The bridge made the front page news in both papers. I haven't read up on it myself yet but have heard enough snippets of random conversations to know that repairs are needed and that work is likely gonna cause some major delays getting on and off the island.

Thomas - We pronounce it creek.

But speaking of regional differences, most people who aren't from around here are astonished at what we call a creek, saying, "That's not a creek, it's a river!" It's all relative. We have a lot of water around here. What you all call crick I would probably call a brook or a stream, I am guessing.

Happy Saturday.