Monday, October 17, 2011

Redart Work Boat

These were taken during a recent quick trip down Redart (pronounced Red Art).

Redart is trader backwards, after one Captain Joe Trader, not to be confused with Trader Joe's--which, by the way, would be a great addition to Mathews County.

Dear Trader Joe's,

Since we all know you wouldn't ever open in Mathews, because there's just barely enough room for two grocery stores in the county as it is, please at least consider opening up in nearby Gloucester.  While you're at it, if you can convince a Golden Corral to open up there, my parents would be absolutely thrilled. We have to drive so far to visit any form of civilization you or anyone; it would be nice to only drive 15 miles instead of 40-ish. I 
We want you closer to Mathews County than your current location in Newport News--except I we don't want you in Mathews County. 

In short, I we want you, except I we don't want you. It's as clear as mud, I know. Thanks in advance for your time and attention to this matter.


p.s. Welcome to Life in Mathews, where a photograph of a workboat down Redart can so quickly lead to a plea to several nationwide chains to set up shop in the next county over.


Deltaville Jamie said...

I always pronounce it Re-Dart. You won;t be able to get me to say it properly because I've been saying it wrong for 30+ years. There's a town called Remlik I call Re- Milk. I could go on but I don't want to put you to sleep.

Daryl said...

In NJ there's Lake Ho-pack-on .. I have no idea how its actually spelled, but I spells it as I says it.

Redrum .. Redart .. Remlik .. shirley these were meant as jokes not real town names .. eh?

(WV)busamsh .. I say boo-sam-ish You say bus-am-sh .. lets call the whole thing off

thomas said...

Beautiful workboat or working boat in this case.

The backward spelling of towns is interesting. Near us is Revloc and Colver. Why? I have no idea.

Dghawk4 said...

Great pictures! I love workboats. Looks like it's time to pull up the crab pots for the season,

Even though I love workboats, I love Trader Joe's and Golden Corral more. There's a Trader Joe's and a Golden Corral in Williamsburg If that's closer. I hate going to Newport News. My addage has always been--"If I can't find it in Williamsburg, I don't need it."

In WV there's a town called Burnt House. Always wondered how it got it's name, and who's house burned down.

Maria_NJ said...

It's spelled...Lake Hopatcong...we also have a town called Ho-Ho-Kus...funny name isn't it?

love the post about the water birds, I LOVE those white egrets...and the blue herons too...

if you love Trader Joe's you would go gaga over Whole Foods...the best store ever!!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Jamie - I always viewed Remlik as Kilmer backwards. Maybe I'm just dyslexic, who knows. We'll practice saying Red Art the next time you're in the 'Ville.

Daryl-The guy Captain Trader evidently decided to name the post office for that area Redart because there was already a Traders post office in the county, so he had to come up with Plan B. When in doubt, just reverse it, I guess.

Thomas-I'll bet there's a great story just waiting to be told about about Revloc and Colver, it might take a little sleuthing is all.

dgh-I work not terribly far from that Trader Joe's - it's also close to Eastern State where my son occasionally has cross country meets. So I do frequent it when I am in the neighborhood.

Maria - I've heard of Ho Ho Kus and Hoboken and Ho Ho Ho! (OK, maybe not that last one.)

Happy Monday. Thank goodness it's almost over...

Anonymous said...

@ Daryl--the lake in NJ is named Hopatcong (easy to spell, huh?) and I only know this because I spent my early childhood in Morris County...
ooops,maria already made that point
Dear CBW--you may want to be nicer to Trader Joe', because they have a lot of frozen Thai specialties (which help in a pinch when craving the real thing)but then again...they are not a union store, and are tolerable only in college areas where students find temporary employment.(My son is a produce clerk in a small unionized market, and he even shops at TJ's because we live near Stanford U.)
If I had goats, I would not let them wander willy-nilly in Mathews, nor anyplace. Love the workboats.

Ken MacLeod said...

I have an old schoolbook that belonged to Pearl Trader of Redart dated 1902. Inside the handmade, cloth book cover is a letter to Capt. Joe Trader dated 1907, asking for Pearl's hand in marriage. A Howard Fleck(?) of Irvington, Va. The letter is a copy I made and now, in my dotage, I can't find the original. Might list the works on ebay.