Thursday, October 6, 2011

Three Things

Summer sunrise on Queens Creek

Welcome to the day of the week known as Three Thing Thursday, where everyone is encouraged to share at least three random thoughts.

I'll go first.

1. Monday night the dog nearly killed me. Seriously. Long story short, as I was navigating the steep back stairs barefoot (and in a robe, no less) in the pitch black darkness, with him on a leash, he caught the scent of or spotted a deer or some other animal and took off like a bullet. One minute I was upright.  The next I was face first in the flower bed spitting out dirt and blood and praying my teeth were intact.

(Click here for the audio clip of that event.)

By the way, there are no flowers in my flower bed, only thorny white raspberry bushes, weeds, rocks and other assorted, non-cushion-like landing materials. My neck, not usually something on which I balance all of my weight, caught the brunt of the fall. Thankfully, it didn't snap! Three days later, my split lip, scratched face, head, neck and knee are still killing me. However, at least I still have my front teeth!

(Click here for an audio clip of what I'd like to say to Buddy the dog. Or how about this one.)

2. Chesapeake Bay Son will be escorting the daughter of someone I went to high school with in this weekend's Homecoming Festivities. He'll be riding in the back of a red Thunderbird convertible in the parade and marching out at halftime of the football game. If anyone in attendance sees a frizzy haired blonde (with a split lip and scratches all over her face due to The Dreaded Flower Bed Incident) dashing around simultaneously blinking back tears, clapping, jumping up and down and snapping photos, that'd be me. My parents will likely be right there too, so there will be three generations of Mathews High School represented. (My father is an MHS grad; my mother went to Gloucester High in what is now Page Middle School. In other trivia, my father and I had the same teacher, the infamous Mrs. Trusch, who was one of the best teachers I've ever had. Is anyone still awake?)

3. Hopefully this weekend I'll have a chance to get out and take some pictures. I need some good quality time lollygagging driving around exploring places to photograph. Given that I have Monday off (federal holiday) and the weather is supposed to be magnificent, I am optimistic there will be at least a few opportunities for misadventures that hopefully do not find me face down in dirt and rocks wondering if my front teeth are still intact some photo opportunities.

Now it's your turn.  Please share your thoughts on whatever topics happen to be floating through your mind.


deborah said...

So sorry you took such a hard fall, hope the soreness leaves soon. Bet you didn't let go of the least though?!?
Congrats to CBW's son. It will be fun to see him in the parade and see him walk across the football field. I know you are very proud of him!
I didn't even realize it was Thursday so I'm not prepared, as is usual, with my three things.

Enjoy your weekend- can't wait to read about your travels and picture-taking expeditions!

Oh, just stunning photos today.

Kay L. Davies said...

1. Last week, the UPS truck came, as it always does, when I was in the shower. I found a box on the bench on the porch and, because I was leaving for a couple of days and my husband was away on business, I picked up his blasted box to bring it into the house, tripped, fell, and landed with both knees on the metal at the bottom of the screen door.
2. Then I phoned his voicemail and yelled at it.
3. Then, after the pain subsided, and the dog and I were about an hour and a half away, I phoned his voicemail and apologized to it for yelling at it before.
Get lots of photos of everyone but yourself on the weekend.

growing wild on waverly lane said...

1. Oh poor baby, Zack the German shepherd used to yank me out of my shoes regularly. Always be expecting surprises.

2. Can't wait for Homecoming!

3. I dreamed about the UPS man once, and wrote a little poem about it. "I'm appalled; I think I was b*lled by the UPS man!" That was back when I was much younger and uncensored.

Ann Marie said...

1. I am unpacked as you know and ready for visitors.. just saying.

2. I am off on Monday as well I think I will take a trip over to Wanchese on Monday after I drop the punk boy off at school.

3. I am UNPACKED and READY for visitors!

4. I dislike I am missing homecoming.

Deltaville Jamie said...

1. It's been an incredibly frustrating and exhausting couple of weeks.

2. The thought of riding around taking photos is uber-appealing but I won't make it down this weekend.

3. I will need to make it down ASAP though. For my sanity and the safety of others.

Have fun at Homecoming!!

Daryl said...

OUCH .. last I looked sprawling falling was not an Olympic event and yet it sounds as if it was ... empty flower bed 1 CBW 0 ..

I ask everyone here to keep good thoughts going tomorrow for CountryGirlKate aka our Blister Kate's husband who is undergoing serious surgery on Friday ..

Its fall coat weather today and yet Sunday the temps will be approaching 80 ... and those fools who say there is no global warming can kiss my flat jewish butt.

Anonymous said...

1. A few years ago, while visiting Middle Sis, I attempted to take her huge boxers for a walk..had a similar incident to yours except I was at the top of her steps in flip flops and Maxx or Winnie took off running pulling me like a limp sled and I sailed through the air like superman..never stepped foot on any of her 4 or 5 steps.
2. Today I'm spending the day with a dear friend who had surgery. She is always there for me no matter what..even called in sick to help me take Miss Mimi to the vet when I was a basketcase and thought something was wrong with her. It's my pleasure to wait on her hand and foot because she is a true friend!
3. My dear friend Patrick Coats, affectionately known as " Patsy", passed away on my birthday. I still can't believe he's gone.Life is too short to not spend with people who love you!

Baby Sis

Mrs F with 4 said...

CBMother, I am still blinking and snortling over your UPS man fantasy! Really?

1. CBW, I am so sorry you tumbled...feel better soon. Wine will likely help;

2. I am in England, sans enfants, this week, for my mother's wedding. I anticipated that this would be slightly relaxing and lots of fun. Except for the part where I had to make a speech;

3. I did not anticipate that the day after said wedding, I would be rounding up the gimmer ewes on the fell and taking them to market. Manicure and sheep shit do not complement each other well.

Hayley said...

Ok, so #1 The iron in my water is turning my hair orange. (I'm much better at being a blonde).

#2 I have paint all over me right now and I really hope it was dry enough to take this break on the couch.

#3 I've eaten like 5 brownies today.

Windsmurf said...

Happy Thursday all.
1. I think it comes with the pet name of "Buddy",I also have a large dog named Buddy who is prone to going his own way in life, right up until he takes up all the slack on his leash. Then any number of things happen; I end up on my face; he comes to a very abrupt halt; the leash breaks and I end up on my back; all have occurred an many occaisions as my forever puppy gambols through life. Hope you feel better soon.
2. My grand daughters also have Homecoming this weekend. Oh my, the drama, the dress search, the hair and makeup ordeals, the shoes, all in search of perfection. You thought your suit search for CB son was traumatic, wait until CB daughter comes into this high school rite of passage.
3. I was grilling hamburgers a few nights ago and as usual was in a hurry to get the burgers to the dining table. There are a few steps up to the back porch and as I started up them, my flip-flop caught on a brick edge and I did a face plant into the railing. Fortunately, most of the burgers stayed on the plate and the 2 that went flying were immediately retrieved by Buddy (big dog from number 1 above). After ensuring that no one had seen my mis-adventure, I rearranged the burgers on the plate, ignored the big lump on my forehead and carried on with supper. We all have "that" kind of day sometimes.

Dghawk4 said...

1. Sorry you did a face plant in the flower bed. I have had numerous experiences like that. Try walking a Siberian Husky on ice!

2. Thank goodness it isn't cloudy or raining or both.

3. Hope you enjoy your long weekend!

Mental P Mama said...

Ugh. That sounds like my beautiful and graceful fall in the street in C'ville a few weeks ago. So elegant. That damn dog. Good thing he's so cute. Please take many pictures of that handsome boy!!!

Annie said...

not good cbw. hope you are recovering ok.

hope you all have a happy weekend.

am reaping the rewards of a fall on my knee onto a concrete driveway 14 years ago with a mad puppy who wanted to scamper down the gutter in the water and the rain one Christmas eve.
Fortunately there was no-one around to observe my undignified fall or limping home.