Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mobjack, Part II

At the very end of East River Road, 

right at the intersection 

of Land, Water and Sky 

is Mobjack.

May your day
be as serene and  undisturbed
as the sky and water
here in Mobjack.


deborah said...

May yours be calm and tranquil too!

Mental P Mama said...

Yours, too. Wishing I was there today to go over to the Sandbar and toss back a few....

Deltaville Jamie said...

I concur with MPM. The second photo is so serene and peaceful it made me teary eyed (really it did, no sarcasm).

Annie said...

It looks perfect cbw,
Hope you had a great weekend
Enjoyed reading your Mum's blog.
Good on her for chronicling the times.

Anonymous said...

So beautiful, cbw...thanks for further making blog cabin contestants have even more reasons to hope to win the Twin Coves place. XO XO