Monday, October 31, 2011

Ghost Stories

For Halloween I'm rehashing old stories sharing links to some older posts which highlight a few of our local ghost stories.

Click here for a post about our infamous Old House Woods. At the bottom of this post is another link to yet another post, and who here is already tired of reading the words "post" and "link" only three sentences in to this ordeal? (CBW put your hand down.)

Click here for a post about a haunted plantation in Gloucester, right across from what is now Ware Academy. Lest anyone forget, the farmhouse which is now part of Ware Academy was my mother's home and my grandmother's store. It's important for me to repeat these factoids over and over again until people blink back tears because they really are meaningful snippets of information to my children who avoid this blog like the plague.

Click here for a story about a ghost Chesapeake Bay Middle Sister and I saw one Christmas Eve. Really, we saw a ghost. Middle Sis will tell you the same thing. It was a ghost. For sure.

Click here for another Old House Woods post.

I love Halloween, but my children act as though they are "too old" to be bothered with it. I take umbrage with that. Perhaps they are too old to trick or treat, but you're never too old to dress up. Sadly, they lack my passion for Halloween.

Last night we reminisced about past Halloweens where I thoroughly embarrassed them where a very enthusiastic Chesapeake Bay Woman did things like pick them up at the bus stop dressed as a witch or drop them off at school dressed as a she-devil.

This year, nobody is dressing up. Boo Humbug.

Regardless, Happy Halloween!


Kay L. Davies said...

I wanted to go out today to buy a costume for the dog, but I got sick instead, and not by choice.
Dick had an orange file folder in his office, so I'm going to cut jack'o'lanterns out of it and put them on the front windows, and replace the blue curtains with black—black plastic garbage bags, but WTH.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Anonymous said...

Happy Hallowe'en, you She-Devil ! Red must be your color when it comes to head-wear (crab hats).
It is sad when a costume-ophile Mom has kids who lose interest in dress up far too soon in life... I've been there! In the over-60 phase of life, costumes no longer thrill me any more (to the great relief of my sons.)
I still love ghost stories; thanks for sharing those.

deborah said...

I love costumes too. Maybe you should dress up and drive your children around:)
Thanks for the ghosty stories!
A quiet weekend for me, the hubby is down with his back.
Hope you have a wonderful week!

Deltaville Jamie said...

Thank you for the reading/research material today. I'll enjoy reading about OHW. I've had my share of crazy experiences there and some interesting video and audio recordings as well. But that's because I'm weird and go looking for ghoulies and ghosties and long legged beasties.

Ann Marie said...

Yet another thing..
Halloween is probably my most favorite holiday EVER.. unfortunately my children like yours have decided it is for babies.


I haven't been to an adult Halloween party in AGES .. maybe next year.

PS I once scared my daughter so badly at Halloween with my costume she wouldn't come near me for a week.. that was an interesting week. I think I had to throw her dinner at her a time or two cause she was screaming so loudly.

Windsmurf said...

Happy Halloween all. My children and even most of my grandchildren no longer dress up for Halloween. Maybe I'll dress up tonight to hand out candy and embarrass them. I've never had a spooky ghost sighting, though one time while visiting my mother after my father had passed away, we were sitting at the kitchen table talking and my father walked in as he has thousands of times before and I didn't think it strange at the time until a couple of hours later when I remembered he had been gone for almost a year. Ghost or just a vivid memory????

Deltaville Jamie said...

Ok, posting again because 1. I have been wondering where the heck that house was regarding the story of the girl buried alive and 2. In regards to your mention of the cemeteries on your property and hoping to come across something more than chunks of stone while digging... I used to hope I'd find John Smith's body at Stingray Point (before I knew he hadn't died there- how disappointing). I think I might be a lost sister too

Daryl said...

I wear my skeleton earring every Halloween and this year I added a scarf patterned with skulls .. BOO!

Anyone who isnt celebrating will be (WV)doporked

Dghawk4 said...

Happy Halloween!

I personally think you are never, never, EVER too old to dress up for Halloween!

And thanks for the links to the stories. Those were great.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Kay-I'm sorry you're sick but hope your decorations turned out OK.

LLC-Happy Halloween! It truly is sad to be the only costume-ophile in this family. Very, very sad indeed.

deborah-Sorry to hear about your husband's back. My kids wanted no part of's very disappointing.

D. Jamie (to answer the question in your second post)- If you head from Mathews to Gloucester on Route 14, Church Hill is going to be on your left directly across the road from Ware Academy in Gloucester. I'll draw you a map/give you directions the next time you're here. It's right before you get to Ware Church, if that helps at all...

AM-Yes, we must be kin. I have just vowed that this will be the last Halloween I do not dress up. How on Earth can you pass up a free ticket to dress as someone or something else? It's the one holiday where you are encouraged to be anything but yourself, and I, for one, am more than happy to oblige.

Windsmurf - I'd say that counts as a ghost story, and I like your idea of dressing up to give away the candy. If there were more trick or treaters in my area, I'd definitely do that. Alas, we're lucky if we get one knock at the door. *sniff*

DJ-Welcome to the family, your honorary crab hat awaits.

Daryl-I'm sure youe were fashionably scary, and I mean that in only the best possible way.

Dghawk-I completely agree. NEVER too old.

Happy Halloween! I got all excited over the One and Only Group of Trick or Treaters that came by. My kids were shaking their heads in embarrassed amazement over my enthusiasm. I called them out to see the costumes and they wanted no part of it! I don't understand it at all. Sometimes I wonder if I'm just a perpetual child trapped in a middle-aged body...