Friday, October 7, 2011

Random Shots from Haven

I've officially reached the bottom of the photo barrel. 

All I can find is this tree stump

and a ton of a few oyster shells.

These were taken at Haven Beach a while back.

Hopefully I'll take more pictures this weekend, although most of them will probably be of my son in all the Homecoming festivities.

Whatever you're doing, have a great weekend.

p.s. For anyone wondering about the importance of lawn mowers in Mathews County, and surely all both of you are, I ask you to click here for Chesapeake Bay Mother's account of not just the difference between two lawn mowers, but the differences between them otherwise known as the Hatfield-McCoy feud.


Kay L. Davies said...

I loved your mom's story about the feuding lawnmowers, and the feuding cat-siblings.
I also love pictures of tree stumps. I'm funny that way.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Anonymous said...

Why does that tree stump look like a well worn mermaid, dragging what is left of her tail across the sand ?
Good Homecoming weekend
WV -"inglume" and I certainly have been in it...

deborah said...

Enjoy the Homecoming festivities and take lots of pictures!
Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend-

Deltaville Jamie said...

I read your title as "Random Shot of Heaven" (I often add or subtract letters in words as I read them) My title works too as I find time spent on a beach is most definitely heaven. I hope you have a relaxing weekend... I'm planning on having one myself with as little teenage drama and breakdowns as possible.

Daryl said...

That tree stump reminds me of seal ..

thomas said...

Clever observation, it does look like a seal!

Mental P Mama said...

I feel like I know that tree stump. Going to check out mama now.