Monday, May 21, 2012


This weekend's weather was nothing short of spectacular. 

 Constant breezes with 70-degree, crystal clear weather was perfect for taking a friend from out of town on a tour of Mathews.

One of the stops was Beachland

There is a story to tell about this particular part of the tour. 

But for now I'll just share these shots of Beachland's beautiful barn.

This week I'll post more photos and tidbits from this weekend's misadventures adventures which include things such as trespassing honeysuckle, beaches, workboats and a fire.  Inside the house.  My house.  Specifically, on top the kitchen table.  Thankfully, the small fire was caught in time, so no big deal.  (The kitchen table might say differently, but, hey, it could have been worse.)

Anyway, this week will be another brutal week for me at work, but I'll try to get the pictures and stories up as time permits.

 What happened in your world over the past several days?


Anonymous said...

That barn is as spectacular as was your Mathews weather. Lucky friend to get the tour and the visit to Beachland !
Sorry to hear about the kitchen table fire, however brief it was.

Annie said... more fires OK..
nice to have perfect weather.

ours has been pretty good but getting a bit cold overnight approaching winter here.

went to a great little local show..good to see what other clever people can do in the way of cooking and needlework and art and photography...(they are the only bits I got to I am chasing away a virus)!

deborah said...

Wonderful barn with so much charm! Jealous of your friends getting the 3 hour tour:)
Oh my, so glad you were able to contain the fire to the table only...

pretty nice weather here, so we worked in the yard and helped my bil haul rocks for his new pond. Not nearly as interesting as your weekend!

Wishing you could have a less hectic week= take care and safe travels

Anonymous said...

Boy oh boy it was perfect weather indeed. Sparkly air, ideal temps, balmy breezes, and baby animals straight out of a Disney movie. I guess they get giddy when the weather's like this, too. We went to the park and the ducklings were all in a line, practically doing a little dance while songbirds swooped overhead. All that was missing was Snow White prancing about and singing la de da.

So onto the rest of your post.... love the barn. But yikes about the fire! Looking forward to hearing more about that, as well as the Beachwood saga.


Ryan said...

Looks like it was a really nice day! I wanted to post a word of caution about visiting the barn. There are now three beehives (See: ) about 100 yards away. The bees won't bother you at the barn... but they're not too far away. Just a note to anyone who might be allergic.

Great pictures of the barn by the way.

Deltaville Jamie said...

It was a gorgeous weekend, but entirely too crazy so that once again I find myself at Monday wondering where the heck the weekend went. This coming weekend should be better since I will be heading to the 'Ville and spending time doing nothing on the beach and getting chocit shakes.

Maria_NJ said...

my weekend was the same...nothing but werk! ack!! I really need to hit the lottery, this job is truly killing me...or at least find something I like.

fire on the kitchen table...oh please be careful...

Beachland sounds wonderful!

Maria_NJ said...

my weekend was the same...nothing but werk! ack!! I really need to hit the lottery, this job is truly killing me...or at least find something I like.

fire on the kitchen table...oh please be careful...

Beachland sounds wonderful!

Ann Marie said...

oh the irony of a fire being in your house.. I could do so much with that.. but alas I will keep my mouth shut.

Drake broke his pinky finger, bad enough it will require surgery that is enough of that too.


Windsmurf said...

Weather was great here at the Northern end of the Chesapeake Bay too. Our town had a Secret Garden tour that I went on for the first time. The idea is that some of the houses you pass every day have beautiful gardens hidden away behind fences or hedges that you would never know were there. Four of the gardens we got to tour were at houses that front the waterfront at the City Park/marina. With the absolutely perfect weather and the sunshine sparkling off the water, even if the gardens had not been glorious (and they were) just getting to walk around the yards was fantastic. The gardens ranged from formal, terraced gardens to small eclectic spaces; from exotic to natural. It was a very enjoyable afternoon. After which, we got crabs and watched the Preakness. All in all, one of the better weekends I've had in a long time.

Daryl Edelstein said...

we had fabulous weather here in the Baked Apple .. but today its raining ... things got so hot on your table it combusted? I told you .. never do it on the table, you can get hurt .. ;)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Ryan - I knew about the beehives and luckily am not allergic to them. The bees seemed pretty active yet content that day, so there were no issues, thankfully.

Would love to know more about how you became involved with beekeeping and specifically with those hives. I recently met another person who has hives here in Mathews, she's a very interesting person.

Dghawk said...

I love barns! It would be nice to know if you found anything interesting in it....besides bees, that is. I'm fairly allergic to them. I swell up, the whole thing. I've even been stung by wasps and hornets and they don't affect me like the honey bee does.

Sorry to hear about the fire and glad everyone is safe.

Waterman JP said...

Great photos again. Beachland and the barn i can tell you alot about that place.

As far as the fire on the table accidents happen. Thank god it was kept to a minimum and the Chesapeake Bay Family is ok.

As far as the weekend weather it was absolutely perfect especially at the edge of darkness on Friday night and Saturday mornings dawn. Breath taking