Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Scenes from Ware Neck

Part of the very same time-killing mission that sent me down Warehouse Landing in Gloucester last Friday took me to Ware Neck.

Barely visible off in the distance is the shed in the first shot.
The light here is horrible but I took this from a moving vehicle under a bit of duress.

Between Mathews and Gloucester Counties we sure have lots of necks. Ware Neck, Chapel Neck, Tick Neck, Gales Neck--all manner of necks.

Although I know what is meant when someone says they're going to This Neck or That Neck, it occurred to me that readers who aren't from Mathews (which appears to be every reader except for two one), might not be familiar with the term.

Click here for a list of meanings, one of which is "narrow piece of land that comes out of a wider part."

Nuttall's store.  I went to grade school with a Nuttall, and she
lived down this neck of the woods. (Another neck!)

Tom Cruise, who at one point was shopping for spare houses in Mathews County (click here  or here for previous posts about that), spent some time at Nuttall's in Ware Neck while filming Steven Spielberg's Minority Report.

In a bit of trivia dating to the 1990s, I was in Boston for work and saw Spielberg sitting casually in my hotel's lobby. I smiled at him hoping my life of unfulfilling Human Resources work could come to a swift, merciful close. But, alas, he only smiled back and returned to his coffee and morning paper. (Remember the morning paper? Before the era of hand-held devices that tell you the news before it's even happened?)

This site (click here), contains snippets of  administrivia from the movie including the following:

Steven Spielberg used the town of Gloucester, Virginia as a location for a portion of the film. Though the crew was in the town for a little over a month shooting, the scenes are only shown in the movie for a minute or so. The town was given no acknowledgment in the credits. 

Finally, click here for more information about Nuttall's store, which dates to 1875.


Come back tomorrow, when Chesapeake Bay Woman promises not to say "click here." Not even once.

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One more "click here" is necessary.  Please click here for a story written by a fellow Mathewsonian about a blackened black snake.


Anonymous said...

Boy, did I have fun doing all the clicking...so much entertaining reading!
Nothing says "Lovin'" like somethin' from the oven..(old Pillsbury jingle)
clearly they were not imagining a snake roast...
Mathews' magic comes through in every photograph; not surprised those with financial means would buy property there.
Once, I was sitting with my kids at the Children's area outdoor snack bar at the San Francisco Zoo, and I spotted George Lucas with his kid. I had to pretend not to recognize him....
Used to live near Carmel when Clint Eastwood was Carmel's mayor and he owned Pebble Beach ocean-side land. My first-born used to pronounce his name: "Clinny's Wood". Loved that .

Deltaville Jamie said...

My big shot at fame came when the district manager of Little Sue saw me in the Deltaville store and thought I'd be perfect for their new ad campaign (they wanted a girl who could be Little Sue and I was tanned and wore my hair in two long braided pigtails. I was about 8ish). My parents said no since we didn't live in the area.

deborah said...

enjoyed reading all the 'clicks'...who wouldn't love living in Matthews county? Such a beautiful place!
Oh my, the snake! I would have freaked, plain and simple

Daryl Edelstein said...

Love clicking here ...

Fighting Mermaid said...

Love the clicks and picks!

Mental P Mama said...

Wait. Spielberg didn't know what he was doing not grabbing you up! Idiot.

Anonymous said...

Mathews belongs in a movie, all right... but a romantic comedy I think. Include a love scene near your mom's house and it could be called Strawberry Fields Forever. And nobody is allowed to know that it was filmed there because I'd hate to see the area get "discovered." (Except by us of course!)


Anonymous said...

ps. Enquiring minds want to know.... did you wear the crab hat to the party or the sombrero. Or both?


Waterman JP said...

I believe some of the filming also took place in and around the Colonial Parkway.If my memory serves me correctly,im getting old. I know the fire department i work for would schedule water rescue training on a regular basis on the York River. This was done in an attempt to get as close to the filming as possible.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Thank you all for your comments, they're always a pleasure to read after a long day.

Betsy- I really like your idea of a romantic comedy, that is an excellent idea. Also, to answer your question, neither hat made it to the party. I could not find the sombrero (which was my daughter's and she was away that evening) and I totally forgot the crab hat. This was probably a good thing because although a few of the ladies would have appreciated the hat(s), there were new people there I didn't know who look like the sort who would be appalled...not that I've ever let that stop me before.

JP-Your memory is way better than mine, but I think you're right. BTW, if you ever need role players/victims for your water rescue training, let me know. I am walking along the York most days at lunch just to get some fresh air and could feign falling in.

Waterman JP said...

CBW,it would be a pleasure to have your assistance in this training. And yes i'll definitely keep you in mind. Thanks

Rodney said...

Yes I would be that one that is not from the area however we are trying to get there......when we are there we saw the store and the barn a definite step back in time, enjoy while down here charlotte burns