Thursday, May 17, 2012

Three Things

This edition of Three Thing Thursday is brought to you by a week from hell very busy week that included a day like yesterday, when I left the house at 6:15 a.m., drove 50 miles to work, worked, drove another 40 miles to pick up Daughter from school, drove another 20-30 miles in the opposite direction to West Point to attend Son's district track that started at 2:00 p.m. and ended wait, has it ended yet? well past 7:30 p.m., then drove another 30-40 miles home and stumbled in the door at approximately 9:15 p.m.

The part of this blog dedicated to complaining numbers and run-on sentences is now over.

Here are my three things in no particular order.

1. Son is going to the regional track meet next week for 300 meter hurdles and 4x400 relay (otherwise known--30 years ago--as the mile relay. They insist on confusing matters with this 4 by 400 business, causing those who are challenged by ADD meters numbers to shake their heads and spend way too much time wondering why they don't just call it the mile relay.).

2. While Mathews County holds the title for World's Worst Mosquitoes and Highest Concentration of Ants in the Galaxy, West Point on a hot, muggy afternoon of track and field events (when one's endurance is already being tested) holds the record for Most Biting, Swarming, Mind-Game-Playing Gnats in the Universe.  They were so thick I swallowed a handful  just trying to draw a breath and had them crawling on me like fleas for four. Solid. Hours. In sweltering heat.

3. Along with all the bikers who will descend this weekend for the Tour de Chesapeake, a friend who has never seen Mathews will be in town, and I'm looking forward to providing the Tour de Mathews.

What three things are on your mind at the moment?


ZielonaMila said...

Fantastic photographs, fine views. I am greeting

deborah said...

Oh my, you could be a truck driver for the miles you log and the hours you keep:) It is every bit worth all of it though - our children grow up way too fast! Best of luck to your Son, wishing him big wins in both events.

So glad you get to see the lycra-clad cyclists this weekend - I enjoy watching them pedal by nearly every day here. Sometimes in packs, sometimes in herds even:/

Love the photos, I love a sandy beach!

Hubby now has his cervical collar off so on to scheduling his surgery.

Enjoy your weekend and enjoy giving the three hour tour!

Daryl Edelstein said...

gnats .. grrosss ... lucky visitor getting the royal tour from you .. remember to include the Corn Field!

Anonymous said...

I've always wondered what West Point was like. The little town right in the middle of the river... guess that explains the gnats, come to think of it.

So as our local mosquito expert have you tried that new electronic mosquito repeller that you wear. Or is it a repellant? Let's just call it a bug zapper. Anyway...... Is it better than the sprays/wipes?

If mosquitoes had any manners at all they'd suck calories out of us, not just our blood.


Anonymous said...

Regarding the cyclists, oh me to too, me too... love to watch those lycra shorts pedalling by. Because of the bright cheerful colors in the lycra, of course. Yeah, that's it.


Meg McCormick said...

1) I'm pretty sure my grandmother sent me a message through an old clock that hasn't worked since I brought it from her house 7 years ago. This morning, it ticked loudly, a few times, then it started working. It's been keeping time for 5 hours. I'm convinced it wasn't random.

2) You recently mentioned how you feel better not eating bread. Now I understand why.

3) My in-laws will be here this afternoon through next week, helping us build a deck. Yes, the end result will be worth the houseguests! And then some, probably. My father-in-law designs a BANGIN' deck. He's awesome.

Country Girl said...

Do NOT take them to the Cornfield. And stay away from that little cemetery in the back of it . . .

Waterman JP said...

1)CBW i know exactly what you mean about those gnats.Imagine this out fishing crabpots in the early morning hours up a creek after a line of thunderstorms have moved through.Consider there is no wind movement at all,these gnats,i will call them saber-tooth gnats because thats how they feel once they get in my hair and bite my scalp. I'll tolerate them biting without swatting as long as i can. And then all of the sudden i just can't take it any longer. I then place my gloved hands laced with fish slime and creek mud in my hair and scratch and rub for a while and continue on with this saga intermittently for hours.
Then comes the sunrise and this gnat issue reaches a new level.It gets worst.

2)oh yes the bicyclist,i can honestly say i dont like the thought of them biking up and down the highway,Primarily because they slow my roll. But, i tolerate them because they have a opportunity to see the beautiful county i live in. So bikers indulge yourself and ride on.

3.Tomorrow im coming home to the people i love and cherish after three straight days at work,seventy-two hours to be exact. Look out here i come!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

JP, I feel your pain. At least I could swat and flick them away for about two seconds.

For those mentioning the cornfield, which is only for emergency shituations, that will not be on the tour. Unless of course there is such an emergency.